SML V3C20 He Needed to Be Serious

Mo Fang noticed that there was something different in Li Ming’s eyes. He couldn’t help but become excited. Could that be it? Had he actually managed to hook him already? Well, his talent really wasn’t for naught. As was his experience. If he wanted a man, he could get that man. A person really needed to be blind not to want him if he already went to the effort to seduce them. Not that he usually needed to go to such lengths to get somebody.

Even though he felt that he was probably right, he didn’t want to cause a mess so he played it safe. He just gave a sweet smile and tilted his head a little, exposing the curve of his neck. “What’s the matter?”

Li Ming stared at him, suddenly feeling a little hot. “That …” He wasn’t sure what to say or do. His thoughts were completely in disarray and his heart was beating madly. He gulped and rubbed his hands on his pants, trying to calm down. “It’s nothing. We … I am nervous about tomorrow.”

Mo Fang was sure that that wasn’t it but he didn’t bother to expose him. Clearly, Li Ming wasn’t ready yet if that was how he pulled himself out of the situation. In that case, he would need another push or two before things could go down.

But, well, that also wasn’t a problem. In any case, he not only had time until work today but also that meeting with his father tomorrow. With that, their relationship would definitely get more serious. After all, Li Ming wasn’t somebody who took advantage of others. If he already met his father in that capacity, it would mean a lot to him. So he would definitely treat him even more earnestly in the future. In other words: He just needed to wait. And even if that didn’t work, there was still the little something he had organized for their next date.

Thinking of that, he lowered his eyelids and hid a smile. Yes, that would definitely do the trick. “I really think you’re worrying too much. My father isn’t that bad. I know I often complain about him but I think that he probably just does this because he’s worried about me and wants me to find somebody who will be serious about me and not hurt me in the future.” He looked up again, his eyes brimming with love. “So I’m sure that there won’t be any trouble if it’s you. I really trust you. So I do believe that my father will trust you just as much.”

Li Ming had trouble breathing under that gaze and hurriedly reached out, taking Mo Fang’s hand again. “I’m definitely serious about you. You don’t need to worry about that.”

Mo Fang nodded, not doubting that. Li Ming was the type of honest guy who really wouldn’t be able to not be serious about a relationship that he entered. He already knew that much.

He shook his head at Li Ming and then motioned back at the bowls. “You just eat. There’s no reason to be like this. Whether it’s about tomorrow or our future, I’m not that worried anymore.”

Li Ming nodded but he still couldn’t help and steal a few glances at Mo Fang. The more he looked, the more he felt that he was really lovely. If this wasn’t the type of person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, he also didn’t know. Now, that crush on Su Yan almost didn’t seem real anymore. No, in his heart and his mind, there was only Mo Fang. He didn’t think that he would be able to get out of this anytime soon.

He finally forced himself to lower his gaze, not wanting to scare Mo Fang. Since he was the one who had said that they should take things slow, he couldn’t suddenly jump him with being more demanding.

Also, he still felt that it would be better to wait. Just because he had the urge to get closer for a moment, that didn’t mean that it was the right thing to do. It would be best if he waited a bit and got his feelings under control. Then he could still tell him that it was alright when that dinner with Mo Fang’s father and maybe their workweek were over.

When they went out on another date, the time would probably be better to bring something like that up anyway. And he felt like waiting an additional week definitely wasn’t wrong. After all, he also couldn’t forget that it hadn’t been that long even though he felt like they had spent a lot of quality time together.

The two of them silently finished their food and Mo Fang helped Li Ming do the dishes, insisting that he do a little more to make up for not being much of a help when cooking.

Li Ming watched him and really felt that it would be nice if every day was like this. It was probably crazy to even think about things like this after less than a week together but that was just the kind of feeling he had at this moment. Well, that was probably also because they were newly in love. Wasn’t that how you would usually feel? Suddenly, everything seemed great. There wouldn’t be any trouble, the world was just a bright place, ready to be embraced.

That definitely wasn’t the type of mindset that you should use to make any kind of important decision. No, it would be best if he gave it more time and then a serious thought once they had been together for longer.

Mo Fang definitely couldn’t use somebody who rushed head over heels into a situation and then just made things awkward later on. Especially because he knew how his past was, he had to treat this even more seriously than he would any other kind of relationship. If hr really loved Mo Fang, then he owed him that.

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