IRL C65 He Should Call Him His Boyfriend

The two of them stayed in the cafe for quite a while longer, slowly eating their food, then ordering another round of coffee, all the while talking. After the initial awkwardness had worn off, there seemed to be no end to the subjects they could find: Ao Jing’s work, their common experiences with their studies in university, technological development, the latest results of a study …

Shangguan Yu couldn’t help but laugh when Ao Jing told him about the latter with sparkling eyes. “Gosh, it’s so nice to see that you’re still so passionate about it even after finishing your courses. I always thought everyone just went through the courses to find out how everything worked, then did the internship for practical experience, and finally went off to work, not bothering about theory anymore. But it’s great that it’s not quite like that.”

Ao Jing felt slightly embarrassed at his words and looked over at the window. Their table was reflected there, and he couldn’t help but notice how Shangguan Yu was leaning over, one elbow resting on the table while he cupped his cheek, looking at him with a bright smile.

Whatever embarrassment he had felt was blown away at once. He turned back, his gaze lingering on Shangguan Yu’s eyes. He felt a bit crazy but he could have looked at them for much, much longer. Even the whole day didn’t seem too long. They were just so bright that they attracted his gaze unwittingly, especially so when Shangguan Yu smiled.

With his heart melting and his mind slightly distracted, Ao Jing still forced himself to try and give a good response. “Well, it’s nice that you feel like that. To be honest, I’m not sure if everyone is like that. I just really enjoy staying on top of the news in our field. Especially because I feel like things are moving very fast.” He rubbed his neck, giving a sheepish smile. “Actually, I haven’t done that much in the past few months though.”

“Oh, why that? Is it that hard with your internship? Well, I bet you have a lot to do.”

Ao Jing looked at him, noting how Shangguan Yu’s gaze dimmed a little. It made his own heart flutter painfully. He just wanted him to be happy. Was he really going crazy?

He reached out and held Shangguan Yu’s hand again, once more trying to reassure him. “That’s not it. I just … When I was still studying, I only ever went online to game to decompress. I guess it was somewhat regularly but I never spent a huge amount of time there. Everything was just done slowly over time.

“But then I met you. And … well, I guess I don’t need to tell you but suddenly, I was online every single day for at least an hour or two, sometimes more if I knew you’d have more time. I guess there just wasn’t much time left for other things.”

Shangguan Yu lowered his head but the tips of his ears were getting red.

Behind the newspaper, Yu Lan shook his head, picked up his phone, and texted his wife again: [Nevermind, your brother is smitten. That guy has a glib tongue.]

Shangguan Xin and her mother were both looking at the phone, anxious since the time Yu Lan had mentioned that things might not work out. Now, that the updates were getting much better again, they both heaved a sigh of relief.

Madam Shangguan couldn’t help but be a little worried though. “What does your husband mean, he has a glib tongue? Isn’t that something bad?”

Shangguan Xin pursed her lips but finally shook her head. “I don’t think so. He probably means that he’s charming and knows how to talk.”

“Aiya! I wish I could see him myself! This is driving me nuts.”

Shangguan Xin glanced at her mother, changed the contact on her phone, and instead texted her brother: [If your date is going well, invite him over. Mom is dying to see him!]

Back in the cafe, Shangguan Yu suddenly jumped, scaring Ao Jing into doing the same.

“What’s the matter?”

Shangguan Yu took out his phone and slightly raised his brows. “My sister …” He stared at the message and then held his forehead, barely holding back a laugh.

Ao Jing raised his brows as well, slightly confused. Still, he liked seeing Shangguan Yu like this. “That sounds like it is something funny.”

Shangguan Yu lowered his hand and looked at him, unsure if he should say it or not. In the end, he still decided to do so. Anyway, this man … he was his husband online and in real life, he should probably start calling him his boyfriend now. Why shouldn’t he share such things with him?

He leaned over the table and showed him the message. “Basically, those two are just super nosy and can’t deal with the idea that I’ve spent hours with you without them knowing what’s going on. She might say it’s just my mother but you bet she’s just as eager to get all the details. They’ll cross-examine me for sure when I get home this evening.”

Behind them, Yu Lan diligently reported to his wife: [Your brother is badmouthing you.]

Ao Jing laughed. “They’re really worried about you.”

Shangguan Yu smiled at that. “You think?”

“Mn. My family has never asked about whether I’m dating or not. I think they’d prefer it if I don’t. That way, they can at least pretend I’m not going out with another man. Probably easier for them to accept if I’m alone than with the ‘wrong’ partner.”

Shangguan Yu looked at him sadly. He put away his phone, not bothering to reply to his sister, and took Ao Jing’s hands. “I’ll introduce you to my family at the next opportunity. Just regard them as your family.”

Ao Jing smiled. “I will.” Anyway, if they stayed together, then they would be one family in the future. So it wasn’t wrong to look at it this way, was it?

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