OMF V8C116 What About Brother Leng?

For a moment, the corner of the idle gods’ courtyard fell silent. Jing Yi couldn’t quite understand what was going on. He looked from the trueborn god in front of him to Xian Li and the other one that had spoken before and then over to his lover. Was there something obvious he was missing here?

Qiu Ling put on a pensive expression. He also didn’t know for sure but experience told him that this should be about the identity of the person Jing Yi had just mentioned. Come to think of it, it seemed that his father’s reincarnation was quite a big shot in the human realm.

Also, the same might be true for these idle gods in the Nine Heavens. After all, if he remembered this right, then Leng Jin Yu hadn’t been for long in the Nine Heavens before he got a task from the God of War. There might have been some outside circumstances that made that possible but it couldn’t change the fact that hadn’t Qiang Yan put some kind of trust in him, the task wouldn’t have gone on for so long. So most likely, these people were looking up to him and were surprised that the new arrival was actually close enough to him to have a conversation about the people in the courtyard of the idle gods.

Unfortunately, even though he had figured it out, he wasn’t able to tell Jing Yi in front of everyone else. Instead, he could only get involved in the conversation. “He happens to be somewhat of a close family friend.”

Even though he had gotten over his hang-ups thanks to that conversation he had had with him just before this wasn’t the right time or place to express their relationship. For one, if somebody noticed that he was the dragon king, that would definitely raise quite a few questions about how his father happened to be a deity ascended from being a mortal. And then there was also the relationship with Jinde that needed to be kept quiet. If anyone knew about Chun Yin’s and Jinde’s relationship, it would cause even more questions if they realized he was Chun Yin’s reincarnation and now had a perfectly happy marriage. Well, that was not something he would like to risk.

Duan Ming’s eyes widened even further. “Brother Leng is … a close family friend of Longjun’s?”

Qiu Ling faintly raised his brows. Ah, it seemed it had been good that he was careful. Apparently, at least one of them had already recognized him. And now, the others knew as well. And that kind of news traveled fast.

The others indeed started to stare at Qiu Ling, feeling that whoever this new deity was, they’d better not step on his toes. On the one hand, there was Leng Jin Yu and on the other hand, there was actually the dragon king who was known to be unreasonable. It really made them wonder about his identity.

Zhong Jing Yi of the Yun Zou Sect actually told them nothing. Most of them had already been here for a while so that meant that they hadn’t been there when Jing Yi had made a few waves in the mortal realm. And in any case, most of the time, it hadn’t been him who pulled the attention in but Qiu Ling. The likelihood of anyone knowing about him or even recognizing him was quite low.

Qiu Ling wasn’t fazed by these gazes at all. “Yes, it’s a bit of a complicated story. But I think that is the easiest way to summarize it.”

Duan Ming nodded, still feeling a little dazed. This was news to him and not only that, but it was also the kind of news that even if he had boundless imagination, he still wouldn’t have been able to come up with that sort of idea.

The person next to him tightly furrowed his brows. “Brother Leng never mentioned that. Who knows if you’re lying or not?”

This time, Qiu Ling actually took the trouble to look at the person and then slowly raised his brows. “I’m lying? Why would I need to lie about knowing some ascended deity? Don’t get me wrong, nothing against him but I even know the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress. What’s so strange about knowing an ascended deity that didn’t even have a title in the Nine Heavens?”

The god almost erupted but Duan Ming hurriedly grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back, giving a wry smile. “Please don’t take this seriously, Longjun. Brother Lan has had a bad day.” He shot his friend a dark look, making sure that he wouldn’t make any trouble. “In any case, I’m happy that Brother Leng remembered us.

“It’s been quite some time since we last saw him. You wouldn’t happen to know what he is currently doing?” He looked from Qiu Ling to Jing Yi and back again, finally settling on Qiu Ling. In any case, what the dragon king had said just now was completely right. It absolutely wasn’t strange for him to know an ascended deity. As for the one he had brought along … he figured that he was probably just benefiting from knowing either of the two. So the most valuable information would probably come from Longjun himself.

Naturally, Jing Yi also would’ve been able to answer this question considering that he had been there when Qiu Ling contacted Jinde and Leng Jin Yu before. Still, he was smart enough to realize that this conversation didn’t actually include him anymore and was instead between Duan Ming and Qiu Ling. Thus, he kept quiet.

On the other hand, Qiu Ling showed a pensive expression. “Well, right now, he is out traveling. I’m not quite sure what your last information on him is.”

“Traveling?” Duan Ming faintly furrowed his brows, once again feeling that this was really unexpected. He thought for a moment before he realized that the dragon king was still waiting for some kind of explanation on when they had heard from him the last time. He took a moment longer, trying to figure out how to say this. “Well, to be honest, it’s been quite some time since we’ve last seen him. Originally, Brother Lan, Brother Leng, and I were all stationed at this idle gods’ courtyard altogether. But then one day, he suddenly disappeared. There was no explanation. So we couldn’t help but worry a little.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum, feeling that he could somewhat imagine just what had gone on. Most likely, this had been when that matter with Jing He’s trial back then happened. No wonder that they suddenly hadn’t heard from him anymore.

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