OMF V8C107 Bian Hao’s Dragon Form

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum, trying to sort through those memories. To be honest, whenever he thought of his past life, the things that would come to him the easiest would always be the matters regarding either Jinde or Qiu Ling. In regard to his wife, there wasn’t much there which was probably curtsy to the fact that he hadn’t spent that much time with her. Quite frankly, even if she had been a bona fide dragon, he still would’ve been a shitty husband. He had really sucked as a father, husband, and lover. All the relationships in his life had somehow gone down the drain. That was something that was a little hard to accept.

“Well, I remember there was a disaster one day. They needed people to stay in the palace and the capital city as well in case the demons would try and take advantage so I had to stay behind. Since your mother was free and it was close by, she actually joined the group heading over to help.

“In fact, I think that she might have gone off to meet with Jian Heng back then. Or whoever he sent to keep the connection with her. After all, whatever she was finding out, he had been notified about it one way or another. But in any case, she left together with the others. And for that, she should have taken on her dragon form since that would’ve been the fastest to move around. If one of the people going there did not do so that would have caused a sensation. So I believe that she really did take it on back then.”

Qiu Ling looked a little underwhelmed. “And here I thought that there was a big discussion around that. You don’t even know how she looked, do you?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “As I said, I didn’t see it myself. I’m just inferring this from the lack of reaction from the others. If there was anyone that knew how her dragon form looked, I’m afraid that person would be long dead by now. You also know that there aren’t that many dragons from our time still alive.”

He faintly furrowed his brows, his gaze darting from one side to the other before he finally mentioned the thought that had unwittingly come up. “Speaking of people who were alive back then and might have some information, maybe you should task Xin Lan. As much as I dislike him since he was usually wrapped around Jinde there is a good chance that he was there. At the very least, I think Jinde might have sent him along with the group.”

Qiu Ling nodded slowly. “I’ll do that if I get the chance. Where is he right now?”

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile. “Well, he moved on from Jinde from what I know so he should be traveling with his own lover right now.”

Qiu Ling’s brows immediately shot up. “His own lover? Are you sure he moved on? This wouldn’t be some kind of feint to make you feel like he moved on and then he’ll swoop in another day to try and separate you, would it?”

Leng Jin Yu actually laughed at that. “And then what? The connection between Jinde and me will never be cut. You’ve already bound our souls. And even if we didn’t, there’s still Tian’s curse on the dragons. Since Jinde is in love with me already, that can’t be changed.

“In my case, I’m not quite sure how affected I actually am by the curse. On the one hand, there is my soul merged with his or my past life’s soul at least. On the other hand, I should technically be able to fall in love more than once because I’m human. But I personally feel that it is unlikely. In fact, at the very latest since the days that my soul merged with that remnant of Chun Yin’s I am affected by the curse in the same way everyone else is. I think that that is a possibility at least.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum, nodding slowly. “I guess it does make sense. Well, in that case, I guess you don’t need to worry.”

Leng Jin Yu smiled. “I wasn’t worried. You were worried.”

“I wasn’t worried either. In any case, if I was worried, I would’ve been worried for you. I mean in your stead. It’s not like I’d worry about you.” He turned his gaze away, pretending as if all that had never happened. “In any case, it’s a shock to know that even that old guy would be able to find a lover. Really makes you wonder about that lover’s intelligence.”

Leng Jin Yu smiled faintly, accepting Qiu Ling’s way of playing dumb about the situation. If this guy wasn’t worried about his relationship with Jinde, then that would really surprise him. Never mind that he didn’t like Xin Lan, deep down, he probably felt that the two of them should be a couple considering everything. But there was no need to force him to admit to that.

“From what I’ve seen his lover is actually a really lovely child. A bit young maybe. Actually, you might remember him: It’s the disciple of Sect Master Fei from the Jian Yi Sect. She brought him along back then.”

“Oh.” Qiu Ling did actually have a faint impression of that child. “The one that judged people by their looks? There’s probably something wrong with his head after all then.”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head at him, not bothering to argue. “Anyway, I think it’s good for Xin Lan to have him. But I won’t get embroiled in that. It’s his own matter. If anything, then Jinde would be the only one to meddle now. I don’t think he really wants to do that though.” He faintly narrowed his eyes, not quite sure if he should tell Qiu Ling about what exactly had transpired.

After a moment, he sighed. In any case, they really were family now. Even if Xin Lan wouldn’t want them to share this with anyone, he felt that Qiu Ling should be the exception to that norm. “I know there were some troubles between the two of them a while back. I guess traveling is also to get over that rough patch. I really hope they will be able to make up.”

Qiu Ling gave a hum, not quite sure if he should be happy that Xin Lan had problems or worried about his parents. “Well, let’s hope he manages to make up then. In any case, he is already so old. How difficult can it be for him to wrap that little one around his finger?”

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but smile. “Well, from what I saw it’s surprisingly difficult. I think Xin Lan’s problem is that even though he is old and has quite a few experiences when it comes to the physical side of relationships he has never had to really put in any effort to maintain the emotional one. That might be falling on his feet now.”

Qiu Ling nodded but after having gotten the gist of it he already wasn’t that interested anymore. “Speaking of the emotional side, I think we should stop here. Jing Yi is still waiting to go over to the courtyard of the idle gods and I shouldn’t let him wait for too long. It’s already been quite some time.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded, not feeling that that was asking too much. “Very well then. As we’ve said before, contact us if there is something you need help with. We’ll travel for some time more and then … well, we were thinking of returning to the immortal realms as well. We can meet up if you want to.”

Qiu Ling stared at him and for a moment, he actually felt some warm and fuzzy feelings bubbling up in his heart. He couldn’t help it. He had always longed to have a family. With Leng Jin Yu and Jinde together and Leng Jin Yu actually accepting him as his son it somehow felt for the first time as if he had that. Now, if only Jing He returned, they got married and maybe had a child of their own, his luck would really be perfect. But for now, he was satisfied with this. “Yeah, I won’t be polite. Bring some gifts with you when you do.”

He didn’t wait for Leng Jin Yu to say anything else and cut the connection but there was a smile hanging on his lips when he did so. He weighed the transmission stone in his palm for a moment and then put it away before he got up and rushed over to where Jing Yi was.

No matter what happened, he was already happy. He should just learn to take things as they came. That didn’t always have to be a bad thing.

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