OMF V8C108 A Patched-Up Relationship

Speaking of Xin Lan and his lover, the two of them had also been traveling for a few years now. The relationship that seemed to have been in shambles when they started out and had needed to slowly be patched was already doing much better.

It wasn’t that Hua Lin Yu had forgotten about Bai Mu but rather that with time spent apart from him and at the side of Xin Lan, his perspective on things slowly changed. The pain of not being able to be with that person didn’t hurt as much anymore. In any case, as long as he didn’t need to see him and him being happy with Nie Huang he was able to just try to forget about it. Thoughts of him would only resurface every now and then and he was usually able to press them down.

On the other hand, there was Xin Lan directly next to him, spending every day together from the moment they woke up to when they went to sleep at night. He usually even spent the hours in-between in his arms. It was easy to lose himself in those feelings.

They were different from what he felt for Bai Mu but after some time, he felt that this was enough nonetheless. It might not burn as brightly but that didn’t mean that there weren’t feelings there. As long as he didn’t compare, his relationship with Xin Lan could be called really good.

Right now, he didn’t feel any longer that marrying him would be wrong or that he would come to regret it in the future. In any case, since Bai Mu wasn’t available, then why should he regret? He didn’t think that he could find a better man than Xin Lan. Thus, most of his doubts had been thrown out and he was just focusing on what exactly was happening between them.

Xin Lan had noticed that there were a couple of times when Hua Lin Yu would be somewhere else with his thoughts but he didn’t mind too much. In any case, they got along well enough in the times when he wasn’t, making these moments seem negligible in comparison.

By now, their travels had led them through a huge part of the mortal realm already and finally up to the far north. This was where the entrance to the territory of the spiritual beast tribe lay. It was precisely the next place that Xin Lan had decided to visit with Hua Lin Yu.

The spiritual beast’s territory could be considered not quite here but also not quite there in terms of how it compared to the mortal realm and the immortal realms. The spiritual energy was higher, meaning that it would be easier for Hua Lin Yu to make progress, and the relationship that the spiritual beasts had with the immortal races and the dragons in particular was still quite close.

So this wasn’t quite as good as traveling through the dragon realm as they had originally wanted to do back then but came quite close. He felt that maybe this would help Hua Lin Yu to accept going back there one day. In these years, they had visited his family every now and then in the hope that Hua Lin Yu wouldn’t have to suffer from homesickness. After all, this was what Xin Lan had started to see as the reason that Hua Lin Yu might have rejected him back then.

Surely, that hadn’t come from just anywhere. His inexperience and the long time away from his family’s home and the Jian Yi Sect had probably come together and made that happen. This time around, he was prepared for that. Thus, he had taken countermeasures early on. Entering the spiritual beast’s territory would be the first time that they would be away for a long stretch of time. It was kind of a trial run to see how Hua Lin Yu would react. He could only hope that it would be well because he was really putting high hopes on this.

Looking at the path in front of them with lush grass to both sides that were glittering with translucent drops of what looked like dew, Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but curiously look around. “This place seems … a little different.”

Xin Lan smiled and rubbed his back, leading him further forward.

A few steps in, and Hua Lin Yu’s eyes widened. “This … is this spiritual energy?” He reached out, leaning down and gently touching the drops, his expression marvelous. He had never seen something like this. Back in the Jian Yi Sect, there were a few mountaintops that were shrouded in a dense mist, some of which was made from spiritual energy. But to think that it could be dense enough to actually form drops like this … he never could have imagined that.

Xin Lan faintly smiled. “This is the territory of the spiritual beasts. It can be considered as half an immortal realm. So the amount of spiritual energy is slightly higher here. Usually, just that amount would not be able to produce something like this but since it contrasts with the mortal realm right next to it there are some special phenomena you can witness.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded his head with his eyes still wide and couldn’t help but touch the grass a little longer. He really never would have thought to see something like this. “Are we going to travel around here too? Is that alright?” He somewhat understood the relationship between the dragons and the spiritual beasts since Xin Lan had explained a little to him but it was still difficult for him to understand every now and then since he hadn’t grown up with the things.

Xin Lan nodded, not feeling any kind of pressure. “I thought we might as well. Back then, we didn’t get around to traveling much in the dragon realm. This probably can’t compare but it is still something that I thought you might like. So let’s give it a try and then afterward, we can go back to the mortal realm.”

Hua Lin Yu didn’t think much of it and just nodded, getting back up. He snuggled up to Xin Lan’s side, his expression happy. Each new part of the way that they went together made him feel more certain about his decision to be with him. So those journeys couldn’t be long enough in his eyes.

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