OMF V4C21 Make An Example Out of Him

Qiu Ling’s eyes lit up when he heard that but he hurriedly hid his reaction and pretended not to understand. “On account of what?”

“I don’t think you’re a good match for junior martial brother Jing. You’re so … in any case, I am challenging you to a duel! Do I really need a reason for that? If I win, you’ll leave him!”

Qiu Ling blinked. Ah? He was being challenged to a duel over his beloved? He turned toward Jing Yi and silently observed his face. This was too strange. Even in the Nine Heavens, nobody had challenged him to a duel over Jing He. And if he was being honest, then between Jing He and Jing Yi, the latter couldn’t quite compare whether it was in terms of looks or temperament.

It wasn’t that Jing Yi was ugly. In fact, compared to other mortals, he was slightly above average. At the very least, he was quite cute. But he wasn’t the type of beauty that everybody would be infatuated with upon first sight. So why was this happening now?

Furthermore, the outcome of this duel was already clear. The gods might have stood a slight chance of holding their ground for a while in a fight against him, even though he doubted that anyone other than Jing He’s uncle Qiang Yan, the God of War, would have been able to even manage a draw in the end. But now, a human actually had the guts to try something like this? How ridiculous! He could flatten this guy with one hand.

Qiu Ling slowly turned around. He felt like smacking the guy to death just on account of the fact that he had delusions about his beloved right here and now. For a moment, he seriously considered if this would be going too far. In the end, he didn’t go ahead. Well, for one, his beloved was still standing next to him and he might not appreciate it if he made that kind of trouble. And second, it might be more worthwhile to wait a while and leverage this situation to the fullest.

He slightly narrowed his eyes, his thoughts churning. “Alright. But … you see we just arrived here yesterday. I don’t know much about how duels are done here but I feel like we shouldn’t do it half-heartedly. If I duel you, I want the whole sect to watch!” Yes, he would make an example out of this guy. That would teach all those idiots who thought they might be a better match for his beloved a valuable lesson. Nobody would dare to think of his Jing He inappropriately after they saw his strength.

“That’s alright with me!” Nian Hai smirked triumphantly and turned to Jing Yi. After he thoroughly humiliated this idiot this cute junior would certainly leave that guy. Then, he’d be free for someone else. Maybe he would even choose him instead because he had seen his strength. “Don’t worry, junior martial brother Jing, I promise I’ll win for you!”

“Tch.” Qiu Ling didn’t even give Jing Yi time to respond. “You’re taking the words right out of my mouth! My love!” He turned back and gripped Jing Yi’s hands again. “Don’t you worry. Whether it’s this idiot or anybody else I’ll make sure they won’t dare to bother you anymore in the future!”

“Hmph! You just wait!” Nian Hai looked at their interlocked hands and frowned, then he turned around and stalked away, his fists clenched. He wouldn’t let that shameless bastard succeed. Those two still weren’t married. It wasn’t too late to open Jing He’s eyes to what type of person this so-called fiance of his was.

He hurried back to the division of blades, still agitated. Well, at least he would soon have a chance to turn everything around. Thinking of that, he went to recount the whole story to his martial brothers.

“So, you just have to wait for me to defeat that guy in the duel. Then I’ll bring back a cute junior martial brother.” He smiled smugly but the others just exchanged some doubtful glances.

One of them unsheathed his sword and held it in front of Nian Hai. “Brother, grip onto this.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Just do it.”

Nian Hai gripped the blade and looked at him questioningly.

“Now, break it in two.”

Nian Hai glowered at him and let go. “What are you talking about? How would I be able to just break it in two?”

“Exactly.” The other sheathed his sword again and patted his shoulder with a sigh. “It was nice knowing you.”

The others nodded. “Yeah, it was.”

“Maybe you should train a bit more. If you’re lucky, he’ll just break your arms and legs and lets you live.”

“Heh, you!” Nian Hai slapped the hands patting him in consolation away. “What are you talking about? Who says he’ll win?”

The first of his brothers sighed again. “Isn’t it obvious? That guy just casually broke your blade while you yourself know that you can’t do it. He’s obviously at a much higher stage than you. Your chances of winning aren’t just zero, they’re in the negative digits.

“Unfortunately, it’s too late to take the challenge back now. You’ll have to compete and I doubt he’ll let you off lightly after you dared to go after his fiance and even challenged him in front of the boy. If it was me, I’d definitely mop the floor with you when it’s time for the duel.”

The others nodded again. “Yeah. I’d totally make an example out of you to warn all those other idiots out there.”

“Woah, Brother Nian, you’re going to be famous soon.”

Another round of shoulder patting started but this time Nian Hai didn’t have the strength to slap them away. Shit. He had actually thought he could flatten that guy since he was new. Who would have thought it would actually be the other way around? It seemed this time, he had really brought trouble upon himself.

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