OMF V4C20 A Challenge To A Duel

The first thing Qiu Ling saw when he reached the place where he sensed the mark of the dragon was a black-robed man who was shamelessly trying to take advantage of his beloved. Qiu Ling frowned, hurried over and picked the guy up by the collar before throwing him aside.

“My love!” He sat down next to Jing Yi and grabbed his hand, pulling him in for a kiss. “Mn, I missed you!”

Jing Yi wanted to take a look at Nian Hai but his fiance grasped his chin and turned his head back. Jing Yi sighed. While he had hoped that Qiu Ling would come and save him from that awkward situation, he also didn’t want somebody to get injured. If they ruined their reputation in the Hei Dian Sect right after arriving, who would give them information? It seemed he’d have to calm Qiu Ling down first so he wouldn’t make matters worse. “It hasn’t been that long, has it? Only a few hours.”

“Ah, just one hour without you is like an eternity in the darkest depth of hell. I feel terrible just thinking about it. Ah, my love, you have to heal me!”

Jing Yi leaned forward and circled his neck. “And how would you have me do that?” He smiled indulgently. After spending almost a year together, it wasn’t hard to imagine what his fiance would ask of him.

“With a kiss.” Qiu Ling pressed Jing Yi’s hand against his chest and embraced his waist. “How about it?”

Jing Yi cupped his cheek and lightly pecked his lips. “Better?”

“A little. How about another one?”

Jing Yi looked up into those dark eyes. “You won’t be satisfied even after another kiss, will you?”

“You know me too well.” Qiu Ling pulled him closer and this time, he didn’t let him pull back after just a peck. He held him gently and their lips met in a lingering kiss until both of them were short of breath.

“You can’t complain now, can you?”

“Mn. Aiya, let’s just make sure I’m alright.” Qiu Ling bent forward but just then a blade was thrust in his direction. He spun around, lifted a hand, and caught the weapon. It turned out the idiot he had thrown away had come back. “What, you still haven’t gotten enough?”

Well, he didn’t mind adding another lesson on top. In fact, he felt that this was a very welcome opportunity. This guy had actually dared to touch his beloved! He had to pay him back or who knew what he would try to do in the future? A beating was in order!

Qiu Ling might be unreasonable but Nian Hai actually wasn’t far behind.

“Who are you and what are you doing with junior martial brother Jing?!” The disciple frowned. This bastard! How dare he make a move on the cute junior in front of him? He’d show him what happened to people who shamelessly inserted themselves between two budding lovers!

“Why do you care? It’s none of your business.” Qiu Ling twisted his hand and the blade broke in half. “Hmph.” Qiu Ling ignored him. He might pay a little attention to someone like that Grandmaster Shen but a human such as this wasn’t worth it. He’d much rather focus all of his attention on his beloved. “Mn, my love, why didn’t you wait for me? Did I take too long? I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. From today onward, I’ll spend all of my time with you. I won’t leave your side for even a second! I won’t let any of these shameless bastards take advantage of you.”

Jing Yi sighed and turned to Nian Hai. “I’m sorry. This is … Long Jun. My fiance. He’s a little short-tempered sometimes.”

Qiu Ling’s eyes glittered. Ah, his beloved had actually introduced him as his fiance! Well, it was right that he did so since he was indeed his fiance but still! He felt so lucky right now! They should go and meet more people in the future. That way, he could hear him say it more often.

“Your fiance?!” Nian Hai’s expression derailed. The cute junior martial brother he had met today actually had a fiance? This couldn’t be! If this was true, shouldn’t he have said something earlier? Why hadn’t he mentioned this? No, it couldn’t be! Even if there was a fiance, either this was somebody that had been arranged for him or it was a recent thing that wasn’t that serious yet.

Unfortunately for him, Jing Yi was about to dash his hopes. “Yes, my fiance.” He nodded, making sure that Nian Hai couldn’t misunderstand.

“Since … since when?”

“Uh … last year?” Well, he might not have accepted Qiu Ling’s proposal when it was originally made but he had come to love him while they were traveling. It shouldn’t be wrong to say it had already been last year. In any case, since the day he had told him that he accepted and wanted to marry him, it had already been several months as well. And anyway, this was a demonic sect. It really didn’t matter if he was completely truthful with this story, right?

Nian Hai staggered back when he got that response. How was this possible? He had just fallen in love and now this happened! Neither did it seem like this junior had been coerced into this engagement, nor was it something new and unstable. It seemed that there was no chance at all to make him reconsider.

Nian Hai furrowed his brows and turned to stare at Qiu Ling. Seeing his grin, he felt even more uncomfortable. No, he couldn’t accept this! This type of guy definitely couldn’t be allowed to take away Jing He!

Nian Hai lifted his chin and tried to stare down Qiu Ling. “You! I’m challenging you to a duel!”

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