IRL C61 Are You Teasing Me?

Ao Jing couldn’t help but glance up at Shangguan Yu every now and then while eating. He just couldn’t help himself. This was his husband, the one he had spent half a year with. The idea of seeing him instead of his character had been strange at first but now that they were actually sitting across each other … “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re really good-looking?”

Shangguan Yu almost choked on his food before he looked up with tears in his eyes. “What?”

Ao Jing’s face turned red when he realized that he had really just blurted something like that out. He really wanted to plant his face in his bowl. “Nothing, nothing.” He hurriedly shook his head and pretended he hadn’t actually said anything. Seriously, he didn’t have the face to say it again even if Shangguan Yu asked him again.

Shangguan Yu coughed for a moment and then peeked at Ao Jing. It wasn’t that he hadn’t heard him, it was rather that he hadn’t been able to believe that Ao Jing would really say that. But on second thought … “My husband is just as much of a tease in real life as in the game.”

This time, it was Ao Jing who started coughing uncontrollably. He had heard Shangguan Yu call him his husband a lot of times in the game but the effect in real life was so much more powerful. How could he take it?

Shangguan Yu just laughed, already feeling much more comfortable with the situation. “What I was wondering … did that glib tongue of yours get you into trouble before? Or is you sweet-talking just my privilege?”

Ao Jing who had just started to panic couldn’t help but laugh at that. So Shangguan Yu was just teasing him … In that case, he didn’t mind returning the favor. “If it’s about sweet-talking, then that is definitely your privilege. I can’t deny that I did get into a bit of trouble when I was younger though. I was a naughty child.” He chuckled at that but then turned serious again. “Seriously though, it’s gotten better. I think since I’ve moved out at home and started university, I’ve matured a lot. At the very least, I haven’t been told since then that I was making trouble.”

“Yeah, I can understand that. It’s pretty different living at home and then moving out to do your own thing. Although I think that it’s probably still different from how things are in university compared with when you go to work. You said you live alone, didn’t you?”

Ao Jing nodded. He had briefly mentioned it once before but they hadn’t talked about it in detail. “Yes, actually, I moved into my own apartment as soon as my internship began. It was closer to my workplace and I felt a bit awkward still living on campus when I was actually working already. Anyway, I didn’t have any courses anymore so it felt that like the right decision.”

“I guess you didn’t regret it either.”

Ao Jing shook his head. “Not once. I actually really liked living on campus with my fellow students. Seeing each other every day, studying together, and having fun … It really was nice. But, well, it’s also nice to be on your own. You don’t need to always compromise and have much more space to yourself.” He wanted to say more but then suddenly stopped and cleared his throat. “Uh, of course, it’s something completely different if the person you’re living with is not just a random roommate but your own partner.”

Shangguan Yu stared at him for a moment and slowly, his brows rose. “Oh? I wonder what you’re trying to insinuate here.”

Ao Jing embarrassedly rubbed his neck. “Wow, I feel like I’m really putting my food in my mouth here. I thought it probably wouldn’t go over too well if I told you that living alone was nice. I mean … Just for future reference, I do like living with other people too. It’s just that a room on campus can’t compare with a whole apartment, right?”

Shangguan Yu nodded, his lips quirked up in a smile. “I do understand that. Even though I’ve never had my own apartment, I can see that it’s different from living at home. It never felt crowded in my family’s house even when my sister and brother-in-law are both there to visit. But it can be different in just a room on campus. Four people in one room … that’s different from four people having a whole house to themselves.”

Ao Jing heaved a sigh of relief. “See? That’s exactly what I meant!”

“You seem astoundingly nervous considering that you’re older than me.”

Ao Jing requited his smile, his gaze turning teasing. “You’re making me out to be an old man. It’s just a year.”

“A year is a year though. Although, I feel like it won’t be as much next year.”

Ao Jing leaned over the table, propping one chin up on his hand and gave a cheeky grin. “Could it be that you have some hangups because I’m older than you?” Actually, he had never thought about this but he could imagine that that might be a problem. While they weren’t too far apart in age, working and being in university were just two different stages of life. You couldn’t deny that. So maybe Shangguan Yu was actually worried about that?

Shangguan Yu tensed up at that question and didn’t really want to answer. To be honest, Ao Jing had hit the nail on the head. Normally, this wasn’t much of a problem but especially now that their relationship was getting more serious, he just couldn’t help himself and worry that maybe Ao Jing might think he was too immature. Especially since even in the game, he had just perfectly shown that his ability to judge situations wasn’t always the best. That definitely wasn’t something he would pat himself on the shoulder for.

Well … he really wanted to deny it but he also didn’t dare to lie to Ao Jing. “Well, it could be that I’m a bit worried. Just a little bit though. A teeny-tiny bit.” He motioned with his hands, making Ao Jing feel even more sure that something was up.

He just looked at him, smiling to himself. “Honestly? You don’t need to. Even if you were five years younger, I also wouldn’t mind. The age gap really isn’t that bad. And to be honest, I’m a little excited that I’ll have the chance to be at your side when you experience these things. I mean, just if you want me to.”

The two of them looked at each other, smiling quietly. Even though Shangguan Yu didn’t dare to say it out loud immediately, in his gaze, it was already implied that he very much thought the same.

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