RMN C253 A Problem Difficult to Solve

The two of them landed and stood back to back, looking around. The room turned out to be even bigger than they had expected. In fact, calling this a hall wouldn’t have been an exaggeration.

Ao Jing furrowed his brows, all extraneous thoughts banned from his mind. “What kind of place do you think this is?” From a quick glance around, he could see some construction in the middle of the room that was probably bigger than a tall man in all directions. He didn’t know why but it gave off an eerie feeling, making him want to take a step back at once.

Yang Wu Huang also looked around, his eyes narrowing. The ground beneath their feet was naked stone, but similarly smooth as the one that they had seen aboveground. At the same time, he noticed a few faint lines on the ground that were barely recognizable at a quick glance. If he hadn’t been observing this place closely, he wouldn’t have noticed. It made him wonder if it was some kind of array that would have a negative effect on them.

“I don’t know but it doesn’t seem to be something good. There might be an array beneath our feet. Do you see these lines?”

Ao Jing looked down and needed a moment before he finally realized what Yang Wu Huang meant. “What kind of array do you think it is?”

“That is hard to say. Maybe we should give it a try.”

He didn’t say anything else and Ao Jing’s expression immediately fell. It was pretty clear just what Yang Wu Huang wanted to tell him: You try it! Clearly, he didn’t want to risk that something would happen to himself.

Ao Jing wasn’t happy but what was he supposed to do? Somebody needed to try it and Yang Wu Huang was currently not just the person he followed but also the leader of their group. If he told him to do something, then he had to do it. He couldn’t help but feel a little resentful though. Couldn’t they have called in the others, then pointed it out, and had that Yuan Lei try it? In any case, that guy had already made trouble for Yang Wu Huang. Why would he let him off so easily?

But apparently, Yang Wu Huang didn’t want to do that and it wasn’t like he could suggest that while the others were still standing around the hole above their heads, and would be able to hear every word. Thus, he imbued a trace of spiritual energy into one of the lines, looking at the array closely.

Finally, the lines had all been filled and the array lit up. Ao Jing gulped, waiting for something to happen. But after waiting for a few minutes, the room still stayed the same and he didn’t feel any kind of difference.

“There’s nothing.”

Yang Wu Huang raised his brows. Looking at the lines beneath their feet, he could also tell that Ao Jing had already imbued his spiritual energy and wasn’t just pretending to do so. “Maybe it is not enough?”

Ao Jing shook his head. “It is already quite a lot. The array is big. Powering it with just one person is quite difficult.” In any case, they had flown the whole way from the camp to this place, then investigated it, and now he also needed to fill up this kind of huge array. He definitely didn’t want to waste any more spiritual energy. That would just be throwing away his own life if they were attacked later on.

Yang Wu Huang gave a dissatisfied huff but didn’t say anything else. Instead, he turned to the others that were still watching them and waved. “It is safe, you can come down now.”

Up above, Yuan Lei turned to the others. “I would suggest that Di Huan Bo and I follow them down first, then the younger disciples should follow us, and Nian Tao and Ran Wu will bring up the rear. Are you alright with that?”

This time, nobody argued, and the disciples flew down in groups of two.

Having landed, Yun Bei Fen looked up, watching as the other two senior martial brothers came down, and then wondered how Da Hei was supposed to follow them. He could carry Xiao Hui in his arms while flying but it was a bit different with the midnight wolf that was about half as big as he himself. He couldn’t really carry him, could he? Thus, he could only look at the midnight wolf that was sitting at the edge of the hole and fret by himself. Unfortunately, the others were already preoccupied with observing their surroundings, so nobody noticed his plight.

Ao Jing and Yang Wu Huang told them what they had just found out about this array and then, the group prepared to go and investigate further.

Yun Bei Fen immediately felt even more distressed. “Ah, senior martial brother Yuan —” He didn’t quite know how to explain and just pointed upward to motion at Da Hei.

Since it was Yun Bei Fen who spoke up, not only Yuan Lei came back to look at him, but Yang Wu Huang also followed over, as did Nian Tao and Ran Wu.

Seeing four people in front of him that were all very eager to help, Yun Bei Fen was at a bit of a loss. Usually, Mei Chao Bing would take care of his matters, so he had never been in this type of situation. He just silently continued to point up, not really sure how to explain.

Yuan Lei’s lips twitched when he realized what was going on. That midnight wolf … it really was a bit difficult to get down here. He scratched his head, not quite sure what to tell Yun Bei Fen. He might’ve told him that he would help him if there was a problem, but he also didn’t quite know how to solve this one. After all, the midnight wolf really wasn’t a small spiritual beast. Even for somebody like him, it wouldn’t be easy to carry around. And the same was true for Yang Wu Huang and the others. Especially since Da Hei probably wouldn’t like being picked up by either of them.

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