OMF V8C98 A New Sense of Self-Worth

Jing Yi stopped in his tracks, feeling that he suddenly understood. So that was what this was. The painting had been Jing He’s love confession to Qiu Ling. Naturally, he would feel like that and be hardly able to tear his gaze away.

Jing Yi gave a wry smile before picking up his pace again. “And that maid couldn’t find another painting?” It felt a little too deliberate to pull out a painting signifying the feelings between Qiu Ling and Jing He at random.

Qiu Ling looked at him, feeling that he somewhat understood why Jing Yi was reacting like this. Unfortunately, the answer to that was probably not what he would want to hear. “Jing He and I spent the last ten years together before he descended to the mortal realm for his trial. You can imagine that the latest paintings he did were all similar to this one. Even if you don’t like it, I’m afraid it’s just logical that this is the kind of thing they would pull out. In any case, the Heavenly Empress also didn’t give the maid any specific information as to what she should or shouldn’t bring. You’re being too hard on her.”

Jing Yi sighed but still nodded in the end. In any case, he also couldn’t deny this. “Well, looks like he was really good. I had hoped to find something different, to be honest.”

Qiu Ling nodded, not surprised at all. “You’re making this some kind of competition. You want to be better than him. When actually, there’s no reason to do so. Don’t you see him as a different person? In that case, why do you want to be better? Can’t you just … ignore him?”

“How am I supposed to do that if he is constantly brought up? You can’t stop thinking about him. And the people here are all those who know him instead of me.”

Qiu Ling gave a faint hum, feeling that what Jing Yi was saying was also right. “Well, maybe that is also because of the people you’ve met so far. An Bai was actually quite close to Jing He even though I didn’t like seeing that at first. They were quite similar. Naturally, they would mesh well. And Jing He’s parents and uncle probably don’t need to be mentioned. The God of Justice is also friends with the God of War so the same can probably be said about him. But they aren’t the only people who live here. And there are a lot of people that never got to see Jing He from up close or … ever. I think it wouldn’t be too much to say that the ones who actually knew him — even on a superficial level — are in the minority. So maybe it would help to just focus on getting to know some people who aren’t part of that group.”

Jing Yi looked at him with an insipid expression, feeling that while Qiu Ling might not be wrong, it also wasn’t that easy. “And you think the God of Justice and Jing He’s parents would just let that happen so easily?”

Qiu Ling squinted and finally nodded his head. “These days, has anybody tried to assassinate you? No, they haven’t. From Bai Fen’s attitude, it can be seen that it likely won’t happen anytime soon either. Maybe if this whole matter continues to be like this it would happen some years down the road but it’s not something that is an imminent danger. So I think that if you wanted to explore more and get to know some people, they also wouldn’t mind or at least they wouldn’t do anything just because we tried. In any case, didn’t we regularly go to the Tower of Wisdom? Nobody stopped us from doing that, right?”

Jing Yi’s expression wavered a little. Right, maybe he was making too much of a problem out of this. Maybe there really wasn’t a problem with getting to know somebody else. Maybe he could do it. That really would be quite nice. “Then … if I really would want to give this a try, then where would we go?”

Qiu Ling faintly furrowed his brows, not quite sure about that. “I’m not quite sure. I think it would be best to find out what the ascended deities normally do. There should be some kind of protocol for that. Let’s just ask somebody about that and then go from there. What do you think?”

Jing Yi’s expression had already long turned better. With a new idea in mind, he finally nodded, feeling that maybe things weren’t that bad. He could probably find some kind of self-worth doing something like this. And that was really what he was currently lacking. This constant comparison with Jing He made him feel that his whole life didn’t have any kind of meaning. And that, in turn, made him even more resentful of Jing He. “Well, let’s do as you suggested. Do you have anyone in mind?”

Qiu Ling rubbed his chin and tried to think of somebody. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many people in the Nine Heavens that he knew either. “Well, An Bai might know so I guess we could go back to the palace and try to see if he has already returned.”

Jing Yi nodded, feeling that this would probably be their best bet. So far, whenever there was something that he didn’t understand and that Qiu Ling couldn’t explain to him either, then An Bai would have something more to say to that. So most likely, he would know about that as well.

Thus, the two of them returned to their own palace. Unfortunately, even after looking around for a while, they couldn’t find An Bai. Most likely, he had once again gone to the Court of Justice to figure out a solution to the current predicament. Well, so much for that.

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