RMN C252 Scout Out the Discovery

Instead of the small cavity that Yuan Lei had originally expected, there seemed to be a whole room below them. The disciples stared down with their expressions turning grim, realizing that they had still underestimated the demonic practitioners.

Yi Ju turned to Yuan Lei. “Does this also remind you of that abandoned city we found?”

Yuan Lei was startled. That was right. Hadn’t he been wondering what the link between this place and the others might be? So it turned out that what they had in front of them was not some kind of platform but instead something like the roof of this place. It was just that compared to the other cities that had been partially submerged in the sand, this building seemed to have been buried completely.

“Could it be that this place and the other one met with some kind of natural disaster?” It was the only thing he could currently think of. But in any case, just the fact that this place existed in the first place wasn’t good news.

Who knew if there weren’t more cities like this around? That would be a hidden stronghold of the demonic practitioners that they would have a hard time finding. If not for the fact that they had been deliberately searching an area where the Elders already suspected something to be, and had coincidentally also noticed this spot, then they never would’ve found out. If there had been just a bit more sand on top, he also wouldn’t have seen it, meaning that this place would have stayed buried forever.

The others also couldn’t say what exactly was the matter with this place, so they could only continue to look down, their moods complicated.

After a moment, Yang Wu Huang motioned down. “We should check out what is down there.”

Yuan Lei glanced at the guy, but he knew that no matter what he said, Yang Wu Huang had already made his decision. He wouldn’t be able to make him reconsider. Thus, he just kept quiet and glanced at the younger disciples next to him, wanting to make sure that they were alright.

From the looks of it, he didn’t need to worry for now. Yi Ju was looking quite curious, to be honest, and while Kui Min was showing a careful expression, that was probably because she didn’t trust Yang Wu Huang and not because she was scared of whatever was down there. Junior martial sister Tan didn’t seem like she had a problem either. It was just Yun Bei Fen who was tightly grabbing onto Xiao Hui, staring at the place down there with wide eyes who Yuan Lei was a bit worried about.

Yuan Lei didn’t know what to say for a moment but he still reached out and patted his shoulder. “It’s alright. Just stick close to us and you’ll be safe.” Well, he also knew that he couldn’t compare to Mei Chao Bing but he didn’t think that Yang Wu Huang would just ignore Yun Bei Fen in case something happened either. After all, this was Elder Baili’s disciple that they were talking about. Also, just the fact that he was Mei Chao Bing’s fiance probably bugged him deeply. Being able to show off in front of him was probably something that Yang Wu Huang would be quite eager to do. Thus, if something were to happen, Yun Bei Fen would be the second person he would save. After himself, of course.

Yun Bei Fen looked up, actually seeming a bit surprised as if he hadn’t expected Yuan Lei to say something like that. “I’m not scared. In any case, senior martial brother Mei already taught me a lot. I can already flee and defend myself. Even if there’s something scary down there, I will be able to work it out.”

Yuan Lei’s expression turned complicated as did those of the rest of the previous group. Just how well Yun Bei Fen had learned things from Mei Chao Bing, they were well aware of it. Don’t mention the demonic practitioners, even if it was just a spiritual beast with an attack level slightly higher than Xiao Hui’s, he still wouldn’t be able to save himself.

Yuan Lei wanted to say something else, but at that moment, Da Hei already trotted forward, sitting down directly next to Yun Bei Fen. Looking at the midnight wolf, Yuan Lei finally just swallowed his words. In any case, the spiritual beast was at a high level. It should be able to protect Yun Bei Fen. And he didn’t have any illusions that that was what Mei Chao Bing had told it to do. No, he probably didn’t have to worry about Yun Bei Fen’s safety. He should just focus on finding out whatever he could as fast as possible so that they could finally leave. That was the best thing to do in this situation.

Yang Wu Huang had also just wanted to speak up but was interrupted by Da Hei’s appearance. He threw the midnight wolf an angry look, but then turned to the hole in the ground again and took out his sword. “Well, let’s go down then. Since we don’t know what to expect, I will go down first with Ao Jing and scout out the situation. If we can deem it safe, I will tell you to follow us. Should that not be the case, we will give a warning. You should immediately leave toward the camp then. We will follow you as soon as we can.”

Kui Min all rolled her eyes while the rest of the others just nodded.

Yang Wu Huang glanced at Yun Bei Fen but seeing that he didn’t have any kind of special reaction, he just imbued his sword with spiritual energy and then flew down, Ao Jing directly behind him.

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