IRL C59 It Was Different

Not far from them, a certain newspaper was shaking suspiciously. Yu Lan picked up his phone under the cover of the paper and texted his wife: [I feel like I’m watching a rom-com.]

Back at home, Shangguan Xin raised her brows. “Ah Lan just wrote, saying he felt like he is watching a rom-com. I guess Xiao Yu has arrived at the cafe. What do you think happened?”

Her mother immediately came running over from the kitchen and took the phone from her hand, reading the message herself. When seeing that there was nothing else being said, she lightly furrowed her brows and handed it back. “You should ask him what is happening! Actually, since he has his phone with him, can’t he just make a video with it and send it to us? I’d like to see what is happening.”

Shangguan Xin’s expression was a little resigned. She knew that her mother was worried but … this was going a little too far, wasn’t it? “Mom, I’m sure that Xiao Yu will to alright. If that Ao Jing gets too handsy or tries to hurt Xiao Yu, Ah Lan would help. But otherwise, it wouldn’t be good if he got involved. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it would be much too obvious if Ah Lan just filmed them while he’s there.”

“Then what about a photo? He should at least be able to take one, shouldn’t he? I want to see if that guy really looks like in that photo that you showed me in the shop yesterday. Who knows if he hasn’t tricked your brother?”

Shangguan Xin smiled wryly. She really didn’t think that that would be a good idea but she’d just let her husband decide. Raising the phone again, she texted him back. [What happened? And how does that Ao Jing look?]

Yu Lan silently chuckled to himself. He turned a page in his newspaper to make it less obvious and used the opportunity to look over the edge again to make sure that he didn’t miss out on what was happening over there.

Only then did he write back, first explaining the situation: [Your brother came barging into the cafe as if he was trying to win a one-hundred-meter sprint, looked around, and then just froze up with a silly smile when he saw that guy sitting there.]

He sent this part over so they could read already and then typed the next one: [Then that Ao Jing slowly got up, looking at him in the very same way and they both whispered each other’s name. It really was so much like a teen drama. I had trouble not laughing out loud. Are you sure that your brother is already in his twenties?]

He hit send again and then pondered the last question, glancing at the two guys standing next to the table again. To be honest, he felt that this Ao Jing was indeed quite good-looking. Definitely nothing they would need to be worried about.

Considering for a moment longer, he sent another message: [He is quite good-looking. Seeing them stand next to each other, they are also quite a good fit. Both about the same height, with your brother maybe a centimeter or two smaller, and they have the same physique as well. They really look like they fit together well. And I think he has a nice smile.]

He put the phone down and then focused on what was happening over there.

The two men in question were looking at each other without knowing what to say. They still hadn’t sat down either.

Truth be told, it was different. Back in the game, they had only ever looked at each other’s character. And even after seeing a photo, it still wasn’t the same as being in the same room and standing face-to-face.

Ao Jing’s smile finally turned a little wry. “To be honest, I was thinking about what to say to you when I first saw you. I thought I should probably compliment you. And now … I feel a bit like an idiot. I don’t even know what to say. But … I’m happy that you made it here.”

With Ao Jing taking the initiative, Shangguan Yu’s smile grew lighter and he even gave a soft laugh. “I didn’t think about that at all. It’s probably what I should have worried about the most. I guess my focus was a bit off.” He laughed again and then motioned at the table. “Why don’t we sit down? I think it would be a little strange to stand here the whole time.” Glancing around, he noticed that people were actually staring a little, probably wondering what was up with them.

Ao Jing reached up and rubbed his neck, feeling even more embarrassed now that Shangguan Yu pointed that out. “Right. Let’s do that.”

The two of them sat down, both obviously still pretty anxious. As happy as they were to see each other, they just didn’t know how to proceed.

Ao Jing cleared his throat after a moment of uncomfortable silence. “So … I hope you didn’t have to hurry too much. I’m sorry for being so early. I was afraid I’d miss the time and leave you with a bad impression.”

Shangguan Yu’s smile eased. “Actually, I wanted to be here earlier too but my mom and sister were still making sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything and gave me a pep-talk so it got a little later. How was the way here?”

“Very good, very good.” Ao Jing rubbed his neck again and then motioned over to the glass of water that was standing next to him. “I didn’t know what you like so I didn’t order anything yet. How about eating something first? We can talk and then … Well, I don’t know what else you have planned.”

Shangguan Yu nodded, his gaze roaming over Ao Jing’s face. He just couldn’t help himself. Seeing his husband for the first time … it really was a special feeling.

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