OMF V8C94 There Was No Place for That

Jing Yi’s first reaction was to think that Jing He’s life was really too boring. But after a moment, he realized that maybe he was a bit too biased there. In any case, was his own life much different? Back in the mortal realm, most of his time had been spent cultivating so he would be able to ascend and spend his life with Qiu Ling forever. Other than that, he had also been learning. He had learned how to read, how to use the spiritual energy to defend himself, and wanted to learn how to fight. How was this any different from what Jing He had done?

Jing He was the crown prince of the Nine Heavens. He was required to learn plenty of things. And the things that were important to him in that position were different from the things that had been important to him as a mortal cultivator. Their goals were different just as their lives were. Naturally, the things they cared about would also differ but at the heart of the matter, they had actually stayed the same.

As for Jing He’s hobbies … well, he couldn’t really complain. He hadn’t even had any. And even though what Jing He did, sounded a bit boring, that at least was something he did outside of just learning. Anyway, Jing He’s life was actually richer than his.

Jing Yi pressed his lips together, not quite sure what to think of this. He had said that he wanted to see for himself just how good Jing He was. But he had expected to finally find out that he wasn’t that perfect, that it was just Qiu Ling’s perspective that led to him seeing it this way. Deep down, he had hoped to find a way to show Qiu Ling that he was just as good or maybe even better than Jing He. Now though, it turned out that while they weren’t that much different in general, Jing He finally still won over him. Naturally, he wasn’t happy to find that out.

Bai Fen didn’t say anything and just let him think about things, quietly looking out at the garden. Not a single word she had said about Jing He was a lie. Granted, as his mother, she might not think about him without bias but these were things that everyone else would tell Jing Yi as well. It wasn’t like she had made anything up.

After a while, Jing Yi finally came back to his senses. He cursed at himself, angry that he had gotten so lost over this response that he had completely forgotten to continue his line of questioning. In any case, Bai Fen was doing him a favor. But she wouldn’t do so continuously. Some time down the line, she would have enough of this and send him back. At that time, he should better have asked everything that he wanted to know. Otherwise, it would really be too bad.

“Then what about the people in his life?” This was the only place where he felt like he might have an actual chance of being better than Jing He. He knew from his memories that Jing He hadn’t been a very open person and everyone else had admitted to that as well. The only people he seemed to have been close to were his parents, his uncle, and Qiu Ling. So most likely, he could indeed be better than him there.

Bai Fen gave a hum, not quite sure how to answer that at first. “What exactly is it that you want to know?” She had a faint guess in mind but she figured that she might as well clarify. In any case, she was doing him a favor.

“I mean who was he spending time with? His hobbies all seem to be something that you would do alone instead of with another person. Or am I wrong there?”

Bai Fen smiled faintly. It seemed that she had gotten this right. “Well, the person he spent the most time with is naturally Qiu Ling. Other than that, I would say that most of his time was definitely spent with his family. Jing He was always a very filial child. He would regularly accompany me or his father.”

Jing Yi nodded as if he wasn’t thinking anything more about it. “I think I also saw him with his uncle a couple of times in those memories I received. But as I said, what about his friends?”

Bai Fen quietly took a sip of tea, not answering for a moment. “His friends …” This was a question that was a little hard to answer as his mother. “Well, to be honest, there weren’t really any. Jing He’s life was difficult. Friends never really fit in there.”

There was a faint smile on Jing Yi’s lips when he finally found something where he was indeed better than Jing He but next to him, Qiu Ling’s expression darkened.

He remembered what Bai Fen had told him the other day. Most likely, it had to do with that. If there had been troubles because of Tian’s curse on Jing He’s family, then naturally, making friends would be difficult. After all, if you had trouble keeping your own life, would you really endanger others?

And Jing He was a pretty perceptive person. He didn’t think that it had been any different when he had been a child. So most likely, Jing He had never dared to make friends in all that time. And by the time that he could have done so, he had already been alone for so long that he didn’t really dare. It was actually quite sad, definitely nothing to be happy about.

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