IRL C55 Too Nervous

Zhou Ming pursed his lips at Ao Jing’s reaction. You really couldn’t have fun with this guy! He really hoped he wasn’t this dry when he was with Shangguan Yu. Reluctantly, he pulled out another set of clothes — a sparkling bright blue one this time — and haphazardly put it on before jumping down the tree.

The group of guards watched him with a wary expression as if they feared he would immediately start taking off this robe as well.

Mister Mo turned to Ao Jing, feeling that he shouldn’t talk with this other stranger directly. Actually, if it wasn’t for the fact that Ao Jing had appeared together with Liangqiu Huang before, he would have told the guards to grab both of them and throw them out onto the street or maybe call the yamen runners and have them thrown into jail for arbitrarily entering his estate and even daring to expose themselves. Especially since his wife and daughter were right behind him! Ah, he sure hoped his little girl hadn’t seen anything she shouldn’t …

Mo Ju An had definitely seen quite a lot and her eyes were sparkling when she looked at the two men. “Father, since this concerns my fiance how about I accompany them?”

Mister Mo immediately tensed up and his brows furrowed tightly. “How could that be! A lone, young woman with two strangers … What will people think?”

Mo Ju An gave her father an insipid look. “Xiao An will be there though.”

Her father blanked. “Who?”

The girl pointed to the servant girl standing a few steps behind her. “Xiao An.”

Mister Mo looked at her and realized that this was the servant girl that had just tipped him off about what had happened at the back gate. Her lover was actually standing half a step behind her, his expression still very torn.

Mister Mo sighed. Going with that girl would be alright but he still didn’t want his daughter to sit in a carriage with a man that had so casually exposed himself. “I’ll tell the servants to prepare two carriages.”

Mo Ju An pursed her lips and seemed to want to argue further. Before she could get a single word out, Ao Jing cleared his throat and spoke up though.

“Thank you very much for your help, Mister Mo. I’ll bring this guy outside then and have him return home. Young Master Liangqiu and I will wait for you there.” He didn’t wait any longer, just grabbed Zhou Ming’s arm, and then pulled him along.

As soon as he was out of earshot, he stopped though, and turned around. “Where is Ah Yu?”

Zhou Ming raised his head and looked around everywhere. “Uh … I don’t know?”

Ao Jing facepalmed and then just used the skill that allowed him to travel to his husband’s position. In that way, he finally found himself on top of one of the buildings in the Mo family’s estate.

Shangguan Yu laughed when he saw his expression. “You didn’t expect that, did you?”

Ao Jing’s thoughts finally caught up with him and he laughed, lying down flat next to Shangguan Yu so they wouldn’t be seen from down below. “I really didn’t. I’m happy that Zhou Ming helped you get out of jail though. It sounded like you were pretty miserable in there.”

“Mn.” Shangguan Yu propped his elbows up on the roof and smiled. “Well, now I’m out of there and can help you. Is there anything I should do?”

Ao Jing looked at him, his gaze softening. “Don’t you think it’s a little late today? We should probably log off for now. After all …” He reached out and took Shangguan Yu’s hand, interlacing his fingers with his. “Our date is tomorrow. I really wouldn’t want us to miss out on anything because we’re overly tired.”

Shangguan Yu was at a loss for words. “That … I don’t think it’s that late yet.”

“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be too excited to sleep well tonight. Don’t tell me it’ll be different for you?”

Shangguan Yu stared at him, finally lowering his head, and giving a short nod. “I guess so.” He hadn’t been nervous while they were playing but now that Ao Jing brought it up, those feelings were right back. “Uhm … Let’s do that then.” He sat up and wanted to log off but Ao Jing reached out and held his wrist.


Shangguan Yu turned back to him, raising his brows to ask what was going on.

“Uh …” Ao Jing sat up as well and rubbed his neck. “When exactly do we meet? And where?”

Shangguan Yu almost laughed at that. Wow. Had they really forgotten to talk about that? “Let’s meet at ten. I’ll send you the address later so you can’t get it wrong.”

“Alright.” Ao Jing nodded and then lapsed into silence. He looked at Shangguan Yu, wondering if he should say something. He really was nervous right now. Depending on how things went tomorrow …

Shangguan Yu smiled when he saw his gaze. “Let’s not worry too much. If something goes wrong tomorrow, we could have a second date to make sure it wouldn’t work out at all. We don’t have to give up immediately.”

Ao Jing nodded. “Alright. I … I hope that it works out immediately though. I … I really like you.”

Shangguan Yu smiled and leaned over, lightly pecking his lips. “I really like you too. So you’d better not disappoint me tomorrow!” With that irresponsible remark, he hastily logged off.

When he took off the headset, his heart was beating madly. He rushed to wash up and then dove into bed, pulling the blanket over his head. Ah! He couldn’t believe he had just done that! Ao Jing had actually confessed his worries and he dared to tease him like this. Wouldn’t he be even more nervous now?! He was such an idiot!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t take it back anymore.

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