OMF V8C93 What Was His Life Like?

Bai Fen didn’t try to justify herself either. In any case, they both understood that this was the truth. Why should she pretend that it was different? Thus, she merely inclined her head and then motioned for him to start talking. “You can ask anything that you want. If it is a question that I can’t answer or that I’m not willing to answer, I will tell you.

“I hope that you will understand that there are some things I’m not at liberty to say and that some things are just not for me to talk about. Jing He also has his own life. You haven’t remembered everything so I could imagine that you will have some personal questions as well. I’m not sure if I will be comfortable with answering all of those. But I will do my best to answer as much as I can.”

Jing Yi couldn’t pretend that he was surprised. Naturally, she had Jing He’s interest at heart. “It’s alright. I never expected you to answer everything. In any case, I also don’t think that there are too many details that I want to know. I just want to get a better understanding of him. Of him and his life in the Nine Heavens. I don’t remember much. Most of the things that I did remember were memories of Qiu Ling and some of his family members. I do remember you, actually.”

Bai Fen nodded. In any case, what he had said on his first day in the Nine Heavens had already indicated this much. “I’m not quite sure where to begin with this. Jing He’s life probably doesn’t seem very interesting. He has always been rather quiet. He preferred to keep to himself, do things on his own, and not get involved with other people.” She fell quiet for a moment and her gaze became complicated. “Well, to be honest, maybe it is wrong to say he was always like this.

“He was different when he was younger. Growing up, he was actually a very open child. But with time, he became more reclusive. These last years before he descended for his trial were spent alone save for Qiu Ling and his family though. So I can’t say that it is a wonder that you remember these things for the most part.” In fact, he had definitely spent most of his time with Qiu Ling. That wasn’t a secret so she didn’t mind telling him either.

Jing Yi pondered her words for a moment and then slowly furrowed his brows. “What was the reason for that?” He really wasn’t sure. There weren’t any memories that could explain this. It was strange. Even though he knew who he had been in his previous life and even though he had even remembered some of it, he still didn’t quite understand Jing He apart from those obvious things. Maybe that just meant that he was about as close to him as everyone else had been. He hadn’t really let anybody get close. And now even he who had been reborn with his soul couldn’t quite figure it out. Jing He was quite the mysterious person.

Bai Fen didn’t answer immediately. To be honest, this was a question she had pondered more than once. “I never asked him about it. But if I had to guess, then I would say that while he got older, he realized the situation he was in.

“As the crown prince, there are naturally some expectations that we as his parents but also the people of the Nine Heavens have of him as their future ruler. It isn’t really a free life. And I think that when Jing He realized this, he started to want to conform to what he believed he needed to be. He wanted to fill that role because he felt that it was what he had to do. Maybe that was wrong. I couldn’t say.”

Jing Yi nodded. This explanation indeed made sense. He could imagine that this was the case. He glanced at Qiu Ling, trying to get his perspective on things.

Qiu Ling could only shrug. “I only met him after he had come of age. The whole time, he had already been like this and he never changed in these ten years that we spent together. As for why he got that way, I also wouldn’t be able to say.”

Jing Yi gave a hum, feeling like he had run into a wall straight after starting out. How come it was so difficult to find out more about Jing He? Had he really been that difficult to deal with? “Then what were the things that he liked to do? If he spent so much time alone, he wouldn’t have just been sitting around, would he?” From what he understood by now, the gods didn’t need to cultivate. They were naturally born with their magical abilities so practicing wasn’t a big part of their life. After figuring their abilities out, that was usually enough. Especially for a person like Jing He who wasn’t supposed to fight.

There was a smile on Bai Fen’s lips when she was asked about that. “Well, there were a few things. For one, he always liked taking care of plants. I guess he got that from me.” She glanced out of the window next to them through which the garden and a courtyard could be seen.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but follow her gaze and then remembered the garden he had seen in his memories. Yes, these two really had something in common looking at this. No wonder Jing He was a little closer to his mother.

“Well, other than that, he loved to paint and he also often played the guqin.” In fact, that was pretty much it. Jing He’s life really had been pretty quiet. There wasn’t much excitement there. He just liked to be by himself and indulge in the things that he cared about. “Other than that, he was usually busy with trying to learn more. I guess a lot of his time was always spent preparing for his future tasks. There wasn’t much time for anything else.”

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