IRL C56 It’s Like Being Sixteen All Over Again

Ao Jing remained in the game for a while longer, just blankly sitting on the roof of the Mo family’s estate. This kind of joke … he hadn’t expected it at all. But then again, they had joked around a lot in the past. So it wasn’t that strange either.

Ah, it was just that this time, it hit a little too close to home. He really wanted to impress Shangguan Yu on their first date. If he didn’t manage to do so, he was afraid of what that would mean for their future. Then again, his chance of actually doing so shouldn’t be too bad. After all, they had already known each other for half a year. The fact that it hadn’t been face-to-face … it shouldn’t be much of a problem, should it?

He finally logged out of the game and took off the headset, leaning back. Face-to-face … The only thing that could be problematic would be their looks. After all, attraction was a complicated thing. He didn’t think that there would be any problems regarding their personalities or the way they were able to get along. But if his appearance wasn’t what Shangguan Yu liked, then becoming an actual couple would be much more difficult.

He rubbed his neck and sighed, finally getting up to make himself something to eat. Because he had been too anxious before, he had completely forgotten about that, and now, after several hours of playing, he only noticed now how hungry he really was. His mind was still somewhere else though.

Anyway, it wasn’t like he could change his appearance. If Shangguan Yu didn’t like his looks, then he would have to live with it. And anyway, maybe he was lucky. He might just be exactly the type of guy that Shangguan Yu was looking for. Or maybe even if that wasn’t the case, he just wouldn’t care so much about looks. Anyway, even if people had a type, they might be comfortable with having a boyfriend outside of that type as long as it was somebody whose looks they at least didn’t detest. And, to be honest, he felt that he was quite handsome. At the very least, he wouldn’t call himself ugly.

“I guess I should call my parents and thank them for passing on these genes.” He sighed to himself and then started eating, trying to push off the thought for the time being. Anyway, it wasn’t long anymore until he would get his answer. He should just try to relax until then.

Ao Jing tried to keep busy until he finally went to bed, hoping that it would help him fall asleep faster. Unfortunately, he had no such luck.

As soon as he lay down, he once again saw Shangguan Yu’s character in the game in front of him. That teasing smile, the laughter in his voice when he said those sentences to him, the way his eyes sparkled in the evening sun … Ah, how was he supposed to deal with this?!

He turned to the other side and hugged his pillow, trying to think of something different. He tried to imagine how their meeting tomorrow would be. Seeing each other for the first time … What should he do? What would he say? He should probably give him a compliment? But what was he supposed to say in that kind of situation? ‘You’re looking good’? ‘Even as an actual human being, you’re exactly what I like’?

He shook his head at himself and then sighed, turning onto his back again. He should probably just wait until they were in the situation. Most likely, the words would come on their own. Well, that, or he would be completely tongue-tied because Shangguan Yu took his breath away.

He laughed to himself and then turned around, muffling the sound so he wouldn’t wake up any neighbors. Anyway, it was already tomorrow. That wasn’t too long of a time. He could totally wait that bit, couldn’t he?

He tried falling asleep but it took several hours until he had finally managed to actually do so. Well, meeting your husband for the first time … that was something you could be pretty excited about, wasn’t it?

As soon as he opened his eyes the next morning, Ao Jing was wide-awake. He sat up in a swift motion, staring at the opposite wall, his heart beating madly. Today was the day! He would actually go and finally meet Shangguan Yu.

He didn’t manage to hold back any longer and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, almost tripping over his own feet when he ran to gather his clothes and then rushed over to the bathroom.

Even though he was eager to get everything done, he forced himself to slow down and meticulously prepared himself for the day, taking some extra care to make sure that every single hair was in place and he showed his best side.

Finally finishing up, he went over to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast. When he sat down though … he was unable to get down even a single bite. His stomach felt queasy and he had to take a few deep breaths to make sure that he could calm down. Ah, this type of thing, he really had trouble keeping calm about it.

It was like being sixteen all over again and wanting to confess to his first crush. He was willing and even had a speech prepared but when he saw him, he suddenly didn’t know where to put his hands or his feet or how to approach him in the first place so he started to imagine all the embarrassing things that could go wrong.

Ao Jing rubbed his forehead, not quite sure what to do. He definitely couldn’t continue like this or rather than impressing Shangguan Yu, he would just embarrass himself in front of him.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to comfort himself: “In the worst case, I force a few bites down and upset my stomach. In the best case, I don’t eat anything now and my stomach starts grumbling as soon as I meet him. In that case, I can at least make a joke about how he just looks so great that I want to gobble him up.”

Thinking of that scene, Ao Jing couldn’t help himself and laughed. He shook his head at himself and finally started to eat. Anyway, he was pretty sure that they would find a way to behave with each other. They would probably get along well. There really was nothing to worry about.

Soon enough, he picked up his phone, checked the address again, and then left his apartment and got into his car. He took a deep breath and then drove off, making sure that he would be at the destination of their date at the right time.

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