IRL C54 The Entertainment Value Was High

The scene that ensued showcased extremely well just what might happen when an individual put all their stat points into a single trait of their character: Zhou Ming ran across the courtyard with his buttocks swaying, the guards following behind with red faces. One of the guards finally had enough, sped up, and jumped to tackle him to the ground. As a result, he stumbled over his own feet, planting himself face-first onto the ground.

Zhou Ming’s eyes widened and he stared at him while he rushed past, as if even he couldn’t believe that he had had so much luck. And then, yet another guard tried to jump him to get rid of the disgrace of having let such a strange person through only to collide with his colleague that had just tried to fight himself back to his feet. The two of them landed in a heap of limbs on the ground.

Then, the other guards had to make a detour, giving Zhou Ming time to run further ahead and finally climb up a tree. Some of the guards felt like covering their eyes to escape the sight. It was alright to watch a monkey climb a tree. It was also alright to watch a fully-clothed man climb a tree. But … it absolutely wasn’t alright to watch a stark-naked man climb a tree with all the dangly bits swaying about when he had no business whatsoever to be in the estate in the first place!

Liangqiu Huang blinked his eyes, his gaze became empty, and he turned to Ao Jing. “I’ll see you at the entrance.” He nodded, mechanically turned around, and then left. Apparently, even with the progressive AI of this game, this NPC had given up on calculating a reaction to this and deemed it best to just ignore the scene as if it had never happened.

Ao Jing rubbed his neck and then looked over to where Zhou Ming was squatting on the tree, seemingly not caring about the fact that he wasn’t leaving anything to imagination.

Dangly bits aside, now that he was finally staying in the same place instead of running around crazily, Ao Jing managed to get a closer look at his face and realized that he indeed knew this person.

Wasn’t that his husband’s slightly strange friend? The three of them had played together one evening but he hadn’t seen him again after that. Shangguan Yu hadn’t given any explanation but he had thought that maybe Zhou Ming hadn’t been too happy with him.

In fact, he had agonized over the question of why that might be the case for quite a long time. Even though Shangguan Yu had introduced him as a straight friend from university, there were quite a few gay guys that were just straight-passing and wouldn’t come out of the closet even in front of other gays unless pressured to do so.

Ao Jing wasn’t proud of it but in his head, he hadn’t been able to help himself and had fretted about whether this guy might be treating him strangely because he was actually interested in Shangguan Yu himself. It had made him worry that maybe there would be trouble in the future. After all, those two had known each other outside of the game while he was only an in-game acquaintance, marriage or not.

Now, it seemed that this guy had returned to bust Shangguan Yu out of jail. To be honest, he had thought that if they met again, there would be a bit of hostility between them but actually, he was just a bit weirded out by his behavior. The previous insecurity that he had felt … There wasn’t even a trace of it.

Well, after dating Shangguan Yu online for half a year, he was sure of his own feelings and also sure that Shangguan Yu also had deep feelings for him. Especially with their date being tomorrow already, he didn’t believe that any other guy would be able to come between them anymore. So why should he worry? Even if this guy was gay, it wouldn’t change anything.

Waiting for a while to make sure that Liangqiu Huang wasn’t close enough to hear him anymore, Ao Jing finally stepped out of the house as well and cleared his throat to get the guards’ attention. When they turned toward him, he put on an embarrassed expression before starting to explain. “I’m sorry but that is —”

“Husband!” Zhou Ming yelled from the tree and pointed at his nose. “So this is where you were! Do you have any idea how long I had to search for you?! I basically went to knock on every single door in this fucking town! How could you do this to me?! Are you really trying to leave me and get with your side-piece? How could I ever marry you?” He raised an arm and held it in front of his eyes as if he would start bawling the next moment. “Ah, my late father would be inconsolable if he knew what a scumbag he actually gave me to. I should burn some paper money to make sure his spirit will still rest in peace!”

The guards and the Mo family that had followed to sent Liangqiu Huang out turned to look at Ao Jing with subtle expressions. This guy … he looked so normal so how come he was married to the naked madman in the tree?

Ao Jing raised his hand and held his forehead. “Zhou Ming, you come down there and put on some clothes. And stop pretending to be my husband. What is my actual spouse going to say when he hears that?”

Unbeknown to him, his actual spouse was watching the whole scene from the top of the building behind him, covering his mouth with both hands to make sure he wouldn’t laugh out loud.

Ah, this was so like Zhou Ming! He was really able to drive people nuts when he got up to one of his shenanigans. Well, he’d like to see just how his husband would deal with this. The entertainment value was definitely high!

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