RMN C237 He Taught Well

After thinking things through like this, Baili Chao was actually quite motivated and wanted to see just how far Yun Bei Fen had really gotten. He had already seen a bit but that had only been at the side and never while he paid his full attention to Yun Bei Fen. Now that Mei Chao Bing wasn’t there for once, he should use the opportunity to instruct Yun Bei Fen a little bit himself as well.

He hastily got up and followed him outside, reaching Yun Bei Fen right behind the door. Patting his disciple’s shoulder, he felt like giving some advice was necessary first. “That’s a good idea. While he is gone, practicing a bit more will also ensure that you won’t feel bored. For now, how about showing your Master what you’ve learned while you’ve been traveling with Mei Chao Bing though?”

Yun Bei Fen immediately nodded, feeling like this was a great idea. Absentmindedly brushing through Xiao Hui’s fur, he couldn’t help but think that since Mei Chao Bing had already left before he woke up, then now it might not be that much longer until he came back. In any case, he had also returned sooner than expected when he left the last time. So why wouldn’t it be the same this time around as well?

Thinking like this, he cheered up a little and then continued walking to the courtyard with his Master. He put down Xiao Hui and then took out his sword. Using his spiritual energy, he made it rise into the air and hover there for a moment before stepping onto it.

Baili Chao raised his brows when he saw this. As it turned out, his little disciple was actually not doing that badly. He didn’t look completely steady yet but compared to before where he hadn’t even known how to make his sword rise, this was much better. He nodded slowly, rubbing his chin. “Not bad, not bad. Looks like that Mei-boy is able to teach you quite a bit. What else is there?”

Yun Bei Fen jumped back onto the ground, put his sword away, and then raised his hands. He stared at them for a moment, trying to focus as well as he could. His Master had just praised Mei Chao Bing for teaching him well. If he could show him that he had learned even more, his Master would definitely be very happy with Mei Chao Bing. So he had to do as well as he could!

Taking another moment to prepare, he finally created a small energy shield. It was actually a little smaller than the ones he had tried to do before but he wanted to play it safe. It was better to have one that was small but looked really decent than to have a big one that would fray out at the side and would be deemed ineffective by his Master.

Elder Baili was once again stunned. His little disciple … he had really been learning quite well in these past few weeks, hadn’t he? Mei Chao Bing had actually managed to teach him two skills. This wasn’t bad. If they continued like this, who knew if Yun Bei Fen wouldn’t be able to catch up to the other disciples of his age after about half a year or maybe a year? That would definitely be for the best.

“So you also know how to make an energy shield. That is very impressive. It also looked like it’s quite well-made.”

Yun Bei Fen beamed and collapsed the shield, instead focusing his spiritual energy again to also show an attack. “This is the last skill that senior martial brother Mei taught me. I haven’t been able to practice it as often so it’s not that good yet. I think I understand the general gist of it though.” Explaining it this way to give his Master a warning, Yun Bei Fen finally created a small ball of energy and threw it at the ground.

Elder Baili watched as the small ball wavered through the air and then fell to the ground, fizzling out without even leaving a scratch. He wisely looked at the ground for a moment longer, making sure that he wouldn’t blurt out what he really thought about this. “Well … it seems that you really understand the general gist of how this is supposed to work.”

This was really the only nice thing he was able to say to that. This kind of attack power at twenty years of age really wasn’t that impressive. After all, this was a skill that would be taught pretty early on. Even a disciple in the Qi gathering stage would normally be able to use it. That Yun Bei Fen who had already reached foundation establishment wasn’t able to do the same was actually quite embarrassing to think about. But … that was neither Yun Bei Fen’s nor Mei Chao Bing’s fault. Thus, he could only blame himself.

Stepping closer, Baili Chao patted Yun Bei Fen’s shoulder. “You should work a bit more on that skill in the near future. The other two already looked quite good. I think with those, you at least have the basics down pat. This attack will need a bit more work but I’m sure that you’ll be able to do it as well. Very well done, Fen’er. I’m proud of you!”

Yun Bei Fen straightened up and happily grabbed his Master’s arm. “Senior martial brother Mei taught me really well, didn’t he?”

Baili Chao sighed and rubbed the little bunny’s head, feeling indulgent. “Yes, senior martial brother Mei did very, very well in teaching you. I probably should’ve let him teach you before already.” Who knew if Yun Bei Fen wouldn’t have been able to learn sooner then? But in any case, his age would have still been a problem. And after being five years in closed-door cultivation, it also wasn’t like there would’ve been many chances for these two to work together.

“Well, for now, let’s go to the square to see the other disciples. It’s not like you don’t have a mission of your own. Now is not the time to slack in the border region.”

Yun Bei Fen really would’ve preferred to wait for Mei Chao Bing here where they would be able to see each other sooner but he still nodded his head. In any case, maybe this was also a chance to practice his skills a little more.

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