RMN C238 Merging Groups

Since Yun Bei Fen didn’t argue, Baili Chao pulled him along to the square where they would meet up with the other disciples. Xiao Hui that had been forgotten on the ground continued to sit there for a moment, looking at its Master that had left it behind.

Da Hei who had silently followed Yun Bei Fen so far, gave a sigh, and then went over to Xiao Hui, grabbing the silly little bunny by the scruff of its neck, and then carried it outside, slowly strolling after Yun Bei Fen and his Master.

In any case, he was supposed to pay attention to that little boy. He could probably ignore the bunny but he had already noticed that the thing was quite useful to have around. At the very least, it could find a few spiritual herbs, which would count as Yun Bei Fen’s contribution to the group even without him lifting a single finger. That was definitely something that should be taken along. If Yun Bei Fen was unable to remember, then he would do it for him. When Mei Chao Bing came back, he could also point to this as proof that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

When the two people and two spiritual beasts arrived at the square, Baili Chao patted his disciple’s back and let him wait where Yuan Lei, Yi Ju, and Kui Min were currently standing together while he went to the front.

Kui Min smiled at Yun Bei Fen and then tilted her head, looking at Xiao Hui who was carried over by Da Hei in a sloppy manner. “Ah? What’s the matter with Da Hei and Xiao Hui?”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and then turned around, surprised to see the midnight wolf and the little bunny. “Da Hei, did you being Xiao Hui along?” Great! He had actually forgotten about him. He crouched down and stretched out his hands, catching the little bunny when Da Hei let go.

The midnight wolf didn’t bother to respond and just trudged to the side, lying down. In any case, right now, there really was no reason to worry about that silly youth. Things would be different though when they went outside.

Baili Chao glanced at the three of them but didn’t say anything. Instead, he addressed all of the disciples together. “Elder Xing has gone with a few disciples to follow a clue that was recently found. Thus, we will have to change a few groups once again. Those whose group is still intact please stay together. The others, please meet up with another group that is also missing members so you can go together.”

Yi Ju, Yuan Lei, and Yun Bei Fen exchanged a glance. Mei Chao Bing and Song Mu, as well as Liu Bao Ru, who had all three been in their group, were all on the other mission now. Then, there had been the other two martial brothers, Nian Tao and Ran Wu, who left in the middle to follow Yang Wu Huang and his two lackeys. Looking around, these two were actually still at the camp so they counted as members of their group again.

Yuan Lei sighed and glanced at Yi Ju. “Looks like we lost three valuable members and got the two back that we didn’t really need.”

She nodded, also feeling a bit dismayed. It had been pretty obvious that the two of them hadn’t wanted to stay with them because of Mei Chao Bing. As somebody who had a good impression of him, she naturally wasn’t happy.

Kui Min glanced at the two of them, her expression not any better. “It’s still good if it’s only these two. I’ll have to go back to Yang Wu Huang. But after what happened before, I really don’t feel safe!”

Yuan Lei furrowed his brows, feeling worried as well when she brought that up. Clearly, Yang Wu Huang didn’t care at all about what happened to the others. If they got into danger, he would sacrifice everyone else first before he even got a scratch. In fact, he might even get them into trouble deliberately if it served his purpose. Naturally, Kui Min should be worried in such a case.

Yun Bei Fen looked over and tilted his head. “Are they also missing people?” If he remembered right, all groups had had nine or even ten people before. Now, even if he counted Kui Min in, Yang Wu Huang’s group was several people short.

When he said so, Kui Min’s expression fell even further. “Yeah, that’s true. One of the disciples from our group died when we were attacked by the demonic practitioners. Another three were gravely injured. Even after being brought back and treated, they still aren’t back on their feet. I think Elder Baili had them sent back to the sect.”

In fact, they hadn’t just been sent back, they had also been accompanied by a group of other disciples, two of which had been from Yang Wu Huang’s group. Thus, only Kui Min, Yang Wu Huang, and his two followers Ao Jing and Di Huan Bo were left from the original group. With only these four people, they naturally couldn’t form a group on their own.

Yuan Lei sighed when he realized what that meant. “They’re going to team up with us, aren’t they?”

Kui Min nodded. “I’m afraid you’re right. I mean, I’m happy to be together with you again but … I also don’t wish for you to have to do with Yang Wu Huang.”

Yun Bei Fen also furrowed his brows. In general, he wouldn’t mind no matter who he was put together with but Yang Wu Huang just happened to be the one exception to this rule. Mei Chao Bing didn’t like him and Yang Wu Huang didn’t like Mei Chao Bing. Naturally, he also wouldn’t like Yang Wu Huang. Especially not after everything that had already happened before. Clearly, this person wasn’t good!

But even though he thought so, he could only purse his lips, unhappy about the circumstances. It still wouldn’t change that they had to team up with them. After all, some of the other groups hadn’t lost any disciples and even the group that Xi Ju Hai had been in before was only two people short. It would make sense to put them together. So there really was no other way.

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