SML V3C7 He Felt Like the Bad Guy

Mister Mo stared at Li Ming, waiting for what else there was to come. To his surprise, Li Ming fell silent and then just looked back up at him as if that was everything.

Mister Mo’s gaze darted around while he was trying to figure out what he was supposed to say right now. “So … you’re telling me that you got together with my son and then you were just too surprised this morning.”

Li Ming inclined his head. “Yes, that’s exactly right. I know this must sound ludicrous but it is the truth. To be honest, I was worried about being late to work so when I saw you in front of the changing room, I just panicked. So I wanted to reassure you that the two of us hadn’t forgotten about work because of our private matters. I don’t know if Boss Mo will believe this.”

Eh … Mister Mo couldn’t help but wonder just what his son and Li Ming thought of him. It seemed that these two had actually worried that he would have something against this. Hm, that would probably allow him to set some boundaries for Li Ming though. How great!

Mister Mo put on a troubled expression. “Li Ming, you know I’ve always treated all my employees fairly.”

Li Ming straightened up and gave a stiff smile. “Yes, Boss Mo.”

“And you also know that I’ve never said anything against dating at the workplace even though I know that it is looked down upon by a lot of other employers.”

Li Ming clenched his hands into fists on top of his thighs but still nodded. “Yes, I know.”

“Well, you also know that — considering my own son’s sexual orientation — I’ve never made a big deal about any of you being straight or gay or whatever.”

Li Ming nodded again, already feeling hopeless in his heart. What was this if not a speech about how he was definitely a very tolerant person but still didn’t want his son to be going out with one of his employees? Li Ming’s stomach churned when he thought about it. The two of them had been so happy. Just a few hours ago, they had been laughing together and collecting mementos. Now, they might actually need to break up again.

There was a hollow feeling in his chest when he imagined that. And he was even the person who had fallen in love later. Mo Fang was the one who would be hit even harder by this. Thinking of it, he finally couldn’t hold back.

“Boss Mo.” Li Ming looked at him, his expression pleading. “I can imagine that you’re not thrilled about this. In any case, I also know that it’s a bit awkward to date your son. If the two of us being employed here together is making things difficult for you, then I’m willing to resign.

“I do sincerely love Mo Fang. And even though he just got out of a relationship, he feels the same way about me, I’m sure about that. So no matter what kind of requirements you have, please just tell me. I will try to make sure that I fulfill all of them. It might not be what you have imagined for your son but I’m willing to try to do better.”

Mister Mo who had just wanted to try and give this guy some things to do, was stunned speechless. Excuse him, but where was the fun in this? Looking at Li Ming’s tortured expression, he was actually starting to feel like he was the bad guy here! Well, considering that he had just wanted to make trouble for him, he might indeed be the bad guy.

Mister Mo sighed and waved again, shaking his head. “You’re being too serious. I wanted to say that considering all these things, I’m amazed that you would still think I have anything against this. In any case, I’ve known you for some years now. You’ve always been a decent guy. Compared to the ones that my son has been going out with before, I really couldn’t hope for anyone better.

“So improving or whatnot, let’s not talk about that. Just treat him well and I will be happy. In any case, also know that the two of you won’t have an easy life. Even if you stay together, being gay in this time and age also isn’t something that is that well looked upon. You’ll have quite a bit of trouble ahead of you no matter what I say.”

Li Ming unwittingly relaxed. So Boss Mo was actually willing to accept their relationship. This was great! He really wanted to rush out, run over to the service counters, and swoop Mo Fang into his arms to tell him. Unknowingly, a smile lit up his expression, and he immediately got up to bow. “Thank you, Boss Mo! Thank you so much!”

Mister Mo looked at him, feeling like he had bullied this guy too much before. “Aiya, Li Ming, don’t look at me like this! I’ll feel like I’m not a decent person. In any case … it’s good to see that you and Mo Fang are doing well together.” He fell quiet for a moment, and then glanced at the schedule with the employees’ shifts on his computer. “Mn, if I am seeing this right, then the two of you have the early shifts on Wednesday. Why don’t you come over to eat with us for dinner? In any case, it would be nice to get to know each other outside of work a bit as well.”

Li Ming stared at him in a daze, still unable to grasp what was going on. “That … Well, I’d be honored!” This was really going much better than expected. He really felt that it was too unbelievable.

Mister Mo shook his head at him, feeling like Li Ming’s mental state really wasn’t good today. Well, most likely, he had shocked him too much earlier. “In any case, there are still two days until then. You just go and leave. I’m sure that Mo Fang is already waiting for you somewhere.”

“Thank you again. I will definitely not disappoint you!” Li Ming inclined his head again and then left the office, feeling as if he was walking on clouds. His boss … his future father-in-law … didn’t mind be him being together with his son. How could anything better happen to him?

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