SML V3C5 Going the Extra Mile

After the initial panic of being confronted by Mo Fang’s father, Li Ming had to calm down when he started to work. In any case, he had always been somebody who was able to control his emotions quite well. When there was something that he needed to do like working on his job, he was able not to think about anything else, no matter what else was going on in his life.

Unfortunately, this peace didn’t last long. While he was making his rounds through the railroad station, making sure that there weren’t any problems and that nobody needed help, he was spotted by Rui Lan.

His friend glanced around, and then rushed over, grabbing him by the shoulder and pulling him into a corner where they wouldn’t get in the way of the passengers. “What the fuck happened with you and Mo Fang?!”

Li Ming’s eyes widened. “How do you already know about this?” So far, he hadn’t told anyone yet and it hadn’t been long since they arrived.

Rui Lan furrowed his brows, not quite happy when Li Ming admitted to it so straightforwardly. Even though he trusted that Boss Mo wouldn’t deliberately lie, it could very well have been that he just misjudged the situation. After all, who knew if Mo Fang hadn’t just jumped Li Ming in front of the changing room and kissed him without Li Ming actually being in a relationship with him? That was something he could imagine Mo Fang doing. But now, it turned out that Mister Mo had actually interpreted what he had seen exactly right. These two … they really were in a relationship. “I can’t believe you really fell into his trap! Didn’t I warn you enough?”

Li Ming smiled wryly. Rui Lan had indeed warned him more than once but what was he supposed to do? He shrugged his shoulders, a little helpless himself. “What can I say? I love him. I didn’t expect it myself. Just last week … I don’t know.” He sighed and rubbed the back of his head, not even sure what to say. “Believe me, I also wouldn’t have thought that this was possible but it just happened. But you don’t need to worry! I’m happy with him. Really happy. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

Rui Lan felt the need to curse him but seeing his expression, he also couldn’t bring himself to do so. Clearly, Li Ming was indeed happy. “I see, that guy really managed to wrap you around his little finger. Well, let’s just hope you won’t regret it.” He sighed and then patted Li Ming’s shoulder. “Anyway, if you do, you know where to find me. Just give me a call and I’ll be there.”

Li Ming smiled wryly at that. “I’ll remember that but I don’t think I’ll need it. The two of us …” He shook his head and a smile lit up his face. “I also don’t know. It’s … it’s like magic. As soon as I see him, I’m just immensely happy. And spending time with him is … it’s like the hours are just flying by. We went out this weekend and had a blast those two days. And today, we spent the whole morning together before going to work. I really don’t think I could’ve made a better decision.”

Hearing that, Rui Lan was actually even more worried but he also realized that there was no point in trying to advise Li Ming. Clearly, this guy was too far gone. He had already stepped right into Mo Fang’s trap. It seemed that for the time being, even though he was sure that he knew better, he could only wait for Li Ming to realize himself that this wouldn’t work out in the end.

He forced himself to smile and patted his shoulder again. “Well, I’m glad that you are so happy. If it’s this amazing, then I just hope the two of you are going to have a good time.” In any case, this was helping him to finally get over Su Yan. It was about damn time.

Li Ming nodded. “I’m sure we will. It’s …” He smiled turned a little wry and he cleared his throat. “It’s just that things will be a bit awkward with Boss Mo.”

Rui Lan gave a huff, feeling that Li Ming was making an elephant out of nothing. Clearly, there wouldn’t be a problem with Boss Mo at all. Wasn’t that guy ecstatic that the two of them had gotten together? “Well, I’m sure you’ll get over the awkwardness soon. In any case, we should probably get back to work. If the boss spots us slacking off, he’d still get angry even if you become his son-in-law.”

Li Ming’s ears turned a little red and he hurriedly nodded, parting ways with Rui Lan. His thoughts couldn’t help but linger on those last words for a while though.

Become his son-in-law … Well, it was clearly too early to think about any of that but right now, if things continued as they had started, then a future between him and Mo Fang might not be impossible. Although that would also depend a bit on what Boss Mo thought about him as Mo Fang’s boyfriend. He really had to make sure that he left a good impression on him after his shift.

Thinking of that, Li Ming finally shook his head, straightened up, and went back to work. Especially now, he needed to give one hundred and twenty percent when on the clock. He had to make sure that if Boss Mo coincidentally saw him outside, or heard something from a passenger or coworker, he would get a good impression of him. That way, maybe he would be more prone to agree to him when he told him about the matter with him and Mo Fang.

From now on, he wasn’t just working to earn money and do his part in society, but also to make sure that he could have a happy relationship. Naturally, going the extra mile was the right thing to do.

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