OMF V8C56 Not as Gentle as Expected

On the other hand, Xin Lan also had his own thoughts. He had seen how Jin Ling had contacted this disciple of the Yun Zou Sect and had also heard what this was about. Needless to say, he wouldn’t stand for it. His Master couldn’t be compromised. Right now, he was safe in the dimension and had just had a second wedding, leaving him in an especially happy mood. To think that this could be destroyed by another person … he naturally wouldn’t just ignore that. No, had to do something.

Xin Lan tilted his head and then walked forward, grabbing Qiguan Cheng Da by the shoulder. “This disciple … you wouldn’t have been selling information to the demons, would you?”

Qiguan Cheng Da jolted and turned around, staring at Xin Lan in a daze. He hadn’t heard anybody coming close, meaning that this person was probably far above them in terms of strength. Still, he could only hope that this was just some kind of conjecture, not something that he absolutely knew about. In any case, he could still somehow swindle his way out of this. He was sure of that.

“I’m sorry, do I know you, senior?” He felt that he had seen this person around before. In fact, he should have appeared in the vicinity of that golden-haired person that the demon king wanted him to pay attention to. This was quite an interesting development. Jin Ling might even be willing to pay quite a bit for this information. It was a pity that it really was too dangerous to contact him again right now.

Xin Lan just smiled. “Does my identity change the fact that you sold information? In any case, I’m afraid I can’t let you do that anymore.”

Qiguan Cheng Da hastily raised his hands and waved them in defense. “I’m sorry, I’m sure you misunderstood. I’m doing no such thing. Actually, this is a task the Sect Master gave me. I am obtaining information, not selling it.” This was something that should be able to at least buy him some time. He didn’t think that this guy would really go to try and find out if this was true. In any case, who would just go and casually ask the Sect Master to verify something like this? Certainly, nobody would expect a disciple to just make up a mission.

Xin Lan just smiled and reached up, grabbing his neck. “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe a single word you say.”

Before Qiguan Cheng Da could say anything else, a set of claws had already embedded itself into his throat, making him unable to speak up.

“I’m afraid you messed with the wrong person. If it had been anybody else you were spying on, I might’ve just faced the other side. Unfortunately …” He pulled back his hand, and the other person dropped to the ground, their eyes wide open.

Xin Lan gave a faint hum and shook his hand, getting rid of the blood. Now, what to do with the body? This was a bit of a hassle. Usually, he wouldn’t care but this was inside the Yun Zou Sect after all. With Qiu Ling gone, there was only one more dragon left here. And he definitely didn’t want to make trouble for his Master. So it would probably be best to get rid of this outside of the sect. But then again, his own fiance was still waiting for him to come back. It didn’t feel right to just leave like this.

Just when Xin Lan found himself in a moral dilemma, he heard steps behind him. Turning around, he was faced with the pale face of Hua Lin Yu.

The boy looked from him to the person on the ground and then back again. “He …”

Xin Lan didn’t miss a beat. “He was conspiring with the demons, selling them information about the people in the sect. I went ahead and got rid of the problem.” He turned back to look at the disciple, somewhat unhappy that he had caused such a scene. Now, who knew what Hua Lin Yu would be thinking?

He sighed and then went over to Hua Lin Yu, pulling him into his arms. “Do me a favor and go up to the Sect Master’s peak, yes? Tell him about what happened. I think it would be better to inform the people of the Yun Zou Sect about this. Ah, also, ask him to bring that Grandmaster along.” From what he remembered, that Zhangsun Xun Yi should be in the know about the story behind his Master and his husband. So getting this person involved might help them out a bit.

Hua Lin Yu was visibly shaken but he still nodded. “Of course. I’ll go do it right now.” He dashed off, his thoughts in disarray.

He had only ever known Xin Lan as a person that would do anything to help him. If he encountered troubles with his cultivation, Xin Lan would patiently try to guide him or find somebody else who could if he didn’t know the answer. If he wanted to see something or do something, Xin Lan would indulge him and do whatever it took to fulfill his wishes. He had also treated his family well all this time.

Over time, he had come to believe that Xin Lan would always be this gentle. Even though he was a little gruff with other people when they approached him, he had never seemed dangerous. But clearly, he had been wrong thinking like this. Xin Lan … he was a dragon after all. He wasn’t human. And at his age, he probably had a different outlook on life.

Killing somebody … it wasn’t something that he had a problem with. To him, it even seemed to be the first solution that would pop into his head when he was confronted with a problem like this. To Hua Lin Yu though … this was something he had trouble accepting. He really didn’t know what to think right now. But for now, pondering that question also wasn’t what he should do. No, there were more pressing issues going on. He first had to take care of those.

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