SML V2C65 Not a Big Deal

Li Ming gulped and then nodded faintly. In any case, no matter what it was, he would go along with it. They had the time and he really felt that it would be good to do a bit more for Mo Fang. Clearly, while he had had quite a few relationships before, not all of them had been good. It didn’t really have anything to do with him but since they were a couple now, he just felt the need to somehow make up for it. He wanted Mo Fang to be happy. So if this was something that could achieve that with, then he would naturally want to go along with it.

Mo Fang smiled happily and motioned down through the mall. “Alright, let’s go then!” He tugged at his arm and then pulled him toward a store that was further to the middle of the mall.

Li Ming raised his brows, somewhat surprised to see that this was a normal clothing store. Well, Mo Fang was into fashion so he probably shouldn’t be surprised. It wasn’t what he had expected though. After all, showing off that they were a couple … could it really be done with something they would be able to get here?

Mo Fang didn’t seem to think that there was an issue though and just pulled Li Ming into the store. He didn’t bother to look around much and just waved to one of the employees, making the woman rush over.

“What may I do for you?” She looked at the two of them with a professional smile, only glancing over the way that Mo Fang had hugged Li Ming’s arm before returning to look into their eyes. Clearly, she didn’t care much that the two of them were a couple.

Li Ming relaxed. He had immediately tensed after Mo Fang had just called her over. To be honest, after this weekend of being lovey-dovey with him, he didn’t care as much anymore if somebody was looking at them. But still, when they were directly across somebody and asking for something, it was still a different matter. After all, there was no way that people wouldn’t realize what was going on, right? He just couldn’t get completely over his apprehensions yet but it was already a bit better than before.

Noticing this, Li Ming actually heaved a sigh of relief. In any case, he understood that Mo Fang had different thoughts on this. He clearly wasn’t willing to hide himself and his relationships. Thus, if they wanted to be together in the future as well, then he would need to make an effort not to worry as much. He couldn’t always tense up when they went to eat out or had a date somewhere public. That just wouldn’t be acceptable to Mo Fang. And sooner or later, it would strain their relationship if he didn’t do something. That was definitely something that he wasn’t willing to risk.

Mo Fang smiled brightly at the woman and then patted Li Ming’s chest. “We’re looking for something to make a statement with. I’m thinking couple clothes. It would be great if it was the same piece in different sizes or two pieces that complement each other very well. Like the same piece in a different color or maybe even alternating colors. Do you have something like that?”

Being asked such a straightforward question, the woman was naturally happy to help. Who cared if the customers were gay or straight? As long as they were willing to leave some money, she would definitely serve them well! Thus, realizing that these two were really looking to buy something, she was even happier to help. “Of course, please follow me!” She turned around and then led the two of them around the store, pointing out a few pieces that would fit what Mo Fang wanted.

Mo Fang gave a hum whenever he saw something, had her pick the sizes and colors that he deemed appropriate, and then handed everything to Li Ming.

Looking at the arm full of shirts that he was carrying after a few minutes, Li Ming felt that he suddenly understood what it meant to be together with somebody who was into fashion. Most likely, this would be a regular occurrence in the future.

Glancing at Mo Fang and the way his eyes curved into crescents because of happiness, Li Ming smiled as well. Even though he himself didn’t care too much about clothes, he was still happy. Clearly, this was something that was important to his boyfriend. And if supporting this interest of his was as simple as just carrying around a few clothes, then he was definitely willing to help out.

Soon enough, they had picked out several pieces that they liked and followed the employee over to the changing rooms.

Mo Fang straightforwardly pulled Li Ming into one of the cubicles, hanging the clothes to the side. “Alright, let’s give them a try together.” Not waiting for Li Ming’s response, he reached out and started to undo the buttons of his shirt.

Li Ming stared at him, suddenly not knowing what to say. This … They couldn’t really try the clothes on together like this, could they? He hesitated and then cleared his throat, hurriedly reaching up to catch Mo Fang’s hands. “Maybe I should go to the next one so you have a bit more space.”

Mo Fang looked up, seemingly confused as to why he would suggest that. “But isn’t this about seeing what looks good together? I think it’s still more beneficial to try them together. Otherwise, we’ll have to step out of the cubicle all the time. That’s such a hassle. Here, just try this first.” Mo Fang handed him another shirt, and then started to undo the buttons of his own one, changing as well.

While Li Ming was still looking at him, trying to find something to say, Mo Fang already finished. Realizing that he was still standing there with his shirt taken off and the other shirt still in his hands while his boyfriend had just changed quickly, Li Ming somehow felt as if he was making this into a bigger deal than it really was.

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