OMF V8C55 An Exchange of Information

Back in the mortal realm, Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu had left the Grandelder’s peak and were now strolling through the inner sect. Xin Lan wasn’t in a hurry to go back. In any case, he felt like spending some time with Hua Lin Yu was the best thing he could do if he wanted to get closer to him again. After all, this would increase their familiarity and should remind Hua Lin Yu of the good times they had had in the dragon realm.

Even without that, he felt like spending enough time together would make Hua Lin Yu feel that there was more to them. In any case, how much time could he really spend with somebody who was trying to woo him without feeling even the least bit affected by their feelings? He didn’t think it was too much.

In the dragon realm, things might have been too monotonous for Hua Lin Yu to really care but now that they were in the mortal realm and going to see more interesting things, the excitement from that would definitely spill over into their relationship as well. If Hua Lin Yu’s heart was beating faster at the incredible sights and then he swooped him up into his arms … Just thinking of this, Xin Lan’s lips curved up in a smile. He didn’t think that there would be anything keeping Hua Lin Yu from being with him soon enough.

Hua Lin Yu was still thinking about what he had heard from Nian Hong Fang and wasn’t really thinking about his own relationship. But still, at the very least, he didn’t feel strange when walking with Xin Lan like this. It was almost as if they were back to how things had been in the beginning when they just spent time with each other, not thinking of anything unrelated.

The two of them passed by the buildings where the disciples without a Master were living, slowly walking toward the next peak. Just then, a flicker of light caught Xin Lan’s attention. He turned his head, faintly narrowing his eyes. If he hadn’t seen wrong just now, then this had reflected off a dark surface. It might be nothing but it somehow reminded him of the black crystal glass that was used in the demonic realm to communicate.

“Wait here for a moment.” He didn’t explain to Hua Lin Yu and just let go of him, silently making his way over in the direction where he had seen the light. Soon enough, he had found out what was going on. A disciple in the robes of the Yun Zou Sect was holding precisely the type of black crystal glass mirror that he had thought of. And he was currently conversing with the person on the other side or maybe it would be more accurate to say that they were arguing.

“Do you think it was easy to contact you? The Sect Master invited basically everyone of importance in the mortal realm. There were the Sect Masters and Elders of even the unranked sect. Do you really think I can just contact you like that to tell you what is going on? And I only found out today. It’s not like I’m still close with him.”

Xin Lan’s eyes narrowed even further. To be honest, he could only imagine a single person that would have a lingering interest in what was going on in the Yun Zou Sect. After all, Qiu Ling had already left with his lover. So who else would care? The voice that answered this person showed that he was right.

“The only thing I asked of you is that you pay attention to him. Now, he has actually gotten married and I only find out after the fact? Do you really want to tell me that there wasn’t a single spot inside the whole Yun Zou Sect that you could have retreated to, to contact me? I really have a hard time believing you.”

The disciple just gave a faint smile. “And now what? It isn’t really like there is anybody else you can ask to provide you with information, is there? In any case, it is good enough that I told you. I don’t think you should expect any more from me. I’ve already done the best that I could in the current circumstances.”

“Well, your best obviously isn’t good enough. These two, did they retreat into that array behind the Sect Master’s palace?”

“Well, they left after the ceremony was finished. Where they went … it was indeed in the direction of the Sect Master’s palace but it isn’t like Yu Jin isn’t living there. I can’t really tell you if they went back to his place or some kind of array. It isn’t like I am able to follow them without being noticed.”

Jin Ling gave a huff, not buying what Qiguan Cheng Da was saying. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t anything he could do. “Very well, just keep an eye on the situation. If there’s anything new, make sure to contact me.”

“Of course. Don’t worry about it.”

“And make sure that you contact me before he vanishes the next time, alright?”

Qiguan Cheng Da gave a faint smile. “I will certainly try my best but I can’t promise anything. You also know that I’m doing this at my own risk. If I’m being caught …”

Jin Ling gave a smile as well, feeling that he probably shouldn’t rely on Qiguan Cheng Da any longer. This matter … he would have to find somebody else to do it. Still, he didn’t say his thoughts out loud. In any case, having somebody at the place where Jinde was that would regularly provide him with information was quite good. Even if he couldn’t tell him everything, it was his least a start. He could work something out for the rest.

Thus, he just inclined his head and then retracted his spiritual energy, cutting the connection. Putting away the black crystal glass mirror, he frowned. Now, what he needed was a person that could blend in with the humans, and was responsible with relaying information. Thankfully, he remembered that he had exactly such a person at his disposal.

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