IRL C44 An Old Friend

While the Mo family started to investigate, things were turning out quite … interesting on Shangguan Yu’s side. Since he didn’t want to go offline and also didn’t want to disturb his husband, he had indeed chatted up another friend of his.

Originally, the two of them had been attending university together and even shared a room at the dorm. But this friend of his had needed to leave halfway through their studies for personal reasons and returned to his hometown so they only ever saw each other in the game. In fact, it had been this friend who first introduced Shangguan Yu to the game and thus enabled him to meet his online-husband. Thinking of it like this, he owed him a lot.

[Zhou Ming …] Shangguan Yu sent over a crying face and then directly launched into the story of how he had come to be thrown into the dungeon as soon as he was acknowledged.

Unfortunately, he got back a string of laughter instead of the expected comfort and the following message wasn’t any nicer: [You’re honestly the only person I know that could get caught up in a situation like this.] Back at home, Zhou Ming grinned to himself when he typed in that message.

Shangguan Yu pursed his lips and pouted. [Not funny! I’m bored to death in here …]

Zhou Ming turned slightly more serious when he read that and guided his flying mount to land on a nearby hill instead of continuing to the forest where he had originally wanted to do a mission. Shangguan Yu was the type of person that would easily get bored. Normally, he didn’t have trouble finding something to do but the prisons in this game really were too shameless. It was no wonder he was already fed up. [Didn’t you make plans with your husband to break you out?]

Shangguan Yu sighed at that. [No, he’s investigating right now. I don’t know when he’ll get back.] He tacked on a sad smiley, feeling pity for himself. If he knew when Ao Jing would come back, he wouldn’t feel as bad. At the very least, he’d have something to look forward to.

[Gosh, he’s useless.] Zhou Ming pouted. If this was him, he wouldn’t let Shangguan Yu suffer like this. But, unfortunately, this friend of his just didn’t know to adhere to the good old bros before hoes rule. Since the day he had met this husband of his, the time the two of them spent together had plummeted drastically. Originally, Zhou Ming had thought that this was just because of the sense of novelty but how come it still hadn’t worn off after half a year? That truly sucked. Now, he always had to play with others. Not fun at all!

Because of that, Zhou Ming couldn’t say that he was very apologetic toward the fact that Shangguan Yu had gotten himself into such a situation. In fact, if he was honest, he was gloating a bit about the bad luck he had had. That had to be cosmic karma or something!

Shangguan Yu smiled wryly when he received that message. He could imagine why Zhou Ming was reacting like this even though he found it a bit unfair. [If you don’t want to play together with him, you’re not allowed to complain. I don’t expect you to understand this but it’s really difficult to get a decent boyfriend these days. If you find one, you have to hold onto him!] He pondered for a moment whether he should write something more. Anyway, Zhou Ming was straight so he might not get it. While it probably wasn’t easy either to get a nice girlfriend, the pool was just so much bigger than it was for gay men. In the end, he couldn’t help himself and added a different comparison. [This is like if you win the lottery. You also wouldn’t tell me not to go and collect my money if that happened, would you?]

Zhou Ming’s lips twitched when he read that. [PDA much? I don’t even want to hear the details about your great love life. There’s really no need to rub it in the face of the single guy.] He added a pouting emoji but then got back to the original topic.

Anyway, Shangguan Yu had come out to him in the second semester and while he wasn’t gay himself, he had listened to him complain about men and the gay scene a few times before so he somewhat understood that it was a bit troublesome. Thus, he was actually happy for him that he had managed to find a guy that he seemed to like. [Well, I guess I can reluctantly agree if he’s worth that much though. Alright, which prison did they put you in?]

Shangguan Yu tilted his head. [The one in the Lu Kou Town. Why? Is there something special about it? Or did you get the same task before?]

Zhou Ming’s lips twitched but he didn’t bother to answer. He closed the chat interface, spurred on his flying mount, and off he went toward the Lu Kou Town. Anyway, this was a prime opportunity to have some fun with his old friend while his husband was away! He definitely wouldn’t miss out on it.

Thus, Shangguan Yu was suddenly left without a response only to have an unconscious guard thrown in front of the door to his cell fifteen minutes later. When he looked up with his mouth hanging open, Zhou Ming just waved and then dangled the keys in front of him.

“Well? How did I do that? I’m very awesome, right?”

He laughed while Shangguan Yu only rested his forehead in his hand, ready to just give up with this guy. He had just wanted to chat to relieve his boredom! Why was he suddenly broken out of prison? This was just screaming for them to be caught and trouble to be added onto Ao Jing’s plate …

Well, he also couldn’t bring himself to remain in the cell when the door was opened though.

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