SML V2C59 Everything Prepared

As it turned out, Li Ming didn’t have any reason to worry. The movie this time was really just a romantic comedy and not the type of raunchy one that Mo Fang had shown him the other day. They really were just watching, while Mo Fang the chatting away at the side.

Li Ming had never done something like this before with any of his exes so he had a bit of trouble adjusting and did not say much. Watching the movie and at the same time talking with somebody on the phone was just something he first needed to get used to.

He didn’t mind hearing Mo Fang talk though. Instead, he actually found it endearing. Maybe that just was how things were when they concerned the person you loved: You would find everything they did great, even if it was something you yourself had a bit of trouble with or couldn’t quite understand.

Soon enough, the movie was over and Li Ming actually found himself wishing that it had gone on a little longer. Now, did they still have an excuse to continue staying on the phone? Although … Taking a glance at his phone screen, he really realized that it had gotten pretty late. He sighed faintly. “Looks like it got late. The two of us should probably go to sleep now.”

Mo Fang closed his notebook and gave a faint hum. “Well … I guess it would be irresponsible of me to keep you awake even longer than this. You’re probably quite tired after today.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but raise his brows. “Are you not?” He had noticed that Mo Fang had a ton of energy but he really would have thought that after all of this, even Mo Fang would be tired. Now though, it seemed that he had still underestimated the amount of energy his boyfriend had.

Mo Fang just chuckled. “Well, I guess I could hold on at least another hour if I get to spend time with you. But then again, sleeping earlier will also be good. After all, I want to look my best for you tomorrow.”

Li Ming laughed at that. “I won’t love you any less just because you look not quite as well-rested but I’ll be happy if you take care of yourself.”

Mo Fang gave a hum in response. “Well, if it’s so important to you, then I naturally wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Let’s say goodbye for now then. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Love you!”

Li Ming’s ears tingled when he heard those sweet words. “Love you too.” He ended the call and then sat there with his phone in his hands, feeling as if he could still hear Mo Fang’s voice in his ear. God, he really felt like he was going crazy. Just two days and he was already like this. How was this supposed to end? He was really, completely infatuated with Mo Fang.

He shook his head at himself and then slipped his phone in his pocket, getting up and going into the kitchen to check the ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast. He really didn’t want to disappoint his boyfriend. After being praised for his cooking skills by him several times, his pride wouldn’t be able to stand the blow if things went wrong.

On the other hand, Mo Fang put his notebook away, leaned back, and opened Baidu on his phone to search for a few pictures. When he had finally found everything he was looking for, he opened WeChat, and sent a message to the same person he had already given a call yesterday.

[Can you find me some pieces like this? I’ll tell you the exact size tomorrow for the second set. As for mine, you already know.]

He sent a kissing-emoji afterward, and then threw his phone to the side, getting up to look through his wardrobe to figure out what to wear tomorrow. Things were going especially well with Li Ming right now. This meant that he had to keep the heat up. The more he was able to turn his head in the next few days, the sooner they would be able to take the next step.

When Mo Fang had just finished choosing his clothes for the next day, there was a notification sound from his phone. He hooked up the corners of his mouth and went back to the bed, picking up his phone to take a look. Just as expected, he had gotten the okay from the other side. It looked like there was nothing standing in the way of date number two next weekend. Now, he just needed to prepare well over the rest of the week so Li Ming wouldn’t feel awkward.

He happily hummed to himself and then went to take a shower before just going to bed. In any case, he hadn’t been lying about wanting to look good for his boyfriend. Also, if he had to get up early to be able to work out with him, then it was best to go to sleep a little earlier so he wouldn’t have as much trouble getting up. At the very least, he hoped that things would be like this.

As it turned out, Mo Fang still wasn’t quite happy when he woke up the next morning and took a glance at the clock. Ah, to think that he was putting in so much effort for a man … he could hardly believe it himself. If it was anyone else, he would just need to blink his eyes and maybe take off his shirt and things would already be working out on their own. He could even enjoy being pursued for a bit. But now, he was actually the one putting in all the work. Well, at the very least, he felt that Li Ming was worth the effort.

In a happy mood, he got ready, and then went down the stairs with a bag over his shoulder, going to the door.

Before he managed to step outside, rushed steps came from behind him, and just as usual, his father’s slightly accusing voice sounded from behind his back.

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