OMF V8C33 A Lucky Man

Back in the mortal realm, Hua Lin Yu finally calmed down after quite some time. He couldn’t help but feel awkward at that moment. He was the one who had hurt Xin Lan. So why was he the one making a fuss? If anyone had a right to get emotional, then it should be Xin Lan. The fact that his fiance was just taking things in stride and even telling him that it would be alright to reject him completely made things even worse for him.

He pulled back and sat down opposite Xin Lan once again. “I … I really just need a bit more time. I do want to marry you.” He still hadn’t managed to really think through his feelings for Bai Mu but in any case, it was impossible to be with him. So wouldn’t it be better to just stay with Xin Lan? After all, this man was clearly important to him. He felt something for him. Maybe not as strongly as he did for Bai Mu but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t have a beautiful future together. And since Bai Mu was already about to marry Nie Huang, there really was no reason to put his hopes on ever being able to get together with him. So it would be best for everyone if he just rediscovered his feelings for Xin Lan and went with that. Right now, that also didn’t seem like such a bad choice.

Hua Lin Yu’s smile eased up a little when he thought of this and he reached out to take Xin Lan’s hands. “Just a few years. I hope you won’t mind.”

Xin Lan squeezed his hands in return and smiled. “That’s why I said you can take as much time as you need. Whether it’s a few years or a few more, I can deal with it. I just want you to be happy.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then didn’t quite know what to say. Thinking for a moment, he finally motioned outside. “I haven’t been here for a long time. Why don’t we go out and take a stroll?”

Xin Lan nodded and immediately got to his feet, pulling Hua Lin Yu up with him. “We’ll do anything you want. So if a stroll it is, let’s go do that.”

Hua Lin Yu smiled, a little embarrassed that Xin Lan was so straightforward. It really was as if whatever wish he had, Xin Lan would fulfill it. Seriously, what else did he expect? There was no better man out there than him.

Two of them left the house and then went down the Sect Master’s peak, going in a random direction.

Xin Lan held onto Hua Lin Yu’s hand, feeling like things were really going well for him. He didn’t quite know what was going on in the little Fallen God’s reincarnation’s head but it was obvious that he was slowly reconsidering things. A bit more time and they might indeed get married after all. Not only would his promise been fulfilled then and he wouldn’t need to worry anymore, but maybe he could also have the life that he wanted. To think that things could actually turn out this well … he really wouldn’t have thought so just a few years ago.

He glanced at Hua Lin Yu, not sure what to say. Really, how had things come to this? Back when he met Xiang Yu for the first time in the demon realm, he had honestly just been an annoyance. Reminding him over and over again that he was different from the other dragons, looking down on him for not being affected by the curse … He was probably a person that he disliked even more than Jin Ling which was something he never would have thought was possible. Xiang Yu probably came second on the list of people that he hated. And the first one on that list was Tian who was responsible for all of this. That really was quite an achievement.

Then later on, when that person of all people had been the only one who could help his Master … things had slowly spiraled out of control. He really didn’t know how it ended up like this but it seemed that he had to be thankful to Xiang Yu. He had actually given him such a huge gift by insisting on having the trial and making him give that oath. Otherwise, he never would have forced himself to spend time with Hua Lin Yu. And then, he never would have fallen in love again.

Hua Lin Yu glanced up when he noticed his gaze on him and he slightly raised his brows. “What’s the matter?”

Xin Lan let go of his hand and then reached up, gently grabbing his chin. “I was just thinking that … I’m one lucky man.”

Hua Lin Yu’s heart jumped in response. This … what was this supposed to mean? “Why that?” Xin Lan couldn’t mean what he thought that he meant, right? No, that was impossible. Why would Xin Lan say something like this after he had just told him that he still needed time? That didn’t make any sense.

Xin Lan still looked at him thoughtfully though. “Originally, I only met Jinde because I became so reckless with my life. And then, it was also for him that I …” He trailed off at the end, wondering how to say this without involving Hua Lin Yu’s real identity. In the end, he could only stay vague. “Well, I settled down here in the mortal realm so I would be able to be there for him in a more timely manner in case something happened. And that was why I finally met your family and you. If not for all these things leading to each other, we might’ve never met. So I guess if I look at it that way, I’m actually quite lucky.”

Hua Lin Yu lowered his head, really not sure how to deal with this. Lucky … Was he really that lucky? In any case, this clearly showed just how much he meant to Xin Lan. He really wouldn’t do to reject him. He gingerly reached out and tugged at his sleeve, inching a bit closer before he finally grabbed his arm. “Well, you’re here now. Why think about the past?”

Xin Lan nodded and then reached out with his other hand, covering Hua Lin Yu’s. “Yes, there is no need to think about it anymore. Let’s just live in the moment.” He turned around and then the two of them picked up their pace again, continuing to stroll up the peak in front of them, not talking for quite some time, and just enjoying each other’s silent company.

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