IRL C38 How to Go about Finding Out?

Liangqiu Min’s fiancee was called Mo Ju An. And, apparently, she hadn’t heard yet what had happened to her husband-to-be. At the very least, when she heard that his brother had come to visit, she came out with a happy smile on her face.


She looked very much as if she would just hug him if Liangqiu Huang’s expression wasn’t that unforgiving. Ao Jing couldn’t help but think of what Liangqiu Min had said. This woman really didn’t quite fit into this world. Well, most likely, the game company had also wanted to include some gimmicks for the players so things wouldn’t always feel the same.

Liangqiu Huang looked at her deeply and then gave a curt nod. He didn’t quite know what to think at the moment. Originally, he had trusted the Mo family. Anyway, they had made a very good impression when they had talked about the marriage before. But now, the painting of his brother she had asked for had somehow ended up in the hands of his murderer. That was quite suspicious. Especially since it wasn’t customary to send a painting of the groom to the bride. It did make him wonder if maybe she had only asked for this painting so she could pay somebody to kill the man that was depicted there. If that was the truth …

He inwardly shook his head, feeling that his brother had been too foolish to just give in to such a demand. He probably should’ve known that there had to be something wrong about this if a woman would actually ask for such a thing. Anyway, it was too late now. His brother couldn’t be saved anymore. And who knew if she wouldn’t have found another way to get rid of him even of his brother had been more careful?

Mo Ju An didn’t feel strange about Liangqiu Huang’s reaction. Anyway, her fiance’s brother had always been like this: He would only ever show the minimum effort when it came to getting along with other people. That was just the kind of person he was. It would be strange if he was different with her.

Mo Ju An turned to Ao Jing and slightly raised her brows. “And this person is …?”

Ao Jing glanced at Liangqiu Huang to see what he wanted to say but the guy just stayed quiet. It seems that he could only explain his presence by himself. “Greetings, young lady. I am merely accompanying Young Master Liangqiu. Please don’t pay any attention to me.” Anyway, it wasn’t completely wrong. Originally, he had had nothing to do with either of these families. It was just that he had somehow gotten involved because of Shangguan Yu.

Mo Ju An looked at him, raised her brows, and nodded slowly. “Oh.” There was something in her tone that made Ao Jing wonder just what exactly that young woman was thinking but he didn’t bother about it any further and just gave another nod before lowering his head and pretending not to see anything.

Mo Ju An continued to look at him for a while before she turned back to her brother-in-law with a bright smile. “So, what brings you here today? You wouldn’t want to introduce a person to me, right?”

Liangqiu Huang furrowed his brows at that. What kind of person would he want to introduce? Thinking about it, he wondered if maybe he should’ve brought the murderer along. Seeing her face when she saw him might’ve answered some questions. “It’s nothing much. I was just in the vicinity and felt that it would be impolite not to drop by. Are Mister and Madam Mo at home?”

Mo Ju An pouted when she heard that explanation, clearly not quite happy with it. But she also didn’t dare to tease her brother-in-law for too long considering that he always had that kind of distant expression on. If she went too far, she really was worried that he would grow angry and scold her. Who knew if her little heart would be able to take it? “Well, mother is here. Father is out at work though.”

Liangqiu Huang nodded but didn’t quite know how to continue. He could hardly just ask her if she knew if her parents had planned anything, could he? Anyway, he didn’t think that his future sister-in-law herself had planned this thing. Even if she wasn’t happy with his brother, she was still just a little girl. She would have neither the means nor the guts to do something like this. No, if anything, then her parents would be the more likely candidates. But just how should he go about finding out the truth?

Not knowing how to continue, he turned to look at Ao Jing and lightly raised his brows. When he didn’t react, he inconspicuously nudged him with his elbow.

Ao Jing looked up and raised his brows as well, not quite sure what to say either. After thinking for a moment, he realized that Liangqiu Huang probably didn’t know how to continue. The person they were speaking to was his future sister-in-law after all. He probably couldn’t bring himself to tell her what had happened while he also didn’t know how to ask about the matter he actually wanted to know. Well, this was indeed a bit troublesome.

Thinking for a moment, Ao Jing turned to look at Liangqiu Huang openly. “Young Master, didn’t you want to ask about the painting?”

Liangqiu Huang stared at him, his brows furrowing slightly. He couldn’t understand what this guy was doing. How could he just bring it up? He wouldn’t want to tell her that his brother had been killed, would he? If she was the mastermind behind this, then she would certainly try to hide things. If she wasn’t, then she would be devastated. Neither was an outcome he wanted to have.

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