SML V2C56 Reluctant to Part

The two of them had indeed gotten lucky. After a while, the guys stopped paying attention to them and they could finish eating without being interrupted. Finally, they left the restaurant after another hour, walking a few steps down the street so they wouldn’t be in anyone’s way while they talked.

Li Ming was holding Mo Fang’s hands, looking at him with a faint smile. After nothing had happened for a while, he had calmed down. Now, he actually felt a bit bad for making such a drama before. He had probably ruined Mo Fang’s evening a little with that. It really was a pity especially with well their date had gone before that. “I hope you’re not too angry because I was a little short at first when we went in there. I was a bit worried that maybe things wouldn’t go so well.”

Mo Fang stepped a little closer but already shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I wouldn’t understand where you were coming from. Sometimes, things can be a bit difficult for people like us. So it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? In any case, nothing happened. Looks like we are off to a good start.”

Li Ming’s smile deepened. “Oh? You wouldn’t happen to be superstitious, would you?”

Mo Fang inched even closer and reached up, tugging at the front of Li Ming’s shirt. “You mean if I believe that there’s something like fate? Well, I’ve never really bothered to think about it. But if there is something like that, then I’m sure that this is meant to be.” He tilted his head and finally pecked Li Ming’s lips.

In fact, he probably would’ve said pretty much the same thing if it had been with any of his boyfriends before. But who cared? In any case, he was happy to be with Li Ming right now. And if his boyfriend didn’t screw it up, then he didn’t think that anything needed to be changed about that.

“Alright.” Li Ming pulled back a little, turning serious again. “I guess it’s already rather late now. We should probably head home.”

Mo Fang wrapped his arms around his neck in response to that. “To be honest, I don’t want to go home. Unless it would be going home with you. We’ve had such a nice day. And it’ll also be so long before we see each other again. How can you expect me to take that?”

Li Ming gave a hum at that. He also knew that Mo Fang was a little exaggerating but he could actually understand him somewhat. He hugged his waist and then kissed him again. “I’ll miss you too. But if I remember correctly, we have the later shift tomorrow. That means we’ll already see each other in the morning again, right? Didn’t we say we’d meet up to work out first and then go and have breakfast at my place?”

Mo Fang pursed his lips, not quite sure if he should already give in after just that little bit of coaxing. “Well, that’s still the whole night.”

“Well, I’m sure we could still text until then.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and still pursed his lips, not saying anything.

Li Ming wasn’t sure how to continue. “Would a call make you feel better?” Seriously, it had been some time since he had been in a relationship. He felt a bit rusty at this. Also, none of his boyfriends had ever been like this. Mo Fang was really in a category all of his own.

Mo Fang finally deigned to accept that. “Alright, I’m barely satisfied with that. It’s not quite as good as spending time with you directly but I think it’s a compromise that I can accept for now.”

Li Ming chuckled and then motioned for him to come closer. “Alright. Let’s have another kiss and then we’ll part ways for today. Otherwise, I’m afraid we won’t be able to do so. The longer we wait, the more reluctant we’ll be.”

Naturally, Mo Fang didn’t need to be told twice. In regards to relationships, after praising his significant other, kissing was probably his second greatest talent. Well, there were also his skills in bed but they weren’t at that stage yet so he wouldn’t count it.

He gave his all for this kiss, leaving Li Ming breathless when he stepped back. “Well, I guess after this, I can wait a bit for your call.” He smiled and then stepped back further, waving at Li Ming before he turned around and just walked off as if he hadn’t been the one who was reluctant before.

Li Ming raked a hand through his hair, not quite sure what to do. The more time he spent with Mo Fang, the further he fell. This guy … he really didn’t know how he had been living without him before. Which … was admittedly completely crazy because this was just the second day they had been a couple. But he still felt so. There was nothing he could do.

Sighing to himself, Li Ming shook his head and then also turned around, slowly heading home. To be honest, even though he hadn’t said it, he also wasn’t quite sure how to get through the rest of the evening.

This really was crazy. After being single for so long, and having an unrequited crush where he only saw the person every now and then when he made his rounds through the railroad station, he couldn’t do without his boyfriend even for a few hours without missing him. Was that normal? He didn’t even know anymore.

Well, at the very least, he had something to look forward to. The two of them would need about the same time to get home. So after he was there, he could just give Mo Fang a few more minutes to make sure that he had arrived already, and then call him. So, it wouldn’t actually be that long before he at least heard his voice again. That should be a time he could navigate, right? Otherwise, it really would be too pathetic.

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