RMN C216 A Set-Up Based on Prejudice

At that time, a similar scene was taking place over in the Zhen Yan Sect. Sect Master Mou was standing a few steps away from a platform that looked almost exactly like the one in the Teng Yong Sect save for the fact that the lines on top were of a bright red and gold color that almost seemed to glow like molten fire instead of the sharp black and silver lines over in the Teng Yong Sect.

The Sect Master bowed faintly to the person resting in the middle of the platform. “There has been a situation in the border region.”

The man raised one brow but motioned for the Sect Master to explain.

Mou Xiu Lan inclined her head, and then gave a rundown of the information that Elder Fa had sent over.

The red priest of the Zhen Yan Sect furrowed his brows at that. “So they’ve allied together, hid hints to all the different sects in the border region but only one of us has been able to find them? This seems a little too deliberate. I’m afraid there is more to this than meets the eye.”

“It could be that the Teng Yong Sect isn’t quite trustworthy anymore. Back then, it was also their Elder Feng who betrayed us and changed sides. Maybe he was actually not the only one to do such a thing. It could be that the whole sect was already allied with the other side and they only had Elder Feng put on a show to divert attention away from them.”

The red priest narrowed his eyes but finally shook his head. “I don’t think that you should worry about the Teng Yong Sect’s trustworthiness. Rather than that, I think that they might be have been set up. Precisely because of what happened with Elder Feng before, we and the other two sects might be quick to judge them. If it was any other sect, we would probably think that the demonic practitioners were targeting them especially. The other side might be trying to make use of that prejudice.”

Mou Xiu Lan’s eyes slightly widened. This was true. She had probably really been too hasty with thinking the Teng Yong Sect had anything to do with this. “So the end goal is to make us turn against the Teng Yong Sect to weaken our alliance?”

The red priest hesitated for a moment but finally nodded. “That seems to be the case. In fact, maybe their thoughts run even deeper.” He reached out, lightly touching the red and golden lines on the ground beneath him. “Each of the four protectors has their own skill. But in the end, we work together. That is what gives our righteous sects the power to hold off the demonic practitioners. If we do not work together and even one ability of ours is missing, then our overall strength will decline and we might not be able to contend against the demonic practitioners. Thus, if they managed to alienate one of the sects from the other three, it might ensure their victory.”

Sect Master Mou nodded slowly. “And the Teng Yong Sect is the easiest victim because of their past. This does make sense. I could very well imagine that the demonic practitioners would do this. It would benefit them greatly after all and the likelihood of us falling for this is actually quite high. If you hadn’t reminded me just now, I probably wouldn’t have thought it through and given a hasty command. I can only hope that the other sects will be able to spot this problem sooner.”

The red priest nodded. “Yes, we will have to hope for that.”

Mou Xiu Lan shook her head. “Well, even on the odd chance that we caught onto it immediately and didn’t ostracize the Teng Yong Sect, they won’t really have lost much. Hiding those hints shouldn’t have taken that much time. We might have spent more time trying to figure this out than they spent on coming up with it. They really are in a much better position than us even if they lack the strength to defeat us.”

“That is true. I think we should contact the other sects to see what their thoughts on the matter are. If we point our conclusions out directly, they will likely be able to see our reasoning and might not doubt the Teng Yong Sect either. Maybe one of them can also deduce more from this than we are able to.”

Mou Xiu Lan nodded at that. “Then we will do that. Thank you.” She fell silent for a moment and then gave the red priest a questioning look. “Things are likely going to become more difficult in the border region. What should we do in regard to the disciples?”

The red priest smiled faintly at that. He could already imagine what she actually meant. Well, this was his role in the Zhen Yan Sect so there was no surprise in that. “Give me some time and I will set up a few spells for them.”

She nodded and then bowed, leaving him alone. In any case, she already had a better idea of what to do about the Teng Yong Sect now and with this promise, she also didn’t worry too much about the disciples. With the red priest’s promise, there seemed to be nothing to fear.

Meanwhile, the red priest narrowed his eyes. A few spells for the disciples … he wasn’t quite sure if right now was the best moment for that. With the threat from the demonic practitioners growing bigger, they needed to become more careful as well. And most likely, right now wasn’t the moment to think of their own sects but only of the greater good.

He didn’t know what exactly the other side was planning but with all these preparations, it couldn’t be anything small.

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