RMN C215 A Junction in Time

Elder Baili did indeed already know about what they had found. As for a plan … that part was a little more difficult. Just as Mei Chao Bing and the others had expected, the group that was supposed to report to him had had a run-in with the demonic practitioners. Thus, they had actually returned quite late and there hadn’t been much time to think things through.

In any case, even if Baili Chao would have had more time, he still would have had a hard time coming up with anything. After all, the most talented disciple’s still weren’t back yet. He didn’t know what they had encountered or whether any of them was injured and wouldn’t be available anymore to take part in further missions. What could he plan with in this case?

Still, he knew that he needed to send somebody there to investigate further. This matter was just too big to just leave it at this. Depending on what news his first disciple and the others brought back, that would become even more apparent. The thing was just … the situation was dangerous. He couldn’t send just anyone. The younger and lower-leveled disciples had neither the strength nor the experience to take care of this matter.

As for the others … well, a bigger group might give them more safety in terms of numbers but it would also come with other problems like being easier to spot and being harder to coordinate. With Zhi Guan in the lead, none of the others would at least have a reason to complain but that was pretty much where the good news ended.

To have everybody get along and work together … he was afraid it was impossible. After all, at the very least, there would be Mei Chao Bing and Yang Wu Huang in that group. He didn’t think that he could leave anyone out of it though. After all, this matter was pressing. It might be even more pressing than when they had originally found the first clues. Because now, there was something more tangible.

Those clues hadn’t really told them anything but now, he knew about something that the demonic practitioners were able to do. It might not explain their plan yet but, at the very least, it made them more aware of the strength the other side possessed. That meant they were one step further.

Ah, just why was Elder Xing currently back at the Teng Yong Sect? He really would’ve liked it if somebody was here to discuss this. Actually, even just having Mei Chao Bing here would be a nice thing. That boy might be a little young but he had at least a bit more experience than most of these younger disciples and he was serious enough that he was able to see through some things.

Unfortunately, Elder Baili was left to figure this out by himself. And the worst thing was that he didn’t even have the full report of the situation regarding that new array. He didn’t know what to do with this at all!

As for Elder Xing … He was pretty much as fretful as Elder Baili. He had already arrived back at the Teng Yong Sect and told Sect Master Zhang about everything that had happened. But as for results … he was still waiting for them. And having to wait while he knew that he should actually return to the border region as soon as possible to help out made him worried.

As for the Sect Master, he had gone to that place in the sect that was off-limits to the disciples once again. Standing a few steps away from the black warrior, his expression was tangled. Originally, he had already gotten the response that there was no way to know what the future would bring in regard to Mei Chao Bing and the rise and fall of their Teng Yong Sect. Now, he was back here again as if he was expecting a different answer.

Well, what else was he supposed to do though? Since there had been new information, he had to make sure again. He cleared his throat, looking a little uncomfortable. “It seems to be a fact that the demonic sects have allied together but it isn’t quite clear yet if everything else was just a ruse to make us doubt each other. I actually do suspect that that to be the case.”

The black warrior nodded slowly but kept quiet.

Sect Master Zhang gave a wry smile. “So, what should we do?”

The black warrior continued to keep quiet for a moment. Finally, he sighed. “What can be done? I’m afraid this question is not easy to answer. The future remains a mystery. Although the past will teach us that no alliance will last forever. They have a common goal and one that benefits all of them. Maybe this goal is big enough to keep them allied for a long time. But if that goal were to change for any of them, then this alliance might crumble.”

Zhang Guan Yu nodded slowly. This meant that they had one way to severely weaken the other side. “It would. The problem is that we still do not know that goal. And without knowing it, what can we really do? Is there a hint?”

The black warrior fell silent again as if he needed to think about it. “Hints … there is something but it isn’t clear. There is a change but I can’t say for sure what change it is. Things are moving in a direction that is a junction of time. Everything is possible.”

The Sect Master nodded. He had feared as much. Yes, the final answer stayed the same no matter how often he asked. He should have known that before. “Very well. Then I will take that into consideration.” Whatever that was. “I will leave then.” He inclined his head and turned around, returning to his own palace. His thoughts couldn’t help but stray though. What was about to come … nobody knew. He was just afraid that whatever it was wouldn’t be good for any of the people involved.

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