OMF V3C231 A Strange Man

The subsequent events actually started from Liu Cheng’s failed love confession back at Phoenix inn in the town at the foot of the Chun Feng Sect.

After realizing that the person on the other side of the folding screen wasn’t his beloved junior martial sister Hong Bao at all, Liu Cheng immediately became suspicious. “Who are you? Where is Hong Bao?” He frowned and looked around the room as if he could materialize her that way.

On the other hand, Shen An De slightly raised a brow. Hong Bao? He had been quite amused when somebody started to confess their feelings while obviously speaking to the wrong recipient. After all, while he did have confidence in himself and didn’t doubt that there might be a secret admirer or two out there, nobody had known he would come here. So, clearly, this person must have gone to the wrong room.

Or at the very least, that was what he had thought. Now, though, it seemed that there was something more to this. It seemed this man had somehow been under the impression that Hong Bao would be in this room. In other words: The person this man was in love with was his little sister-in-law. That might be a bit worrisome.

In any case, it at least explained what had happened. Somehow, that pink pouch must have ended up with this man and since Hong Bao’s name was embroidered on it, he had thought that she had sent him a message, asking to meet. He had assumed that she wanted to confess to him and — maybe not wanting to be outdone by her — he had taken a heart and tried to confess first. Thus, they had ended up in the current predicament.

Shen An De didn’t need long to figure this out but he did need a moment longer to decide on how to proceed. He first gave the man a quick once-over, noticing the dark green robe he was wearing. “You’re from the Chun Feng Sect?”

Liu Cheng was a little indignant that this person hadn’t answered his questions at all but seeing how he had just mistakenly confessed to him, he could somewhat understand it and thus swallowed his pride and answered first. “I am.”

Shen An De nodded slowly and narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t help but feel that this wasn’t good at all. If this man was from the Chun Feng Sect, he might be close to Hong Bao in general and see her regularly. That meant that as soon as he left here, he could go and still confess to her. If that happened … What if she didn’t want to come back with him? What would he tell Hong Ai?

Liu Cheng’s brows twitched when the other person didn’t speak up even after he answered him. “So who are you? Why are you here?” Anyway, he deserved an answer as well, didn’t he?

Shen An De pulled himself out of his thoughts but didn’t answer directly. Instead, he stayed on the topic he was interested in. “I came here to wait for Hong Bao. It seems my message ended up with you. Please be so kind as to go back and tell her that I’m waiting for her.” He would have liked to do it himself but the problem of not being able to enter the Chun Feng Sect without alarming its Elders was still there. Thus, he could only rely on somebody else now. And since this guy was already here …

Liu Cheng’s expression darkened. Not only had he still not gotten an answer to his really simple questions, now this guy was even asking about junior martial sister Hong! He certainly wouldn’t tell her that some strange man was waiting for her in an inn if he didn’t know who that person was and what this was about! Hong Bao was too gullible. She might be tricked into something she would regret later on. “I am sorry but I don’t think I can do this if you don’t answer me first. Who are you? And what do you want from her?”

“You don’t need to know. In fact, it suffices to give the original message back to her since it was intended for her anyway.”

Even though Shen An De wasn’t wrong with that, Liu Cheng just snorted. “Hmph, you won’t even identify yourself but want me to pass on a message? I don’t think so.” He raised his chin and crossed his arms in front of his chest, clearly showing his refusal.

Shen An De frowned in response. When was the last time he had had to argue with someone? Especially someone this young? As the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect, nobody there would dare to treat him like this. Well, his temper wasn’t so good that he would let them get away with it if they tried. In this case though … He couldn’t do anything about it.

Usually, it wouldn’t be a problem. But this person was from the Chun Feng Sect and knew Hong Bao. If he was killed, it might upset her and strain the relationship with her sister. He didn’t want that. Also, if he didn’t return or the body was found, that would just bring trouble. Thus, right now, he could only ignore the issue and find another way to deal with this.

“Alright. Then don’t pass on my message. You may go now.” He waved toward the door and poured himself another cup of tea, ignoring Liu Cheng completely.

The demon hunter also wasn’t used to being dismissed like that. But he too, couldn’t do anything about it. In the end, he turned around and strode out of the room. He closed the door and continued to stand there for a while, before hurrying down to the counter where the owner of the inn stood.

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