OMF V3C229 Call Me Your Husband

Qiu Ling’s head drooped in despair. This couldn’t be. Life couldn’t be this unfair to him. He had needed to wait ten years for Jing He, then fifteen years for Jing Yi to grow up in the trial, and now, he was supposed to wait yet another year? His whole life did just consist of waiting!

Qiu Ling really wanted to cry the more he thought about it. It would still be alright if this was something that just relied on how hard he tried to woo his beloved. After all, there was always the opportunity of applying any of the sixty-nine stratagems he had used on Jing He or maybe a few more if one wasn’t enough. Shit, he might even try all sixty-nine of them if that was what would allow him to marry Jing Yi!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t what this was about at all. No, he needed to wait for their circumstances to change. And the worst was that he couldn’t change these circumstances himself but needed to rely on Jing Yi to do so. Jing Yi who did not have the extensive knowledge Jing He had had because of his status as a trueborn god and being the Son of Heaven, as well as his upbringing in the Nine Heavens.

No, the one they were talking about here was Jing Yi, the small human with bad aptitude who had had trouble even starting on his journey of cultivation. Just how many years would it take for him to reach that whatever level?!

Qiu Ling raised his head again and then reached out, clutching Jing Yi’s cheeks. “My love, let’s use every minute of the day to cultivate, alright? I’ll bring you to all those miraculous places and demonstrate as often as you need me to. If you lack materials for some miraculous pills, just tell me and I’ll go and get them as well. There is no limit to what I’m able to do for you.” Once more, he had that pitiful look that seemed to say that someone had done him a wrong.

Jing Yi’s heart couldn’t help but palpitate. This kind of look … He also didn’t know why but he always grew weak when he was confronted with it. He smiled faintly and reached up, covering Qiu Ling’s hands with his own. “Oh? Why are we so eager to work right now?” Usually, Qiu Ling didn’t seem to care about cultivation too much. He had helped him before but when looking at what he actually wanted to do … well, it probably didn’t need to be said.

“Well, maybe we can marry sooner.” Qiu Ling absolutely didn’t have a problem with admitting his ulterior motives. Anyway, his beloved had already promised to marry him. He definitely wouldn’t be angry.

Jing Yi smiled at his honesty and leaned forward, their foreheads touching. “Alright. But you really don’t have to worry. Whether we’ll have to wait a day or a year the outcome will be the same, won’t it? We’ll still get married and even before that, we’ll spend our days together. So there is no reason to be depressed.”

Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “So you are saying but being married still isn’t the same as just being lovers. Don’t you want to call me your husband?”

Jing Yi couldn’t help but smile. “My husband, be good.” He pulled back and then kissed Qiu Ling’s forehead, standing up before Qiu Ling managed to pull himself out of his daze.

“Alright, I’ll go see senior martial brother Yu now.” He turned around but a pair of strong arms encircled his waist and pulled him back. Once again, Jing Yi landed on Qiu Ling’s lap. “Qiu Ling, what do you think you’re doing?!”

Qiu Ling stared at him with wide eyes. “You … What did you say just now?” His expression was a little careful as if he didn’t dare to believe himself.

Jing Yi smiled faintly. “You asked whether I wanted to call you my husband. Well, even if we aren’t married yet, I could still call you that just between the two of us. Isn’t it only a question of time? I don’t mind it.”

Qiu Ling nodded happily. “You’re right. Say it again!”

“Later, let’s go see senior martial brother Yu first.” Jing Yi kissed his cheek and tried to get back up but Qiu Ling wouldn’t let him. “Qiu Ling, what are you doing?”

“Mn, I’m making sure my beloved doesn’t get any bad ideas. We were just talking about marriage and you even called me your husband but now, you want to go and see another man. I won’t stand for it.”

Jing Yi sighed. Somehow, he couldn’t even get angry. “You know, you could come with me.”

“Why would I want to do that? I won’t share you. It’s so much better if we’re alone with each other.” He pulled Jing Yi closed up against his chest, smiling brightly, and trying to take some liberties. Anyway, Jing Yi had already called him his husband. As a husband, he should be allowed to do this, right?

Jing Yi slapped the hand that was slowly moving up his side with obviously bad intention away. “Who asked you to share? Senior martial brother Yu was the one who went to find you and brought you here. He even stayed in case you needed help. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to enter your inner self either. You’d still be in there then! Don’t you think we should go and thank him?”

Qiu Ling pursed his lips. No, actually, he didn’t think that. He didn’t mind saying his thanks but why did his beloved have to be there as well? Hadn’t it been his life that was saved? This was probably just that senior martial brother Yin or whatever shamelessly pestering his beloved!

Jing Yi didn’t understand Qiu Ling’s worry. “Come on now. He probably doesn’t want to stay here for much longer.”

Qiu Ling perked up. Oh? If they said their thanks, then that shameless guy would disappear? “Well, if it’s like that … How could I make that senior martial brother wait?” In fact, it was pretty good if he could see that guy. He could make sure that he didn’t get any ideas about his beloved.

Qiu Ling finally let go of Jing Yi. As soon as he stood up, he was once again glued to him like a leech though. Mn, he had to display how close they were in front of that senior martial brother!

Jing Yi wanted to say something but finally decided against it. Forget it. Qiu Ling seemed so happy right now. He should just let it pass. Senior martial brother Yu probably wouldn’t mind anyway. It wasn’t like he didn’t know about their relationship after all.

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