OMF V3C232 Your Brother-in-Law


The owner of the inn looked up and instantly smiled. This was the man who had visited that important guest! He had to be especially courteous to make sure the guest was satisfied. “What may I do for you?”

“The person in that room … May I ask if you know his name?”

The owner was a little taken aback. “That … I’m afraid I don’t know.” Anyway, why would such a person give his name to a small owner like him if he didn’t even tell the one visiting him? Was there really somebody who would do such a thing?

“Mn.” Liu Cheng frowned once more. He had hoped that he would be able to find out more about this man from the inn’s owner. Now, it seemed that he had hoped for too much. Even though he didn’t hold much hope, he still continued to ask. Maybe there was at least one tidbit of information that he could glean from the answers. “Then do you know where he came from?”

The owner shook his head while his confusion grew. Why was that man’s guest asking him such questions now? Shouldn’t he himself know that?

“I see. Thank you for your help.” Liu Cheng suppressed a sigh and then left with a nod. It seemed there really was nothing he could do here. In that case, he had to do something else to keep Hong Bao safe.

He hurried back to the Chun Feng Sect but didn’t know where to start. Naturally, he wouldn’t inform Hong Bao. He didn’t even know who that man was but with how he had behaved and even refused to say his own name, it was likely that he had ulterior motives. He couldn’t expose his junior martial sister to such danger. No, he had to make sure that Hong Bao wouldn’t find out.

With no other idea at hand, Liu Cheng just spent more time with Hong Bao, trying to make sure that that man couldn’t approach her again. At first, it seemed as if this simple plan would work out. Especially since he didn’t believe that that man would wait forever. But in the end, all his vigilance was for naught.

Two and a half weeks later, Hong Bao left the sect on her Master’s orders to go on a mission. Since she was his direct disciple and also quite gifted as a demon hunter, he naturally wouldn’t have her stay inside all the time. He also didn’t allow Liu Cheng to accompany her no matter how much he pleaded because the mission this time was supposed to be easy. She just had to go and find a few materials that they would soon run out of but that they were relying on for their work. Sect Master Xian was sure that Hong Bao would be able to do it alone.

Needless to say, Shen An De made use of this opportunity. He had searched for this girl for far too long to let this chance slip by. Thus, as soon as she left the sect grounds, he followed her, appearing in front of her as soon as they were out of sight from the people of the Chun Feng Sect.

Hong Bao immediately stopped in her tracks when a man appeared in front of her. She wasn’t the same clueless girl from back then in the Nine Heavens anymore. At the very least, she first gave him a suspicious look. Seeing the handsome face and the clean robes, her suspicion reduced by half though. “Who are you?”

Shen An De smiled when she didn’t become wary immediately. “My name is Shen An De. Your sister Hong Ai might have mentioned me. I am your brother-in-law.”

Hong Bao’s eyes widened. “My brother-in-law?” She took another look at him. Now, she understood why her sister hadn’t even thought about going to Heaven! She also wouldn’t have wanted to go there if there was such a handsome man waiting for her.

Shen An De laughed at her steamrolled expression. “No need to look like that. We’re family. Mn, speaking of family. Your sister misses you greatly. Hong Ai and I heard a while ago that you had come back to the mortal realm but we didn’t know where exactly you were. I’ve been searching for you since then and finally heard a few days ago that you were at the Chun Feng Sect.

“I wonder … would you be free to follow me home? I haven’t told Hong Ai yet that I had a lead so it wouldn’t matter if you came by later. I’m sure she wants to see you again as soon as possible though.”

Hong Bao didn’t think much about it. The task she had gotten from her Master wasn’t something that needed to be done immediately. She only had to find some ingredients, she could do that after seeing her sister. “I guess it would be alright to come with your first. There’s something else I have to do but it’s not that urgent. Anyway, I haven’t seen her in years. How is she doing?”

Shen An De laughed when he saw her immediately warm up to him like this. “Come on, I’ll tell you on the way.” He waved for her and then the two of them flew off in the direction of the Hei Dian Sect while he told Hong Bao a little about his life with his wife.

He didn’t go too much into detail though. While Hong Bao was certainly curious, he knew that Hong Ai would want to catch up with her. How could he take that from her? No, Hong Ai should be given the opportunity to tell her little sister all these things by herself and ask her about her life in return.

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