OMF V7C168 A Beautiful Fairy or a Vicious Demon?

When the group had entered through the city gates, they bid farewell to each other and split up. Peng Mu continued to stay with Jing Yi as he had promised and led him to the market square. The town wasn’t as big as the capital city of the Long kingdom but it was definitely comparable with the Haibin town where he had stopped before. At the very least, there were also a lot of people on the streets and the marketplace was filled with different stalls.

Jing Yi looked around, trying to see if there was a woman who stood out among the crowd. From everything that he had heard from both Liu Cheng and Peng Mu, this woman should be a beauty. And as for her temperament, there were only two options: either she showed what Liu Cheng had called the true face of the demons or she would seem like a kindhearted person just like Peng Mu had described and how Liu Cheng said the demons would usually pretend to be to find their victims or accomplices.

More than half the people in the market square were women. Quite a few of them were older though and he couldn’t imagine that one of them would be that woman Peng Mu talked about. While Peng Mu was older than Jing Yi, it was only by about a decade. He just couldn’t imagine a man in his twenties to be with a woman double his age. And even if he was, he felt like Peng Mu would have mentioned that. Thus, there weren’t many options left as to who this supposed demon could be. Among them … He did have a difficult time deciding which one it might be.

When he couldn’t figure it out, Jing Yi looked up at Peng Mu, his eyes sparkling with curiosity that was only partially an act. He really wanted to know how this demon looked. After all, if Liu Cheng was right and these demons were really tormenting the common people so much, then that was something he should help with if he ever became a real cultivator. Thus, it would be best to learn as much as he could right now.

Peng Mu noticed his gaze and looked at him with a smile. “What is it? Are you curious?”

Jing Yi only hesitated for a short moment and then nodded eagerly. “Yes. You’ve talked so much about her that I can’t help but want to know how she looks like. You should tell me now so I can take a good look at her. If we’re right in front of her, it would be impolite to scrutinize her like that.”

Peng Mu laughed and reached over, ruffling his hair. “What are you even saying? Whether you scrutinize her from close up or from afar, it would still be impolite.”

Jing Yi gave a cheeky smile in return. “But she wouldn’t know about it if it’s from afar. Isn’t that much better? Anyway, don’t you really like her? I just want to know a bit more about her.”

Peng Mu sighed but he didn’t seem to be angry. He looked around and finally motioned towards a stall on the left side of the market square. “See that stall selling vegetables there? She normally goes there.”

Jing Yi looked over and watched the women gathered around it, wondering just which one she might be. There were about half a dozen, all circling around that stall. Save for two of them, the others were at an acceptable age range as well. Each of them could be the one Peng Mu liked!

Jing Yi looked up at him once again, a bit of a complaint readable in his eyes. “So, which one is she?”

Peng Mu gave a mischievous smile and then nodded to the right side of the stall. “Obviously, she’s the beautiful fairy over there.”

Jing Yi’s gaze followed the gesture and he finally noticed a woman that was standing a bit to the side. She had chestnut-colored hair, a small frame, especially slender hands, and a brilliant smile.

Even though it might sound corny, Peng Mu’s description wasn’t that far off. This woman was indeed very beautiful. It was no wonder that he had fallen in love with her.

Jing Yi watched as the woman seemed to try to decide which vegetables to buy and couldn’t help but think that with the way she stood to the side and tried not to get in the way of anybody else, she really seemed like a gentle and loving person as well. Really, it was no wonder that Peng Mu had fallen for her. Unfortunately, if what Liu Cheng had told him before was true, it also meant that this made it more likely for her to be a demon.

Well, Jing Yi wasn’t too sure yet. He felt like he shouldn’t believe in that just because Liu Cheng said that it might be true. No, he first wanted to get to know her for himself. If nothing happened, then maybe Liu Cheng had been wrong from the beginning.

That certainly would be for the best even if it meant that he wouldn’t be able to go home as soon as he had hoped after all. While he certainly would like that, it would be good for Peng Mu. And maybe it would finally come out that there had never been a demon involved in this at all. Maybe those three men had really died because of tragic accidents. That should be a possibility. He sure hoped that that was the case and that the truth would soon see the light.

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