OMF V3C167 If It Was Only That …

Back in the mortal realm, the next morning arrived. Zhong Jing Yi got up, preparing for the big day when it would finally be revealed whether or not Liu Cheng had been right with his assumption. When Jing Yi left the room to go and eat with Peng Mu, he noticed that most of the others were in a strange mood though.

At first, he didn’t think much of it but then he heard people whisper in hushed voices and he just couldn’t help but start to feel uneasy as well. Could it be that something had happened again?

He turned to Peng Mu who was walking next to him, the uneasiness showing on his face. “Big brother Peng …” He didn’t even finish the question and just looked at him worriedly.

Peng Mu sighed deeply and patted his back. “Don’t worry about it. They’re just a bunch of worrywarts.”

Jing Yi furrowed his brows. “Well, they’re worried alright. But what are they worried about? I mean it’s all of them.”

Peng Mu hesitated for a moment but before Jing Yi could run off or hear it on accident from somebody else, he still felt that it might be better if he told him outright. “Well, do you remember that story of Tai Chen I told you about?”

Jing Yi nodded. How could he forget that? Never mind that this was the very thing he had come here to accomplish, the story had also made him feel quite emphatic toward Peng Mu. That wasn’t the type of thing you would hear and just forget about.

“I do. What’s the matter with it?” It couldn’t be that he had been right and there had been another death? But that didn’t make any sense. He had been with Peng Mu since the moment they got up. So if that was the case, then he should be just as clueless as him. But he didn’t seem to have any trouble getting what the others were worried about at all.

“Well, he was found on our free day. So people can’t help but worry if maybe something else will happen.”

Jing Yi raised his brows in surprise. He certainly hadn’t expected that. “But … wasn’t this the only thing? Why would they worry that it would happen again? It’s not like something happened to him on his free day, right?” After all, Peng Mu had said that that accident had occurred after that Tai Chen ran off because something happened at work.

Peng Mu sighed. “Well, to be completely honest, that was the case. We had that argument the day before and the day he turned up dead was indeed his free day. We’re not quite sure when exactly he fell in the river but we always assumed it had to be on the day before that right after the argument.

“Now, people can’t help but worry though that it might have been his free day instead. The worst thing is that it wasn’t just that. If it had only been him, then that would be one thing. But … The others I told you about also turned up dead at the end of their free days.

“So, several of our people feel that there might be more to this than meets the eye. Of course, it’s unlikely that that is true but what do we know? Maybe there really was something strange going on. Anyway, now they fear that they might be the next one.”

This time, Jing Yi couldn’t keep as quiet as before. Since he had started talking with Peng Mu, he had always felt that it had to be some coincidence that he had known these people rather well and talked with them about that woman. Even if she was the one behind everything, he doubted that Peng Mu had had any idea about it. But looking at it now … It was quite suspicious that this would always happen when he and the other people coincidentally all had a free day. That … might be a coincidence too much.

He didn’t want to doubt Peng Mu just because of this but all things considered, there might be more to this after all.

He couldn’t help but think back to what Liu Cheng had told him the day before. Maybe he had really been ensnared in a beautiful story that wasn’t the truth but just a lie after all? If that was the case … Then he really had to be careful today.

Naturally, he made sure that he didn’t give any of his thoughts away but he couldn’t help but feel uneasy. If he could, he would’ve liked to talk to Liu Cheng again just to make sure that someone knew about this. At the very least, he felt that this might be important knowledge regarding this case.

Unfortunately, it was too late. He didn’t know where exactly Liu Cheng was right now and it would be difficult to make up an excuse as to why he had to go back. He would likely just attract more attention with that and make it more dangerous for himself if this was the truth after all.

Thus, Jing Yi finally left the fields with Peng Mu and a few of the other men. They traveled to the city, arriving about an hour later. Looking at the time it took to get here, Jing Yi understood better what Peng Mu had told him the other day about people working in the fields that couldn’t have a family in the city. If they needed an hour to get to the field every morning and then another hour to get back in the evening, it might be difficult to sustain that kind of life.

It wasn’t impossible though. It was just a question of how much time one would have with their family. Naturally, everybody would like to have as much as possible. So no wonder they would rather have them live in the villages close by than in the city where they would lose two hours a day to go and see them.

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