OMF V3C169 A Sweet Couple

Peng Mu brought Jing Yi over to the stall, lightly clearing his throat to gain the woman’s attention. When she turned around to them, he gave her a brilliant smile. “Hello.”

The woman smiled back, her gaze completely focused on Peng Mu as if she hadn’t even seen Jing Yi. “Peng Mu, you’ve come back!”

Jing Yi looked from one person to the other, trying to see if there was anything strange going on. He didn’t notice anything though. No, once again, this just seemed like a very normal relationship between two humans. It might be a slightly sad one considering that they didn’t have much time together and that the woman’s past was making things a bit more difficult but nonetheless, there wasn’t anything strange about it. It was actually quite sweet to watch.

Peng Mu nodded and then lowered his gaze before looking up again and motioning to the side. “I brought somebody with me today. I hope you don’t mind.”

The woman looked over, her brows raising slightly. She seemed surprised but not in a negative way. She also didn’t seem as if she was overly excited about seeing him. Once again, completely normal.

Feeling that Liu Cheng really must’ve gotten it wrong, Jing Yi gave a smile and nodded. “Hello. I am Zhong Jing Yi. I’m sorry to disturb you when you were finally able to see big brother Peng again but I started working in the fields recently and haven’t been to town much. So he was so nice to take me along so that I wouldn’t get lost. I hope you don’t mind.”

The woman smiled at him warmly and then reached out, patting his head as if he was a small child. “That isn’t a problem at all. Has brother Peng told you who I am?”

Jing Yi glanced at Peng Mu, his gaze a little hesitant. If she wasn’t a demon … It shouldn’t be a problem if he helped a bit, should it? He turned back to the woman and finally nodded. “Actually, he’s talking about you all the time. I feel like I’m already very familiar with you.”

The woman loved and then glanced at Peng Mu. “Is that so?”

Peng Mu flushed and hurriedly shook his head. “No, no! Don’t believe him! I have no idea what this boy is talking about.” He looked down at his feet, seemingly not knowing what to say. Actually, his denying it made it even more likely for Jing Yi’s words to be true. Had he just laughed about it, it might’ve been more believable that this was something Jing Yi had just made up.

The woman didn’t seem to mind though. She smiled just the same as before and then motioned at the stall behind her. “Give me a moment to pick out the vegetables. After that, we can go and take a look around.”

Jing Yi hurriedly shook his head. “Actually, you don’t have to take me into consideration. I’d like to look around the marketplace today. So I definitely won’t get lost. The two of you can do together whatever you want to. Big brother Peng can just come and pick me up again here later.”

The woman once again rubbed his head but didn’t say anything before she turned back to the stall, this time choosing the vegetables fast.

When she had picked them up, she turned back to them and motioned over to the next stall. “If you want to look around the marketplace, then let’s just go together.” She glanced at Peng Mu after she said so before lowering her gaze. “Friends of brother Peng are naturally my friends as well.”

Jing Yi looked from one person to the other, not quite sure how he should react. He didn’t know too much about relationships, especially the kind where the people had known each other for that long. In fact, the only reference he had was Qiu Ling. And Qiu Ling had never liked it if there were too many other people around. If he was the one to choose, he would probably like to be alone with him the whole time. It was strange for him to see that these two people still wanted him to tag along. Or maybe they were just too polite and friendly to say that they wanted to be alone.

Thinking of it like this, he hurriedly waved his hands. “There’s no need for that. I can look around myself. I’m sure the two of you will have a lot to say to each other since you haven’t seen each other for a while. I shouldn’t disturb you while you do that.” He wanted to step back but the woman already reached out and patted his arm.

“Don’t you worry about that. Brother Peng and I will be able to see each other in the future as well. But this is your first time coming here so it’s better if there’s somebody else with you. Anyway, aren’t we still spending time together?” She smiled and then lightly pulled at his sleeve.

Jing Yi hesitated for a moment longer but finally, Peng Mu patted his back.

“It’s alright. Since Yawen said that she doesn’t mind, then you don’t have to be too worried. Anyway, if you feel a little more comfortable around here, we can still split up later on. There’s no rush to do so, is there? We have the whole day after all.”

Jing Yi finally nodded at that and then followed the two of them around. He did make sure to walk a step behind them though to give them a bit of privacy in case they wanted to say something to each other.

In this way, the three of them made their way around the stalls, looking at everything that was being offered. Jing Yi looked at Yawen every now and then, still feeling that she was completely normal. But unbeknown to him, Liu Cheng who was not hiding far away had once again come to a completely different conclusion.

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