OMF V3C170 Your Fiance Is Impatient

Liu Cheng stared at that woman with a dark gaze. Just from looking at her, it wasn’t obvious whether or not she was a demon. It was always like this. You couldn’t just look at somebody and determine what they were at a glance. But as a demon hunter who had been in this line of work for years, he had gained a good intuition for determining whether or not somebody was actually human or not. And this woman … She definitely wasn’t one of them.

Now, that only left the question of how he should go about this. Obviously, he couldn’t just attack while the three of them were in a lively marketplace. If he did, the demon would definitely attack the people around her. Whether it was Jing Yi or that Peng Mu, or any of the other commoners out there, nobody would be safe from her attacks. While some collateral damage was inevitable when it came to hunting demons, he wouldn’t endanger so many people. No, he had to wait until they were somewhere else.

Unfortunately, Jing Yi didn’t seem like he wanted to lead them anywhere else. Couldn’t he understand that this was a place where he would be unable to act? Ah, he really should have had one of the others of his sect come here instead of using this boy! He just wasn’t able to think like a demon hunter. Most likely, he wasn’t aware that this woman wasn’t human. All his reminders had gone to waste. He had completely let down his guard around her.

Liu Cheng continued to wait, not leaving the three of them out of his eyes. Either they would leave the marketplace and he could attack then or he would have to stay behind in the town and wait for an opportunity when the demon was alone. That might even be the best choice for ensuring there wouldn’t be anybody else around. Then again, it would be for the best if he was able to take care of this problem soon. After all, it could still be that the demon would try to escape when they noticed him.

Back in the marketplace, Jing Yi and the other two eventually reached the last stall. Not counting Yawen who had found a few more vegetables that seemed to be to her liking, the other two hadn’t bought anything. Peng Mu was in a very good mood though. Since Jing Yi had been staying back a bit, he had been able to talk with Yawen the whole time and she had even let him carry her groceries as usual. He felt that this day had been going very well.

Normally, the next thing to happen would be that he accompanied her home and helped her store away her supplies. Then, he would stay behind to chat with her for a while before he had to leave. The question was what to do with Jing Yi right now though. While they were walking over the market square, there were at least a few things for him to see. It would be different when they went to Yawen’s home though.

He turned to Jing Yi, giving a wry smile. “Jing Yi, I guess we’ve made a full round now. Is there something else that you would like to do?”

Jing Yi looked at the groceries on Peng Mu’s arms and shook his head. “No, actually, I’m a bit tired. I think I’ll just go and sit down somewhere. You could help Yawen bring everything back to her home and then pick me up later on when it’s time to return to the fields.”

Peng Mu laughed when he heard that, feeling grateful that Jing Yi was willing to put up with so much just so he would be able to have a bit more time with Yawen. Thinking of it like this, he actually felt a bit guilty for not paying him enough attention today.

Yawen looked from one to the other and smiled brightly. “Actually, if you just want to rest a bit, why don’t you come home with me too? You can just sit down there and then Peng Mu can bring you back here later on.”

Jing Yi looked from one to the other, feeling a bit awkward. “That … Wouldn’t I be disturbing the two of you?”

Yawen looked at him in astonishment. “No, of course not! Why would you think so?”

Jing Yi looked away, feeling a bit embarrassed. “Well, my fiance always dislikes it when there are other people around.”

Peng Mu flushed red when he heard Jing Yi say that so outright. Why had they compared their situation before? That definitely wasn’t something that could be said in front of Yawen! What would she think now? He turned to her, wanting to explain but Yawen just laughed.

“So it was like that. Well, don’t you worry about it. Your fiance is probably quite a bit younger than us. It’s normal that he is a bit more impatient. I don’t mind and I am pretty sure that brother Peng won’t mind either.

“If you are feeling that awkward about it, you can also stay outside in the courtyard. But it would definitely be better if you came back home with us. Otherwise, if you stayed here and something happened to you, then we would also feel that it was our fault. And what would your fiance say then? You should definitely do what’s best for you.” She reached out and patted his hand and then just turned around, walking in the direction of her home.

Peng Mu couldn’t hold back a happy smile and then motioned for Jing Yi to follow him before he rushed up to her.

For a moment, Jing Yi considered just staying where he was and hoping that the two of them wouldn’t notice while they were in their own little world but then, he just sighed and did indeed follow them. Anyway, he might as well really stay in the courtyard. Then he wouldn’t need to worry about being in anybody’s way whether it was here or in Yawen’s house.

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