OMF V3C132 Not a Simple Matter

Back in the Fate’s Scribe’s palace, Shun Tao had been anxiously waiting for any news on the situation. The dragon king being injured wasn’t a matter that could be taken lightly.

It would be for the best if adviser Qiang Wei was able to solve the problem as soon as he got there. Then, he wouldn’t need to get involved. He wouldn’t need to do anything. If it wasn’t though … Wouldn’t he have to report to the Heavenly Emperor? After all, this was a matter of great importance and he had already gotten in trouble for not reporting this kind of thing once. He definitely wouldn’t risk doing that a second time.

Ah, looking at it that way, maybe he should go and report right now? But then again, he was once again in a situation where he didn’t know anything for sure. He just knew that something had happened. As for the details … He wasn’t clear on that.

Ah, what should he say to his Majesty? ‘Your Majesty, I’m not quite sure what happened but it seems that your future son-in-law might’ve been injured in the mortal realm.’

No, no, no! He definitely couldn’t call him his ‘future son-in-law’. After all, the Heavenly Emperor didn’t want the dragon king to marry his son. If he could, he’d naturally make sure that it would never happen. Reminding him of it even being a possibility wouldn’t go over well.

So if he told him, he should just refer to him with his official title. That would probably be the least offensive in the Heavenly Emperor’s eyes even though he might still be angry about having to hear something related to him at all. As for the details of the matter … Well, there was nothing he could do about that. What he didn’t know, he didn’t know. If the Heavenly Emperor wanted to know, he might as well send somebody to investigate.

Having thought things over, Shun Tao already wanted to call a scribe to inform the Heavenly Emperor. Just at that moment, the transmission stone that had been lying on his table lit up once again.

The Fate’s Scribe flinched and then picked it up, imbuing his spiritual energy. When he saw the image of Leng Jin Yu appear, he couldn’t help but feel hopeful. Regardless of what kind of news it was, it was still better to have some. At the very least, he would have something he could tell the Heavenly Emperor. “Ascended deity Leng Jin Yu, I didn’t expect to hear from you again so soon. Are there any new insights on what happened to the dragon king?”

Leng Jin Yu glanced from the apparition of Shun Tao to the two dragons behind him. Even though that An Bai hadn’t said it directly, he had clearly seemed a little hesitant. Most likely, he didn’t want this matter to spread. It was obvious why as well. So perhaps it was better to leave out the details of the situation. As for the overall situation, he would have to tell the Fate’s Scribe about that though. There was no way around it.

“Well, adviser Qiang Wei brought somebody from the dragon realm over and they have taken a look. I think they have gained a general understanding of what has happened and are currently working on a solution to this problem.”

Shun Tao heaved a sigh of relief. “It seems it was indeed a very good idea for you to have me contact them. I hope this will be dealt with very soon then.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded in agreement. “That would indeed be for the best. Speaking of which … The dragons mentioned that it could be beneficial for Longjun’s recovery if His Highness’s reincarnation was at his side. Since this is an important matter and he already finished a few trials, I felt that maybe this would be a possibility. What is the Fate’s Scribe’s opinion on this?”

Shun Tao stared at him in a daze. Give up on the opportunity of having the crown prince’s reincarnation travel alone that he had just been presented with to give the dragon king better chances of recovery? This … This was asking a bit too much, wasn’t it?

He grimaced and his gaze said very clearly what he thought of this. “I’m sorry but … How important is this to the dragon king’s recovery? Is there any chance he would be able to recover without His Highness’ reincarnation being there?”

Leng Jin Yu gave a slight smile. He could imagine why the Fate’s Scribe was reacting like this. Naturally, he wouldn’t want for this to happen. If he could, he would ensure that there was nothing endangering the trial. Not even the slightest bit of deviation from the original plan was welcome to him. It was understandable considering what had happened before but this matter wasn’t that simple anymore.

“Even if he could, aren’t the dragons and the gods allies? The decision certainly isn’t mine to make but this might be a very good opportunity to show the dragons the support they deserve.”

Shun Tao nodded with a wry smile. This was indeed the case. The dragons had done a lot for the gods when they participated in the wars and kept the demons at bay since the last large scale one.

On the other hand, while the gods had given them some support, the ones who had borne the brunt of the attacks had always been the dragons. If the gods didn’t even help out when the dragon king was injured, the alliance between their races might be in jeopardy.

“You’re certainly right with that. It’s also not that I think that we shouldn’t do this. It’s just that I’m not in a position to decide this. We’re talking about our crown prince here after all. His life depends on this trial.

“And even if he won’t die because he has already managed to accomplish some trials, not being able to finish the others could result in him becoming disabled after his return to the Nine Heavens. That is a matter that can’t be decided lightly. I’ll have to bring it up with the Heavenly Emperor.”

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