OMF V3C133 Act on Short Notice

Behind Leng Jin Yu, An Bai couldn’t help but raise his head. To ask the Heavenly Emperor for decision … This was precisely what he had wanted to prevent. If that was indeed what the Fate’s Scribe wanted to do, it might be better if they found another way to make His Majesty emerge from his inner self. At the very least, they could try.

He turned around and approached Leng Jin Yu from behind, giving an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry for getting involved in this. Fate’s Scribe, if this matter is indeed asking too much, then please don’t bother about doing it.”

Behind him, Qiang Wei couldn’t help but give a panicked look. “An Bai!”

An Bai glanced at him but shook his head, signaling him to keep quiet.

Qiang Wei tightened his lips but indeed stepped back and didn’t interrupt any further. He didn’t understand but he did believe that An Bai would have a reason for doing this. And if worst came to worst, they could still ask the gods for help later, saying that they had exhausted all other options. They would still help them out by then, wouldn’t they?

Shun Tao followed the short exchange between the two of them, feeling puzzled as well. He wouldn’t have expected that Longjun’s advisers would indeed step back when he said that it wasn’t such an easy matter.

He turned to An Bai, feeling that he needed to say a few more words. Even though he had been the one who told Leng Jin Yu that he would have to go and ask the Heavenly Emperor and even though he didn’t like that thought at all, he also understood that these people were their allies and had been for a long time. He wouldn’t snide them just because it was uncomfortable for him personally.

In the worst case, he would first contact the God of War since this had a lot to do with the situation in the war and depending on what exactly had happened to Longjun, this might even be the doing of the demons. And even if the God of War couldn’t take over completely, he could at least follow him over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace so he wouldn’t have to suffer through his temper on his own.

“Adviser An Bai, I hope you don’t feel compelled to decide like this because of what I just said. Asking the Heavenly Emperor is merely a trifle. It will only take a moment so you shouldn’t take it to heart. I can send somebody over with a message and get back to you in a few minutes probably.”

An Bai shook his head. “The Fate’s Scribe is worrying too much. It’s not that I’m worried because of what you said. But it’s just that we don’t know for sure if His Highness’ reincarnation being here would indeed help our king.

“On the other hand, we do know how important these trials are for His Highness. Now, if you were to call him back here and cut these trials short just to find out that him being here wouldn’t help His Majesty at all, we would only have ourselves to blame for being too hasty.

“And I’m pretty sure that as soon as His Majesty wakes up, he would blame us as well since we would have endangered His Highness’ well-being. Furthermore, other than him, there is also the Heavenly Emperor.

“Let me be Frank with you, it isn’t a secret that Tianjun is not very satisfied with our king’s pursuit of the Son of Heaven. If something like this were to occur, it might strain their relationship further. That wouldn’t be good for either of them or the relationship between our two races. If I can, I’d like to prevent that from happening.

“So I would suggest that you give us a few days so I can make some inquiries to find out if there are other ways to deal with this. If there aren’t, it won’t be too late to ask the Heavenly Emperor for his help. Would you agree with that?”

Shun Tao sighed. Right. He had only thought of this from the perspective of his own troubles. But there was indeed more to it when looking at it from the side of the dragons. “Adviser An Bai is certainly right. If you feel that it won’t endanger his life further if nothing was to be done about this, then let’s do it this way. But if there’s anything I can do, please tell me.”

An Bai shook his head. “I don’t think so. At the very least, there’s nothing I can think of at the moment.”

Leng Jin Yu gave An Bai a thoughtful look and then turned to Shun Tao. “Fate’s Scribe, may be so bold as to ask what exactly the status of His Highness’ trial is? I mean how many trials did he already accomplish? And how many more would he need to do to get out of this without injuries? Would there be a way to accomplish that fast?”

At first, Shun Tao just wanted to recount what he had already managed to achieve. After all, this person was supposed to help with his task so it would be good if he knew. But Leng Jin Yu’s last question threw him off. “Your meaning is …”

Leng Jin Yu sighed. “I don’t know much about the alliance between the two immortal races and I also can’t judge the effects of the trial very well. But I am very sure that Longjun’s current situation shouldn’t go on. It would be good if adviser An Bai found another way to help him but if he doesn’t, then it would be good if we could act on short notice.

“So I was thinking that if you were able to have His Highness experience a few trials right now while adviser An Bai looks for other ways to solve this, then even if we need to send His Highness’ reincarnation or maybe even his real self, it wouldn’t interfere with His Highness’ trial anymore since it might be finished by then.”

Shun Tao nodded slowly. “That is indeed a good idea. In that case, the Heavenly Emperor also wouldn’t have too much to say about it. Well, let me think this through. I need to go over the scroll of fate again to make sure I don’t miss anything. Since there is nobody interfering right now, it should be possible.”

Leng Jin Yu bowed his head. “Thank you very much.”

An Bai glanced at Leng Jin Yu uneasily but then also bowed to Shun Tao. “I also have to thank you, Fate’s Scribe. Our race is much indebted to you.”

Shun Tao once again waved his hands. “There’s nothing like that. This is what should be done. Now, I shouldn’t keep adviser An Bai from his investigation. Please excuse me.”

They cut the connection and An Bai gave Leng Jin Yu another look before he nodded and then returned to Qiang Wei’s side.

Leng Jin Yu looked at him thoughtfully and then put away the transmission stone. “Since this is done, I should give you some space here to make sure of your king’s well-being. I will go and message the Yun Zou Sect to make sure that my task here isn’t jeopardized in case the gods will need me here later on.”

Qiang Wei and An Bai turned to him and nodded. They couldn’t help but feel thankful that he gave them some space. There certainly were things they didn’t want to discuss in front of an outsider.

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