OMF V3C131 Have Him End His Trial?

Qiang Wei also got up and walked over to An Bai’s side, looking at him urgently. “An Bai, is there no way we can make this work? What if we asked the gods if it was possible for His Highness to stop his trial prematurely? By now, he should have finished some trials, shouldn’t he? Maybe it would be possible. Then we could ask the real crown prince to take care of this. I’m sure that His Highness would do that and His Majesty would definitely never attack him, not even subconsciously. In fact, I feel that if he is there, it might help him get out of this.”

An Bai furrowed his brows. Letting the actual crown prince anywhere near His Majesty while he was like this was certainly the last thing he wanted. But, unfortunately, he couldn’t say that thought out loud. Because then, he’d have to explain and that would be even worse, especially in front of an ascended deity that was here to guard His Highness.

As thankful as he was to Leng Jin Yu for informing them, he hadn’t forgotten that he was part of the gods’ race. He might have only informed the Fate’s Scribe this time around but since he was involved in the crown prince’s trial he might very well go and speak to the Heavenly Emperor about this. Tianjun had always been against their Longjun marrying his son. He might try to make use of this opportunity and prevent the marriage.

In the end, An Bai sighed. There was a good chance this would have negative consequences so he didn’t dare to agree. But on the other hand, the situation was grave and they couldn’t just wait and do nothing. After all, it was one thing if their king was in the mortal realm to accompany His Highness on his trial but it was another thing altogether if he was trapped in his inner self.

In the former case, they could still reach him if a disaster happened and even if he wouldn’t like it, An Bai was sure that their king would still do what was right and step up to help. After all, even though His Highness was clearly his priority, he still took his basic responsibilities seriously. If there was a crisis, he would solve it. And likely solve it fast so he could return to His Highness’ side.

An Bai continued to look at his king’s face, feeling torn. Two very important things, two completely different results … Depending on how he decided now, they might save or lose their king and the worst thing was that even if they saved him, it might only be to lose him later if his marriage really fell through because of that. It seemed he could only try to find a compromise for now and hope that everything would turn out well.

He turned back to Leng Jin Yu and nodded with a heavy heart. “You wouldn’t happen to know where His Highness’s mortal reincarnation is right now, would you?”

“Probably still on his way back to the capital city. At that moment, I was just thinking of his trial so I thought it’d be an opportunity for him. Also, His Highness’s reincarnation isn’t supposed to know about this being a trial so it would be best if he never found out about Longjun’s actual identity either. Because of that, I didn’t dare to have him around while contacting you.

“If it would be helpful to get him back, then I will do so at once though. I think that adviser Qiang Wei is right in that His Highness has already managed to finish some trials. It would be alright to bring his reincarnation back here and not let him suffer more hardships on this journey.

“I would like to talk it over with the Fate’s Scribe just in case since I am only here to make sure nobody interferes in his trial but I doubt he’d have anything against it. This is about Longjun’s survival and the safety of the dragon race after all.”

An Bai hesitated again when he heard him say that. Putting it this way … Could the Fate’s Scribe really decide this on his own? The situation was dire enough that it seemed more like something the Heavenly Emperor would need to get involved in.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t take his words back and he knew that Leng Jin Yu had to do this. Thus he still nodded despite his doubts. “Very well. Then you should first talk with the Fate’s Scribe and I can try to see if there’s anything else we are able to do. Maybe we won’t need to involve His Highness after all.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and took out the transmission stone again, wanting to contact the Fate’s Scribe. He hesitated at the last moment though and turned back to An Bai. “Should I just bring back his mortal reincarnation or would you think it better that he completely end this trial if possible?”

An Bai shook his head. “Just bringing back his mortal reincarnation for the moment would be more than enough. We can see if that might have any influence on him already. After all, we wouldn’t want to force His Highness to end his trial prematurely. When His Majesty woke up and heard about that, he wouldn’t be happy. He always prioritizes His Highness’ needs before his own.

“So only if it doesn’t work at all and we can’t find another way around this, should we even consider asking the gods whether they would agree for him to stop his trial. For now, we should try to make this work in other ways.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded once again. “Very well, then I’ll contact the Fate’s Scribe about that.” He turned away, imbuing his spiritual energy into the transmission stone.

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