OMF V3C117 Investigating the Source of the Disturbance

Yu Jin and Cen Fu set off in the direction where Yu Jin had felt the disturbance of spiritual energy. He hadn’t told Cen Fu much about what he had noticed and even now, he just took the lead and didn’t explain any further.

Cen Fu didn’t ask him anything though. He felt that if there was something that he needed to know, then this senior martial brother of his would certainly tell him. Until then, he just had to follow him and make sure that he didn’t cause any trouble.

Soon enough, the two of them left the premises of the Long mountain range. The sea appeared in the distance, making Yu Jin furrow his brows. Even though Qiu Ling had managed to stop the wave, the water was still slightly troubled. It definitely seemed like something had happened there.

“It should be there.” He didn’t say anything more and just rushed forward, Cen Fu right behind him.

The two of them made their way over to one of the cities on the coast, flying as fast as they could so as to not lose any important clues yet again. By the time they arrived, nothing could be seen of either the wave or the dragon king though. The disturbance in the spiritual energy that Yu Jin had felt was also long gone. He couldn’t find any trace anymore. Still, he was sure that he had found the right place.

He stopped a little ways from the city and turned to Cen Fu. “I don’t know what exactly happened. Just keep your eyes and ears open for anything that seems unusual. Let’s go in and investigate.”

Cen Fu nodded and once again followed him, not doubting Yu Jin’s words in the slightest. The two of them entered the city and found that this place was not quite as expected.

Yu Jin furrowed his brows when he noticed the smell of blood in the streets and couldn’t help but look around. A lot of people had been running through the streets, making it impossible to make out any traces of what exactly had happened. Still, it was obvious that there had been some casualties.

Cen Fu stepped closer to Yu Jin and lowered his voice. “Do you think this has anything to do with the demonic practitioners, senior martial brother Yu?”

Yu Jin watched for a moment longer but then shook his head. He motioned over to a woman that was kneeling at the side of the road, holding a small child in her arms while she wailed. “Look at the child. It looks like it was run over by a carriage. Even if it has anything to do with the demonic practitioners, they shouldn’t have done anything to the people themselves. Most likely, there was a panic and then this kind of thing happened.”

Cen Fu looked over and furrowed his brows. “The child seems really small.” He really couldn’t understand why people would do something like this. Shouldn’t they look out for each other?

Yu Jin just sighed and continued to walk. There were some people that would help others in times of need but there would be even more people that didn’t care about others and just did everything they could to save their own lives. In the end, what was right and what was wrong was difficult to say. Nobody could expect others to give up their lives for them. Everybody had to make their own decisions and then live with them.

The longer they walked through the city, the more they heard of the excitement all around them. It was as if there hadn’t been a disaster that struck the city just a short while ago but as if something incredible good had happened to them. Noticing this, Yu Jin couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He motioned for Cen Fu to listen to the conversations and soon enough, they also heard that rumor about the mighty dragon god that had come to save everyone.

Cen Fu looked at Yu Jin. “A dragon god? I’ve never heard of something like that.”

Yu Jin kept quiet and just continued to listen. A dragon god … Most likely, if they had seen a dragon, it was just that. A dragon. It likely had nothing to do with the gods. But it could very well have to do with the disturbance in spiritual energy that he had felt. Maybe it had actually been created by that dragon? Thinking of that possibility, his heart sank.

Yu Jin listened to the details that the people mentioned and then went in the direction of the harbor. Since this was where that so-called dragon god had been sighted, then he should go there to take a look if he wanted to find out more.

When they reached the harbor, they could see that there had been indeed been a small flood that drenched the whole place. Hardly anybody seemed to have been injured though and just like in the streets, these injuries didn’t seem to stem from the flood. All of this was just caused by the carelessness of other humans.

Yu Jin sighed and then looked out of the city. He didn’t believe that things were as simple as the people made them out to be. There was more behind this.

He turned to Cen Fu and then motioned at the people around them. “Let’s ask around a little further. I don’t think we should leave before we don’t have an understanding of the whole situation.”

Cen Fu nodded. “Of course, senior martial brother Yu. Then should we split up?”

Yu Jin pondered for a moment and then nodded. “If both of us asked, it will go faster.” And he could also inquire more freely without somebody right next to him. It was the best way to go about this.

With that, the two of them split up and went their separate ways, listening in on the conversations around them and asking a few questions here and there to make sure what exactly had transpired. Soon enough, they had managed to get the whole story and met up at the harbor once again.

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