OMF V3C118 Two Questions to Figure out

Cen Fu looked at Yu Jin, waiting for him to make a decision on how to proceed.

Yu Jin furrowed his brows and pondered. Looking at everything they knew right now, he still didn’t have a very good grasp of the situation. Still, he didn’t feel that it was right to just leave. He had this feeling that if he continued to dig deeper, he would come to find out that he definitely couldn’t ignore this matter.

He had always trusted his intuition. If he hadn’t, he might not even be alive anymore. Thus he definitely wouldn’t ignore this feeling right now. He would continue to dig deeper.

“It hasn’t been long since this happened. If we start right now, we might still be able to find some clues ourselves.” His gaze swept over the sea, already pondering how to go about this.

If he could, he would’ve sent Cen Fu back to the sect already to have some more freedom in his investigation but most likely, Cen Fu would also raise concerns about his safety and refuse to leave if he couldn’t provide a good reason. Thus, it was better to just let him tag along. Anyway, from how Cen Fu had behaved until now, he didn’t think that he would ask too much about it. He would probably just agree and do as he was told.

Cen Fu did indeed not think too much. He straightforwardly nodded, indicating that he would be doing as Yu Jin said. “Then we should hurry up. The longer we wait, the more clues will be gone.”

Yu Jin nodded but continued to observe the water for a while. “They mentioned that the dragon plunged back into the water after saving the city. Unfortunately, nobody saw where exactly it went to.”

“Do you … want to find the dragon?” Cen Fu looked at Yu Jin with some confusion. While he felt that having a hunch and following it was a good idea, he wasn’t sure why they were searching for the dragon. That sounded like it would be too difficult to achieve. After all, dragons were mythical creatures. If one turned up like this and then disappeared, that probably meant it didn’t want to be found, right? Maybe going against its wishes would make this dangerous.

But even though he had such doubts, he didn’t say anything. He trusted that Yu Jin knew what to do and would make the best decision. Anyway, it had been Yu Jin who noticed the disturbance in the spiritual energy. Obviously, his level was much higher. He would be able to judge the danger they might face much more accurately.

Yu Jin kept mum for a moment and his gaze traveled to the horizon. “If we want to get to the bottom of this matter, there are two things we’ll have to figure out: What caused the disturbance? And why did the dragon get involved?

“Right now, we know neither of these things. At most, we could make some guesses. Maybe the dragon was somehow involved in the creation of this possible disaster or it saw how it came about and felt compassion for the people, thus helping them to avoid it. But that isn’t anything more than a guess and we should not attach too much importance to something we don’t know for certain.

“Since we are unable to find the dragon to make sure on that side, let’s check the former. The wave came toward the coast from that direction.” He motioned to the other side of the sea and then turned back to Cen Fu. “It could have originated either in the middle of the sea or on the other side. We might find out as long as we travel in the general direction and keep our eyes open. That way, we might be able to find the cause as well.”

Cen Fu couldn’t help but look a little worried this time. “I hope there is really something left there.” Otherwise, even if they flew over the sea several times they wouldn’t be able to find anything.

“That is something we can’t influence. We just have to do our best. If we’re lucky, it’ll play out in our favor. Otherwise, we might need to give up after all. Then we’ll just return to the Yun Zou Sect. I can tell my Master about it just in case but as long as nothing similar happens, he probably won’t pay too much attention to it.” After all, there was no link to the demonic practitioners that they had originally gone to investigate and while this disaster had almost happened in an area close to the Yun Zou Sect, there was nothing they could do if they couldn’t find the cause. Anyway, there was a slim chance that this was merely a natural disaster and not something that had been caused by somebody.

Cen Fu nodded and then once again followed Yu Jin, flying across the sea. Their gazes swept the water in front of them and Yu Jin sometimes glanced up at the sky as if something could be found there.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like they would be able to find anything. The water’s surface was undisturbed, only gently undulating like it probably would on a normal day. Nothing could be seen of any disaster that had taken place here. There was also no sign of a dragon or any other creature for that matter. It seemed as if the whole sea was abandoned.

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