OMF V3C116 A Disturbance in the Spiritual Energy

On one of the mountains in the Long mountain range, a young cultivator in a withe robe raised his head and looked into the distance. That amount of spiritual energy that he had just felt … That was far above what was usual.

Obviously, something had happened there. But as for what that was, he could only speculate. It might be a fight between two strong cultivators, the appearance of a secret realm or maybe something he couldn’t even think of. He had the feeling that whatever it was, he couldn’t just ignore it.

He glanced at the other disciples that were packing everything up again after choosing what they wanted to keep from the mission and then lightly furrowed his brows. He had to check out what was going on. But how could he do that with these people in tow? He would need to send them away but that also wasn’t good. After all, he was in charge of this mission and supposed to report on their findings. If he didn’t return with them, he’d have a lot to explain. That was something he definitely couldn’t risk.

But then what should he do? He pondered and finally turned to the pair of lovers that was packing up their things not far from him while flirting casually. He stopped a step from Mao Xun and gave him a deep look.

The cultivator glanced up at him and raised his brows. “Is something the matter, senior martial brother Yu?”

Yu Jin hesitated for a moment longer before he finally nodded. “I just detected an unusual fluctuation in the spiritual energy not too far from here. I doubt it has to do with the demonic practitioners so we should not delay going back to the sect but I would still like to check it out just in case.” He took out the jade slip that he had used to record the details of the mission and then held it in front of Mao Xun. “Could I trouble junior martial brother Mao to bring this to my Master?”

Mao Xun looked from Yu Jin’s face to the jade slip. He reached out but then hesitated to actually take it. Obviously, Yu Jin was intending to go alone to check things out. “Wouldn’t it be better for all of us to go together?” After all, Yu Jin himself had said that he didn’t know what had caused that disturbance in spiritual energy.

Yu Jin looked over to where the other disciples stood and then shook his head. “For this mission, we more or less knew what we had to expect. Now, I don’t know what happened. I only noticed a change. It could be anything so I would not like to involve the outer sect disciples in this. I would also not be at ease if we let them wait here alone. After all, we don’t know if the demonic practitioners will return after they feel that it is safe. We could be putting them in danger.”

Mao Xun furrowed his brows and looked at the others. What Yu Jin said was right. They couldn’t just ignore the outer sect disciples. “Still, going alone could be dangerous for you as well. How about taking one or two of us with you and the rest escorts the outer sect disciples back to the sect?”

Yu Jin glanced at all the inner sect disciples and finally nodded. “I guess that’s alright. Then can I trouble junior martial brother Mao to take care of the rest of the mission for me?” He once again raised the jade slip.

This time, Mao Xun nodded and took it. “Of course.” He wanted to ask further about what Yu Jin was about to do but that senior martial brother of his had already stepped to the side and walked over to Cen Fu.

Mao Xun raised his brows but then shook his head and put away the jade slip. He turned around and looked at the other disciples, trying to see how far they had gotten.

Meanwhile, Yu Jin told Cen Fu about what had just happened and asked him to accompany him. Needless to say, that junior martial brother felt as if he was walking on clouds. He didn’t think twice before agreeing.

Not far from them, Qiguan Cheng Da lightly furrowed his brows. Even though he had managed to acquire the Amethyst Lightning pill, he didn’t want to give up on his relationship with Yu Jin just yet. It could still be beneficial in the future. But … Why was Yu Jin asking this person and not him? Even though they weren’t actually close, Yu Jin was still much closer to him than to anybody else! Did he intend to end their relationship himself? He couldn’t let that happen so easily!

Qiguan Cheng Da only hesitated for a moment before he walked over and gave a smile. “Senior martial brother Yu, do you need any more help? I could come with you.”

Yu Jin looked at him, keeping quiet for a moment. Obviously, Qiguan Cheng Da hadn’t heard what he said to Mao Xun before or he wouldn’t ask this question. After all, even though he had been in the outer sect for longer than the others, he wasn’t stronger. No, in terms of strength, the only one who could ask this question was Xiao Dong. “No, that won’t be necessary. You should return with the others.” He nodded and then turned away, not bothering to wait any longer. He set off, Cen Fu directly behind him.

Qiguan Cheng Da watched the two of them leave but there was nothing he could do. He clenched his fists and then turned in the other direction. Well, at the very least, he had gotten the Amethyst Lightning pill. That was why he had originally gone on this mission. As for everything else … There was no need to think about that any further. With how reticent Yu Jin was, he would be able to spin this in a way that was advantageous for him. He just had to keep alert and look for a chance.

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