OMF V3C115 The Mighty Dragon God

The people in the cities along the shore had already noticed the huge wave rushing toward them. After the first person had stopped in their tracks and looked up with a pale face, more people followed suit until nobody was doing anything else. They just stood there and pointed at the wave and then started to scream or to cry. They were sure that the bell had tolled for them.

Some of them rushed in the other direction even though they knew that it was futile. Could they outrun this wave? Of course not. But what else were they supposed to do? They could only sit and wait for death or run for their lives and hope for a miracle.

Soon enough, chaos erupted in the cities. Screams for help rang out and the sound of hooves reverberated in the streets. The riders did not care about the people in the streets and before the wave even arrived, there was blood coloring the streets red and mournful wails rang out.

Some people rushed to the temple, hurriedly kneeling down to pray in the hope that some benevolent god might descend and save their lives. But of course, nothing of the like happened. Instead, the wave closed in on their cities, the sound of the water deafening, almost drowning out the cries of despair.

Could it be that this was, in fact, a punishment sent by Heaven for something they had done wrong? Were the gods unhappy with the way their kingdom was being ruled or outraged by a decline in public morals? Whatever it was, they promised to change their ways! They just wanted another chance to prove themselves …

They prayed without any answer from Heaven. But just when the people thought that everything was over and that there was no hope to survive, somebody motioned at a place behind the large wave where a dark shadow could be seen.

In the next moment, something broke through the surface of the water and black scales could be seen sparkling below the water. The large body twisted and a black dragon appeared to face off against this punishment sent by the Heavens.

A true miracle had happened!

The people in the city stared breathlessly at this scene in front of them. Never would they have believed to see something like this in their lives! All of them were frozen stiff. There was a wave sent by Heaven to eradicate them all together with every last dog and chicken in their house and then came a dragon to save all of them!

The first person finally found their senses again. They threw themselves to the ground and kowtowed in the direction of the mighty, black dragon. “Long live the dragon god!”

The other people seemed to wake up from their daze at that moment and hurriedly did the same. This dragon god had descended to save them! They should pay respects to their savior!

Qiu Ling nearly tumbled down when he heard their cries. This title really rubbed him the wrong way. What was that ‘god’ doing in there? But he had no time to care about that anymore. He first had to stop this wave or it would be too late. His efforts so far had hardly done anything to slow it down, to speak nothing of actually stopping it. If he couldn’t come up with anything soon, the wave would have reached the shore.

He called onto his magic again, weaving through the large wave at the fastest speed he could muster. His body shook but he did not dare to give in to his doubts. He had to persevere for his beloved. This wave could never be allowed to reach the coast!

The huge dragon frowned and rushed out of the water, stopping in front of the coastal line and waving its tail. A gale of wind contented with the wave. It could not stop it but it did push it back a bit.

Qiu Ling’s eyes lit up. This had to be the answer! If he could create a wind strong enough to cancel out the spiritual energy contained in the wave, the wave should disappear and the wind along with it. Anyway, he had to try. What else was he supposed to do?

He rushed along the path the wave took, his tail lashing out again and again, his whole body giving off spiritual energy. Each strike impacted the wave, taking some of its deadly power away. Unfortunately, it was far from enough and the wave had neared the coastal line. By now, he could see the people in the harbor clearly that were stupidly kneeling and praying to the dragon god instead of doing the only logical thing and running in the other direction to have better chances at living.

Qiu Ling gritted his teeth. He should just let these idiots die. But then, what would he say if his beloved asked him about it later on? He did not want to tell him that he had not been able to save these people. His beloved trusted in him and he would feel guilty if he knew that them practicing had cost lives. How could he let that happen?

Qiu Ling roared at the whirlwind. Damn this! He would never let his beloved suffer a guilty conscience for his own mistake! In a last, desperate attempt, he opened his maw and just swallowed the whole damn thing.

Then, his body fell from the sky, creating a large splash that sprayed the people in the harbor. Nobody cared though. They all cheered and kowtowed to the dragon god that had saved all of them.

As for the dragon in question … his body was sinking deeper and deeper and finally, he was caught in a water current and carried away. Only getting washed ashore after several days but even then, he did not wake up again.

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