RMN C196 Can’t Forgo Sword Practice

Baili Chao cleared his throat to get his first disciple’s attention. In fact, he was pretty sure that Zhi Guan should’ve noticed him when he came in. After all, his first disciple wasn’t of a low level. As a nascent soul stage cultivator, he was definitely able to notice when somebody entered his courtyard.

So in other words, this brat was just shamelessly continuing to practice his sword arts when his Master had come to visit, willfully ignoring him. He really didn’t know what to do with these people! His disciples were all like this. Each day, they had other matters in mind and would ignore him and his teachings. Well, he should probably be happy that Zhi Guan was at least using his time to train, unlike his three junior martial brothers. It was a small ray of light.

After his Master ‘reminded’ him, Zhi Guan couldn’t pretend any longer and had to lower his sword, turning around and cupping his fists to greet him. “Master.” In fact, he was a bit reluctant. With first going on a mission and then rushing about to get the materials for his little junior, and then rushing here, and having to move out again before he was even able to see Yun Bei Fen, he hadn’t managed to train his sword arts too much for the past few weeks. Now, he finally had a few minutes to himself, but his Master came over and immediately wanted him to put down his sword again. How could he be happy?

Baili Chao took one look at his disciple’s gloomy expression and knew immediately what was up. His lips twitched but he didn’t bother to comment on it. In any case, he knew how Zhi Guan was. No amount of talking would be able to change that. “Elder Xing is going to inform the Sect Master of what you and Kui Min found out.”

Zhi Guan nodded, not very interested. In any case, it was expected that the information would be sent back.

Baili Chao once again nodded and then went to sit down at the edge of the courtyard, watching his disciple for a moment. “Originally, we were thinking about sending you but I think there’s something better for you to do.”

Zhi Guan’s expression fell further. “Master’s meaning is that I still can’t go back to my own training?”

Elder Baili gave him a look, his eyes twinkling with a hint of mischief. These guys had always made so much trouble for him, he also felt like giving a bit back for once. “Oh? Could it be that you would rather go on with your own training than to take care of this task?”

Zhi Guan pursed his lips and looked at the sword in his hands. “He who wants to be a swordmaster needs to train his sword arts regularly. There have been quite a few things to do in the past weeks. It would be good to get back to training regularly again. The sooner the better.”

Elder Baili gave a deep sigh as if this was really inconveniencing him. “I see. Well, there’s nothing I can do if it’s so important to you. Then I will just task that disciple Xi to go and get your little junior and his group back.”

Zhi Guan raised his head, straightening up immediately. “Little junior?”

Baili Chao raised his brows. “Yes, I think it would be good if he returned soon. But I know you’re busy so you can’t go and do it. You should just continue to train your sword arts. I’m sure that Xi Ju Hai will be able to take care of this. I could also send that Yang Wu Huang with her.”

Zhi Guan sheathed his sword in a fluid motion and then went over to his Master, shaking his head immediately. “Didn’t Master say that that Yang Wu Huang and little junior had some kind of argument before? I’m sure little junior would not be happy to see him. In this case, I will take up this task. Master doesn’t need to worry.”

Baili Chao looked at him as if he wasn’t sure if this was such a good idea. “But your training …”

“I’m sure my training can wait a few more days. Master need not worry. Just tell me where little junior is. I will go and get him.”

Baili Chao shook his head at his oldest disciple. He really was too easy to see through. “Ah, it seems that for your little junior, you would actually even forgo your beloved sword practice for a day. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be like that then. They should currently be at the Jian Chu Sect’s camp. I’ll give you a map so you know where to go. You can check with the Zhen Yan Sect first as well to make sure.”

Zhi Guan ignored the first part and just nodded at the second, following his Master when he got up and went back to the study to take out another map.

Baili Chao unfurled it on the table and then pointed at the place where the Jian Chu Sect was. “It’s here. If they aren’t there, you should find them at the Zhen Yan Sect over here.” He pointed at that spot as well and Zhi Guan nodded his head.

“I’ll leave immediately.”

Elder Baili nodded, handed him the map, and then patted his shoulder. “Yes, you do that. Bring him and the others back. Right now, I really don’t want Fen’er to be out there. Even if Mei Chao Bing is with him, who knows what could happen? It’s better if he’s with us where we can protect him.”

Zhi Guan nodded, put the map away, and then turned around, rushing out of the house and the town and then toward the other two sects’ camps. He didn’t want to lose even a single second before he managed to see his little junior again.

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