RMN C191 One Coincidence Too Much

At another spot in the border region, Zhi Guan was lying on top of a little hill, his figure concealed by a formation from the building up ahead, his gaze following the disciples that were on patrol in front of it. “Fishy.”

He had been able to get to the stronghold of the demonic practitioners without encountering any groups of demonic practitioners. That only been a single person that he had been able to subdue easily.

This definitely wasn’t what he had expected. It also wasn’t a normal situation for the border region. No, in this place where the demonic practitioners had been active for quite some time, it should be difficult for him to move. It definitely wasn’t normal that he could get to what seemed to be their headquarters without trouble at all.

He narrowed his eyes and continued to watch the patrolling disciples further. There were quite a few flaws in the plan of how they were distributed. If he timed it right, he would definitely be able to get in there. That too was quite strange. It was almost as if they wanted him to come and go inside.

But if he did, there were two possibilities: Either he would be caught when it would be more difficult for him to get away or the plan was for him to go in there and find something. Maybe there would be some fabricated clues or something.

His Master had definitely been right in warning him to be more careful. These demonic practitioners were really ruthless. They actually made such an elaborate plan to reach whatever their goal was.

Now, what should he do? The disciple needed to be saved. If he could, he shouldn’t endanger himself though. Both might not be possible. If he was hurt, then it would be even more difficult to save the other disciples. If he just returned, maybe the demonic practitioners would feel that she didn’t have any worth and kill her though. This was the type of situation where you were damned if you did and damned if you didn’t.

Zhi Guan closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then got up. In any case, he should just give it try. He currently didn’t feel like he was in danger and he had always trusted in his gut feeling. This was what a good swordsman should be able to do.

Zhi Guan knew that at the end of the day, a sword was just a tool. It depended on the person wielding it to use it in the right way. This was what was necessary to win a fight, to get further in life, to not suddenly find yourself dying somewhere where your martial brothers and Master would not be able to find you.

Thus, his other abilities next to sword fighting were also something that he would not ignore even if he still cared about his sword the most. This was just something that would allow him to utilize it in the best way.

Having made up his mind, Zhi Guan waited for the right opportunity and then sneaked into the building. Anyway, only if he went in could he find any clues as to what the demonic practitioners’ goal actually was. If he stayed outside or even turned back, then that option would be lost. Could he let that happen? No, since the opportunity had been given, he had to use it.

After having looked at the situation before, Zhi Guan didn’t have much of a problem actually getting inside. When he did, he found another hiding spot and then continued to observe. He definitely wasn’t a rash person. If he wanted to return home to the Teng Yong Sect, then he couldn’t allow himself to be. He might not be a coward but there was a difference between being brave and being dumb.

Once again, Zhi Guan was presented with a similar situation as outside: There were disciples patrolling but there were always obvious flaws that could be used to get past them and deeper into the building. In fact, the longer he watched, the more he felt that there was an obvious path to yet another hiding place and into a certain direction.

Maybe this was actually what the demonic practitioners wanted. Maybe they were waiting for him to go to that place. Maybe they even wanted him to rescue that junior martial sister. In that case, he would not be obstructed until he was there. At most, the demonic practitioners would pretend to spot them when they were on their way out so that the previous thought of this maybe being allowed by them would be diminished.

Zhi Guan couldn’t explain to himself why the demonic practitioners might want to do this but it was alright. He didn’t necessarily need to know as long as he was able to save her. After that, they could still wonder about the plan behind all this.

Seeing that he was likely safe, Zhi Guan made his way further into the building, still being careful just in case but also not hesitating for too long when he reached the next hiding place. In this manner, he soon reached the dungeon of the Wu Yun Sect. And, as luck would have it, the disciples guarding the dungeon seemed to have stepped out for just a moment, allowing him to walk down the corridor and arrive right outside of Kui Min’s cell.

If he still had any doubt that this was premeditated, it would be gone by now. This really was one coincidence too much.

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