SML V2C31 Taking a Shower

Li Ming felt a bit sweet but he didn’t voice his thoughts. Instead, he gave Mo Fang a questioning look. “Anything else?”

Mo Fang was startled. He had already talked so much but Li Ming still wanted to hear more from him? What else was he supposed to come up with? He smiled wryly and then tried to evade the question again. “Ah, I have to think about it a bit more. So, what was your idea?”

Li Ming raised his brows. “Didn’t I say that I would tell you after you told me?”

Mo Fang lightly slapped his arm. “Bro Li! I told you, didn’t I? I just need a bit more time to think of something else. As soon as I do, I’ll tell you the rest. And who knows? Maybe you telling me your answer actually inspire me to come up with the other ideas.”

Li Ming smiled but he didn’t do Mo Fang the favor to actually answer his question. “Well, take your time. I’ll wait for you to come up with the rest. When you’ve managed to decide on all three things, I’ll tell you my answer.” He slowed down, leaned over, and lightly kissed his cheek. Then, he motioned to the exit of the park that was coming up in front. “Alright, do you want to go back? In any case, I don’t know what you have planned for today. Maybe it’s better if we have a bit more time?”

Mo Fang was secretly a little unhappy with not being able to get the answer out of Li Ming but he still nodded. “Very well. I guess it can’t hurt. Anyway, it’s more time for the rest of our date.”

The two of them went back to Li Ming’s apartment and Mo Fang fell down on the couch as if he had really exerted a lot of strength. “Alright, you go shower first, Bro Li. I’ll wait here for you.”

Li Ming laughed lightly and then went over, kissing his cheek. “Alright. I’ll hurry up.” He went to grab his clothes and then vanished in the bathroom while Mo Fang continued to sit on the couch.

Mo Fang listened to the sound of the water running and gave a hum. Ah, it would be so nice if he could have joined him. This was definitely the kind of fun that he was up for. Unfortunately, it would likely take some more time. Although …

He reached up to his cheek and then smiled. It seemed that despite his original protests, Li Ming was slowly warming up to the idea of being closer to him physically as well. This was great! Now, it couldn’t take long anymore before they could finally tumble in the sheets together and do all those fun activities you could do with your boyfriend.

Li Ming returned after a few minutes, his hair still slightly wet. “Alright, I’m done. I’ll go finish up breakfast. You …” he looked at Mo Fang, wondering if there was a problem regarding his clothes when Mo Fang already got up.

“Then I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t miss me too much!” He blew him a kiss and then vanished in the bathroom.

Li Ming wanted to call out to him but then decided that he probably shouldn’t. It was better to just get some clothes just in case. He went over to his bedroom and rummaged through the wardrobe again. Maybe he should start putting some clothes aside for Mo Fang or ask him to bring some of his over for these occasions.

Thinking of that, Li Ming stopped in his movement. Ask Mo Fang to bring clothes over? This … It was only the second day of their relationship but he was already thinking about something like this. It was almost as if this was the first step toward moving in together. This was really unimaginable!

He shook his head at himself, picked out a set of clothes, and then put it aside before going over to the kitchen. Since he had already prepared most of the things he needed before Mo Fang came over, there wasn’t much more to do. He just started to heat up the first dish while listening to the sounds coming from the bathroom.

He couldn’t help but feel that this was really like a couple that was living together. One of them taking a shower while the other already prepared food so they could eat together afterward … This was quite nice.

His lips curved up unwittingly. In the future, when they had been together for a while longer and really moved in with each other, it would probably be great. This kind of getting along … he really liked it. And he was actually looking forward to their future.

Just then, there was the sound of the door opening and then Mo Fang’s voice rang out sweetly. “Bro Li … This is so embarrassing but could you bring me the bag that I put next to the door? My clothes are in there but I forgot to take it with me when I went to shower.” He tried to look innocent, making sure that Li Ming wouldn’t catch onto the fact that this had been completely deliberate. Otherwise, why would he run into the bathroom this fast?

Li Ming raised his brows and then remembered the bag that Mo Fang had brought with him when he came over this morning. He turned down the heat on the stove and then went over to grab it, bringing it to Mo Fang. When he wanted to hand it over, his gaze couldn’t help but slip over the leg that was half-exposed behind the door before he hurriedly averted his gaze. “Here.” Then, he hurriedly excused himself to go back to the kitchen.

Mo Fang returned into the bath with a satisfied smile.

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