OMF V7C450 Where to Search?

Back in the dragon king’s palace, Xin Lan looked up at the sky, his brows furrowing tightly. It was one thing to let Hua Lin Yu run around outside and calm down if nothing was going on but with the weather like this, he couldn’t help but be worried. To him, humans seemed like such fragile beings. Even though Hua Lin Yu was a cultivator, he couldn’t help but feel that this wouldn’t be good for him.

He sighed, got up, and then went back to knock on Hua Lin Rong’s door.

When Hua Lin Rong opened, he was clearly shocked to see Xin Lan in front of him once again. “Uh … Do you want to come in?”

Xin Lan glanced behind him but once again couldn’t see Hua Lin Yu. His expression darkened. “Is your brother still not back?”

Hua Lin Rong shook his head. “No. What happened?”

Xin Lan tightly pursed his lips together and gave a hum, slightly turning away. He was of half a mind to just turn around and leave but then again, this person had originally been supposed to be his brother-in-law. Since their relationship had gotten much better, it would be best if he could leverage that relationship. With Hua Lin Rong’s help, it would be easier to get Hua Lin Yu back. Thus, he couldn’t just leave it at this. He turned back to him and then gave a deep sigh. “Lover’s tiff. He ran away and it’s starting to rain. I’m a bit worried.”

Hua Lin Rong raised his brows, not quite sure what to make of this. There was actually such a thing as a lover’s tiff between these two? He had never noticed something like this in the past three years. Well, he might not be privy to all the details of their relationship but he never noticed any strange behavior between them so he didn’t think that something like that would have happened. “What was it about?”

Xin Lan gave a wry smile but shook his head. “Is that really what is important right now? We don’t know where your brother is. As a cultivator, he can probably stand the rain but I still don’t want him to be out there in case it gets worse. Also, who knows where he went? Most people do know that he is my fiance but what if he goes further away? It’s not like all people in the dragon race are good.”

Hua Lin Rong hurriedly nodded when he realized that. “Then we should go look for him. Do you have any idea where …” He awkwardly stopped, realizing that if Xin Lan had any idea, he already would’ve gone to look himself.

Xin Lan did him the favor of shaking his head though. “No. I guess we should ask the others for help and then all search for him. Just in case.” Anyway, there was a small chance that Hua Lin Yu had just been overwhelmed when he suddenly brought up the marriage again.

After all, he was a little bit older now and likely realized just how important something like marrying was. Maybe he had suddenly second-guessed himself at that moment. After calming down, it might be different. In any case, if he was just wavering, then showing him just how much he meant to him would make things better. So making a grand gesture might help.

Xin Lan didn’t wait for Hua Lin Rong’s answer and went to the door on the other side of the corridor, knocking faintly.

Tho one who answered was Bai Mu. He raised his brows, wondering what it might be.

“Is Xiao Yu with you?”

Bai Mu shook his head in a daze. He definitely hadn’t expected this. Hadn’t Xin Lan come to take him back just a while ago? “No, what happened?”

“He vanished. Would you help look for him? Nie Huang as well?”

Bai Mu looked back just as Nie Huang came over and the two of them nodded.

At the same time, Hua Lin Rong had already gone and asked Fu Min and Fu Heng, making the two of them joined in as well.

Soon enough, the group had gathered a few more helpers and they were looking all throughout the dragon king’s palace.

Neither Xin Lan nor Hua Lin Rong had given away many details about what had happened and just mentioned that Hua Lin Yu had vanished several hours ago. Anyway, nobody needed to know about their private matters. As long as they were able to find him, that was enough. Everything else might just cause trouble later on.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that Hua Lin Yu wasn’t in the palace.

Xin Lan couldn’t help but become more worried. Was this matter really bad enough that Hua Lin Yu would run this far away? Was he really that opposed to marrying him? Well, never mind that for now. Who knew where exactly Hua Lin Yu had gone? How was he supposed to find him again? Even with so many helpers, it would be difficult to find him if they didn’t know where they were supposed to look.

Hua Lin Rong, Bai Mu, Nie Huang, and the dragon couple looked at Xin Lan with a questioning gaze. “What to do now?”

Xin Lan furrowed his silver brows. “Well, in that case, if you are willing to, I’d like to ask you to help me look for him in the city outside.”

The others exchanged a glance and then nodded. Anyway, they all knew Hua Lin Yu. They didn’t want anything to happen to him. And with the actual story behind his disappearance unknown, they couldn’t help but imagine the worst.

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