SML V2C19 He Paid Attention to Appearances

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh at that message. Considering that his clothes didn’t fit Mo Fang completely, he was afraid that Mo Fang’s clothes wouldn’t fit him much better either. So it was probably safe to say that no matter what Mo Fang chose, it wouldn’t work out.

Thinking about it now, it seemed that this had been the problem with his previous boyfriends as well. While they could wear his clothes without trouble and would just have to live with the fact that they would be slightly bigger or slightly longer than their usual ones, the same couldn’t be said to be true the other way around.

He also didn’t know what it was. He couldn’t even say that it was because he had a certain type. Because looking back, he felt that all of them had been rather different, whether that was in terms of their appearance or their personality.

Well, no matter what the reason was, he didn’t want to rain on Mo Fang’s parade. Anyway, he had done enough of that today. While telling him that he needed some more time to get comfortable was something that definitely had to be done, this right now was something that was better kept to himself. Being honest was good, but sometimes there was also such a thing as being too honest. Thus, he instead sent some encouragement. [I’m curious to see what you’d pick out!]

Mo Fang was indeed very happy with that response. Now, it was no problem at all to do something with this tomorrow. [Well, I have a phenomenal sense of fashion so you don’t have to be worried at all. It’ll look stunning on you!]

Li Ming smiled at that, unable to refute. He hadn’t seen Mo Fang in too many different outfits yet but he had definitely always chosen something that showed off his good points. Not too over-the-top but also never underdressed. He was somebody who paid a lot of attention to appearances.

In regard to that, Li Ming actually didn’t have any preferences. He wasn’t too much into fashion but he did feel that it was important to make sure that you wouldn’t look sloppy. Maybe it was also because of the job he had chosen but he felt that it was important to put your best foot forward when you were meeting new people. To him though, rather than being interested in brands or anything, it was more important that the clothes were comfortable, and could preferably be worn for a long time. Basically, just looking neat was alright.

But he was also to be able to appreciate when he saw that somebody was putting in effort like Mo Fang. And he couldn’t deny that in the past, he had actually paid some attention to how he was dressed between shifts. Maybe it was just a natural thing. Somebody like Mo Fang who was modeling just had a different aura. He was able to make people take note of something like this. Which reminded him …

[You said today that you had to do with a photographer once that was taking pictures of fishes. I was wondering what exactly you’re actually doing.]

Originally, he had assumed that it would be about fashion but this sounded like something that had a bit more to do with art. So what exactly was it that Mo Fang did? He couldn’t help but be a little curious about that.

Mo Fang beamed when he got that question. There wasn’t much in his life that he was really proud of save for his looks and his career. He was pretty sure that with a bit of good luck, he would be able to make something more out of this. So naturally, it was also something he liked to talk about. [I’ve actually been doing different things. Most of it is advertisements though.]

Li Ming wasn’t too surprised. Many models would probably do that. Advertisements were all around their everyday life after all. There were probably quite a few jobs to be had. As for what he would advertise for … [Fashion?]

Mo Fang laughed and went over to his bed, lying down. [You got it! It’s not just that but to a large degree. I guess I just have the looks for that. There was some other stuff though. I should really take you with me if there’s another job anytime soon.]

Li Ming smiled at his phone, actually quite curious about it. [How do you know when you have something lined up? Do they just give you a call? That could be difficult with your schedule now.]

Mo Fang pursed his lips at that. That was indeed a problem. So far, he normally hadn’t worked or if he had worked, it had been for one of his boyfriends so he could be easily scheduled in and out. Now though, he wouldn’t have that privilege anymore. His father definitely wasn’t willing to help him out, especially if it was for his other career. He had always wanted him to do something different after all.

[Yeah, they normally just give me a call. And I’m not sure how things will go this time. I guess I’ll just have to see and hope that I’m in luck.]

Li Ming looked at the text and felt that he could feel that Mo Fang was a little down thinking about it. He pondered for a moment and then gave him a call.

Mo Fang jumped up into a sitting position and stared at his screen, almost unable to believe what was happening. Had his boyfriend finally been enlightened?

He picked up with a smile, feeling that things were really going in a good direction. “Bro Li, why are you suddenly calling? I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

Li Ming chuckled at that. “I was the one who called you just now. Why would you be the one disturbing me? I hope you’re not busy. I just thought that you sounded a bit down and might want to talk it out.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and then lay back down. “Ah, Bro Li, you are so thoughtful. I really don’t know how I deserve you.”

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